4 Reasons Why Thailand is Known For Jewelry Manufacturing

Thailand is undoubtedly one of the best destinations for finding quality jewelry. That’s because jewelry is deeply ingrained in the culture, with both men and women consistently wearing all manner of jewels. Southeast Asia is also one of the best sources of raw gemstones like rubies and sapphires, which stimulates domestic demand while acting as a source for the international market. In 2019 alone, Thailand produced 50,000 metric tons of silver! But if you’re not convinced that this is where you should get your wholesale jewelry manufactured, read on and discover four reasons why Thai silver jewelry manufacturing is the path to success.

Reason # 1 – Thailand Does Business In The Jewelry Industry

  • The Thailand wholesale jewelry market is booming thanks to the domestic production of high-quality jewelry and gemstones. The country’s low cost of living also means that the cost of doing business is low, making Thailand’s silver jewelry manufacturing affordable.
  • The average revenue of the gem and jewelry industry is nearly one trillion baht, and the industry’s supply chain creates work for more than 1 million employees! This is also thanks to the constant source of raw materials that flood into Thailand from other countries that are also producing.
  • Doing business with Thailand silver wholesale jewelry manufacturers is productive because they are highly skilled, professional, and attentive to detail, thanks to the amount of jewelry they export every year. Such a developed market is guaranteed to produce the best. Thai silver jewelry manufacturing also has a reputation for being reliable and logistically skilled.
  • Thailand produces a broad range of products widely accepted as fashionable, regardless of age or gender. For example, the ELF925 Silver jewelry manufacturer produces high-quality 925 silver jewelry for adults and children’s wholesale jewelry.

Reason # 2 – Thai Tradition & History Encourage The Industry

  • While other countries in the region have started focusing on other industries, Thailand continues to master the art of gemology and jewelry-making thanks to its culture and history.
  • Jewelry-making as a field of knowledge started in the Royal Palace and has since been handed down from one generation to the next for the last 200 years. This shows you how vital this industry is to the very identity of Thailand because it is a symbol of social status and level of affluence.
  • Thai people pride themselves on creating high-quality fashion jewelry. Many gem and jewelry fairs and trade shows are held every year to celebrate this ancient art, such as the Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair. This further boosts the Thailand wholesale jewelry market.
  • Thailand is the largest exporter of silver in the world, contributing 23% of the world’s market share, with a history of supplying silver to the world for the last 50 years.

Reason # 3 – Thailand Is Rich In Natural Resources

  • As a country with extensive mineral deposits, Thailand is known for being a rich source of precious gems – especially rubies. This means that there is always a steady supply of the raw materials needed to create high-quality jewelry.
  • Red rubies are generally found in the Chanthaburi region, while blue sapphires come from the Kanchanaburi region.

Reason # 4 – The Local Industry Is Booming

  • Thailand has introduced many policies to encourage the development of the jewelry industry. For example, a duty exception is granted for importing raw materials – and jewelry products are given tax benefits.
  • To date, you will find more than 12,000 small to medium enterprise businesses, creating a vibrant market that will keep developing the industry to produce better quality products.

And if you’re still not convinced that Thailand is the jewelry capital of the world, then consider that twice a year, thousands of international buyers and traders gather at the Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair (BGJF) to show off their goods. This extravagant and world-renowned event is ranked fifth in the world!

So, suppose you’re interested in starting a jewelry business and want advice on where you should look for your 925 Sterling silver jewelry suppliers. In that case, you can do no better than Thai silver jewelry manufacturing. With its booming industry, highly skilled workers, and economic incentives to produce jewelry, Thailand will help your business thrive.

Why Select ELF925 As Your Supplier?

The ELF925 jewelry company is known as one of the largest Thailand wholesale jewelry manufacturers for producing quality 925 sterling silver jewelry and prides itself on selecting only the highest quality sterling silver for our latest jewelry designs. We have over 700 highly-skilled employees who work with us to design and produce the most exquisite jewelry the world over. Couple this with the strict quality control standards we employ in our factories, and you will immediately see the difference in our quality merchandise.

We provide absolute transparency regarding our business operations and the raw materials we use to produce the most delicate jewelry lines you’re likely to see. Initially established in 1999, ELF925 started with only ten employees and has since expanded to become a powerhouse in the jewelry industry. In recent years, we have formed close relationships with the world’s top retailers and wholesalers in sterling silver to bring our products to the international arena. We are known for our trendy lightweight silver jewelry, produced at reasonable prices while meeting the demands of a diverse market.

Our secret is sourcing only the best raw materials, including 925 Sterling Silver, Genuine European Crystals, AAA Grade CZ stones, and Surgical Stainless Steel. From there, we set ourselves apart by hiring the top jewelry designers who create distinctive designs adorned with a wide range of materials, such as crystals, cubic zirconia, semi-precious accents, pearls, beads, cord, silk, and leather. We are always busy innovating to bring you the most remarkable creations you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

So, if you want to start a business featuring products of the highest quality and the most creative designs, ELF925 has both the skill and experience needed to supply you with everything you need.

Read more about ELF925. For enquiries, reach out to us on our Contact Us page.

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