Is Jewelry a Good Investment?

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While trading stocks, government-issued bonds, art, and property are what most people think of when they consider investing their money, you shouldn’t be too quick to overlook jewelry.

Not only is jewelry made from the world’s most sought-after materials in gold, silver, and other precious metals, but they can increase in value over time too. Given form by a skilled team like ELF925, jewelry takes on value over and above its metal weight. Especially when turned into a beautiful design.

So, if you’re asking is jewelry a good investment, the answer is most definitely yes. If your interest is piqued, keep reading and we’ll look at the reasons people invest in jewelry and ways to invest in jewelry yourself.

Why jewelry is a good investment

We have been attracted to precious metals for thousands of years with all civilizations drawn to gold and silver. The natural qualities of these metals have had an endless fascination for humankind for as long as we can tell.

Because jewelry is made of rare materials, it is also considered a good store of value, especially as a hedge against economic problems such as inflation.  This is because gold and silver, diamonds and other materials that jewelry is made from are considered scarce resources with stable prices.  As obtaining these involves considerable skill, time, and energy societies place a lot of value into them,

Due to our fascination with the beautiful qualities of precious metals and their inherent value, jewelry has always been a good investment opportunity. Jewelry takes already valuable materials and turns them into something yet more attractive to us.

People buy jewelry not just for its appearance and style, then, but also because of the intrinsic precious nature of the materials used.

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What makes jewelry a good investment?

There are several factors that make a piece of jewelry valuable, these include:


Precious metals and gems have a universal appeal. The shine and smooth polish that can be achieved with gold and silver are something that has been used over the millennia to demonstrate wealth, exert power, and conduct trade. We value these materials in their own right simply because we think they are beautiful.

For investors, our fascination with precious metals serves as a great investment opportunity. Now and in the future, people will desire these materials, especially in the form of jewelry.

This is because jewelry allows us to display our gold and silver and have others appreciate the appearance of them.


It should be noted, however, that not all jewelry is a good investment. When it comes to investing in jewelry, you want to make sure you only buy real gold and sterling silver from a reputable supplier like ELF925.

While other materials such as plated silver and steel may look similar and have unique properties of their own, only real gold and sterling silver are considered true investments. This is not just because of social norms and preferences but because they are materials that have stood the test of time and do not corrode.

Given shape into a beautiful design such as a sterling silver cross necklace, the jewelry item is typically worth considerably more than the market metal price too.

How to invest in jewelry

There are two ways to invest in jewelry. One is as a “defensive asset” and the other is as a business opportunity.

Store of value

For a lot of modern-day investors, because jewelry is made of precious metals are considered a store of value. This means when the value of currency drops, gold, silver, and other more precious metals tend to stay high, or even increase.

Buying gold and silver jewelry, then, is a way to invest your money to protect against currency devaluation, “storing” your wealth in these items. As jewelry usually accumulates value over time, too, it is possible to see your investment gain in value too.

Wholesale reselling

The more lucrative way to invest in jewelry is to buy and sell gold and sterling silver jewelry to take advantage of their universal appeal. This involves sourcing high-quality jewelry that will sell consistently to people all around the world.

For resellers, wholesale sterling silver jewelry or gold pieces offer the chance to buy in bulk, saving considerably on the price of each item. These can then be resold to the general public through a store or online shop for profit.

Unlike other business opportunities, jewelry is a safe investment. People have always and will continue to desire jewelry made of gold and silver. Stock bought now will not decrease in value, but likely increase over time.

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Good jewelry to invest in

Jewelry investors should look for pieces with intricate, well-designed styles. ELF925’s state-of-the-art factory in Thailand has been manufacturing such jewelry for decades. With an expert team of jewelers, ELF925 offers businesses the opportunity to invest in jewelry such as beautiful sterling silver rings, seasonal best-selling necklaces, and more.

Best of all, ELF925 has low minimum orders, volume discounts, and money off your first order meaning anyone can begin investing in jewelry.

If you’re looking to invest in jewelry, visit ELF925 Wholesale now and stock up on some of the very best sterling silver jewelry available.

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