Our Jewelry Factory

E.L.F. is a full-service sterling silver jewelry supplier. Our experienced teams oversee every step of the in-house manufacturing process from casting, stamping, and polishing to stone setting, laser cutting and electroplating.

E.L.F. is Thailand’s leading silver jewelry manufacturer, we produce made to order wholesale and private-label jewelry and also offer design, prototyping, and packing services.
Our world-class manufacturing facility meets the highest safety standards and allows us to produce over 2.0 million pieces of high-quality jewelry each month. As E.L.F. continues to grow, we’re expanding our production capacity by investing in equipment and manufacturing processes.

We value each and every one of our customers who rely on us to provide only the highest quality jewelry, always delivered on time.
With an understanding that the entire supply chain benefits through cooperation, we do our best to support those who choose to work with us by sharing our knowledge and values wherever possible. The E.L.F. team is always our top priority. We strive to create a safe and comfortable working environment for all our staff. We believe that a healthy environment helps our staff fulfill their potential and produce the best products for our clients.

The E.L.F. Production Process:

E.L.F. employs the latest technology and skilled jewelry experts to bring unique, desirable jewelry pieces to the market. We use a sustainable jewelry manufacturing process that has been specially developed to produce jewelry efficiently without making sacrifices on worker’s rights, product quality or the environment.