Why Thailand Is Known as the Center of Jewelry Manufacturers

Anyone who’s visited Thailand will tell you that it’s a place full of culture, color, and rich history. But apart from being a great vacation destination, Thailand is also a global industrial powerhouse with a growing economy.

In particular, Thailand has a booming jewelry industry with over 12,000 businesses manufacturing and selling jewelry. Amongst these, Elf925 sets itself apart as one of the leading Thailand jewelry manufacturers. With quality 925 sterling silver pieces and unbeaten customer service, it is now the go-to supplier for resellers around the globe.

Keep reading to learn why Thailand is considered the best place for jewelry anywhere in the world and why you should purchase or get your jewelry manufactured in Thailand.

Silver and gems

One of the main reasons that Thailand has become a global leader in jewelry manufacturing is that it has everything it needs on its doorstep. That is, Thai land is rich in natural resources typically used in jewelry.

This includes silver and a variety of different gemstones. As it stands, the country mines around 40 tons of silver a year, making it one of the biggest exporters in the world.

As well as precious stones such as rubies and emeralds, Thailand is also home to some exceptionally rare gems such as blue sapphires and even black sapphires. These are only found in a few places in the world, with Thailand being one of them.

Over its history, the people of Thailand have used these gifts of the Earth and celebrated these materials by producing beautiful jewelry.

Long history of jewelry making

Thailand is a country that has a long history of mining precious materials dating as far back as the 1400s, if not farther. As well as exporting these materials over the centuries, Thai people have also become skilled jewelers gaining a reputation for skilled craftsmanship and design.

This tradition for jewelry making began will tribes settled in the hills of Thailand crafting intricate silver pieces for adornment and Buddhist worship. While the national industry did grow in the interim, Thailand’s position as a global jewelry powerhouse was cemented by King Bhumipol Adulyadej. During the twentieth century, the King decreed to revamp Thailand from a farming-based nation to one focused on silver and jewelry.

Affordable production

Giving Thailand the edge in jewelry making over a lot of other nations is the country enjoys lower costs of living. Prices for consumer goods in Thailand cost on average around 80-90% less than in other countries. This includes wages and materials.

With Thailand not having to import many of the materials for jewelry manufacturing, this results in wholesale jewelry that is exceptionally affordable. This leaves room for considerable profit for resellers.

While prices are lower, standards are not. Elf925 takes its corporate and social responsibility very seriously. This extends to customers and our workers. We are driven to succeed while also encouraging healthy working practices.

This means all our wholesale silver jewelry made in Thailand is sustainable. This means we implement the best practices throughout our supply chain to minimize disruption to the environment with renewable resources used whenever possible.

Exporting infrastructure

In order to get jewelry to resellers and suppliers anywhere in the world, Thailand has also invested huge amounts into developing its infrastructure over recent years. Nowadays, Thailand is considered a top performer in terms of logistics, beaten only by countries like China.

The most important development is the rollout of the Eastern Economic Corridor. This $43 billion investment joins special economic zones in eastern Thailand. This alongside projects such as Laem Chabang Port revitalization allows fast exporting and fewer delays for international orders connecting industries by road, air, sea, and freight.

Why use ELF925?

As well as our commitment to the environment and our staff, we are also dedicated to our customers and have been part of Thailand’s jewelry industry since 1999. Using our state-of-the-art factory, Elf925 produces only the highest quality sterling silver jewelry products.

Visit Elf925 now to browse our collection of over 15,000 pieces and receive bulk order discounts, fast global shipping, and customer service that cannot be beaten.

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