What is Sustainable Jewelry?

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Sustainability is one of the biggest buzzwords in the fashion industry right now. We’re all trying to do our part in helping to protect our planet. Consumers are becoming more aware of the impact of jewelry production on the planet – from metal waste to water usage. Research by McKinsey shows that sustainability is one of the first things consumers look for when shopping for jewelry. 

If your jewelry isn’t sustainable, you’re missing out on attracting younger demographics and capitalizing on the growing demand for environmentally friendly jewelry. Sustainability is one of the first things consumers ask about any brand – and demand for low-impact jewelry is set to continue to grow in the years to come.

But what is sustainable jewelry? It’s easy to become overwhelmed and confused with buzzwords and greenwashing that happens within the industry. We’re looking at what is sustainable jewelry, why it’s popular, and how ELF 925 is becoming one of the most popular sustainable jewelry manufacturers

If you want to launch or grow your jewelry business or fashion boutique, sustainable silver jewelry is one of the most in-demand products for 2022 and beyond.

What is sustainable silver jewelry?

Sustainable jewelry is a type of jewelry made with minimal impact on the environment. This type of jewelry focuses on using materials and production methods that are as environmentally friendly as possible and produce lower carbon emissions.  

The truth is that jewelry making is complex and has a multi-level supply chain. Sustainable jewelry is those that use high-quality materials and take active steps to lower their carbon footprint, including water and energy usage.  

At its heart, sustainable silver jewelry is designed to last. Just like ‘slow fashion’, sustainable jewelry is made to be worn for years using high-quality materials. Sterling silver is one of the most sustainable types of jewelry as it is eternal and can be recycled again and again without losing its quality.

When we think about the sustainability of jewelry, it’s not just about how it’s made – but how it can also be repurposed in the future. Sterling silver jewelry is almost more sustainable as it has a transparent supply chain compared to other precious metals and gemstones.

Sustainable jewelry companies adopt a policy of corporate social responsibility to take active steps towards lowering the carbon footprint and environmental impact of their operations. Every step of the process – from cutting the sterling silver to processing and styling it into jewelry – has an environmental outcome. Sustainable jewelry making involves incorporating steps that are low impact at every stage of the supply chain and production process.

Sustainable jewelry is made to last and is priced fairly. It focuses on ‘quality over quantity” and appeals to those who are shopping for high-quality jewelry that will last a lifetime and wasn’t made in a way that negatively impacts the environment. 

Why sustainable jewelry is more popular than ever

We’re all doing our part to help protect the planet. Whether it’s ditching single-use plastic or using renewable energy. This change in our behavior is coming into the clothing and accessories that we choose – as well as the brands we support. In McKinsey’s research, they found that consumers look for brands that meet their personal ethos before they decide which jewelry to buy. 

This switch in how consumers behave means that you can create a strong brand identity around sustainability that enables you to build a loyal customer base. Consumers are also more likely – and willing – to pay more from a sustainable brand. When you work with sustainable jewelry manufacturers, you can price your jewelry at a higher price point and capitalize on its environmental credentials. 

It’s hard to pinpoint just one item in your store as being sustainable. It’s easier if you can say your entire brand – and everything you offer – is sustainable. That’s why sustainable jewelry companies are becoming some of the most popular and sought after in 2022. 

Why sterling silver jewelry is sustainable

By its nature, sterling silver has a lower environmental impact than gold – making it the first choice for sustainable jewelry companies. Gold has a higher reliance on fossil fuels and requires more energy for its creation and production. The manufacture of gold often leads to chemical waste products that are damaging to nearby ecosystems.

What makes silver unique as a sustainable jewelry metal is that it is gathered as a product of other forms of industrial mining. Silver is often found and gathered when mining for copper, gold, and zinc – which lowers its environmental impact as it’s not being mined for separately.


How ELF 925 is a sustainable jewelry manufacturer

At ELF 925, we strive to create sustainable silver jewelry that your customers will love. We’ve created a corporate social responsibility policy that revolves around compliance, sustainability, and supporting our talented workforce. 

As ELF 925 has expanded, we’ve prioritized sustainability by working to mitigate any negative impact of our operations on the environment. We’re working long term to become as energy efficient as possible and prevent water waste to promote a healthier environment for our community. 

ELF 925 is closely following the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization guidelines to minimize our carbon footprint. We’re actively striving to create a safer, greener, and more sustainable future for our planet.

Sustainability is a priority in every aspect of our supply chain. ELF 925 isn’t just a sustainable sterling silver jewelry brand – we’re also an ethical one.

We only work with suppliers who meet our strict ethical code of conduct, including for employees’ human rights. As a sustainable jewelry manufacturer, we implement best practices throughout our supply chain to ensure we’re importing raw materials from non-conflict burdened organizations. 

The future of jewelry manufacture is in sustainability. Brands, consumers, and businesses are actively looking for sustainable silver jewelry that is stylish, environmentally friendly, and designed to last. You can find out more about the steps we’re taking as a sustainable jewelry factory by exploring our corporate social responsibility policy.

Do you have a question about our sustainable sterling silver jewelry? Contact us here. 

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