Christmas Jewelry Your Clients Will Love

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Help make your client’s children feel extra special this Christmas with exclusive gift ideas to complement the holiday season. Let her have fun and feel like a little fashionista mixing and matching Christmas-themed ear studs with her seasonal outfits.

Choose amongst the extensive range of one-of-a-kind designs that she will cherish forever. Various intricate designs have been crafted from fine lustrous silver into miniature forms, enhanced with crystals. Hop on a sleigh ride and glide over a winter wonderland of children’s Christmas designs in traditional and contemporary emblems of the season.

Christmas Tree Silver Ear Studs: Naughty or Nice?

If your child has been waiting excitedly for Santa to come and she has been really nice, then traditionally she will be on Santa’s good list! If she has been naughty, well she is just being a child nurturing her playful side and learning the simple joys of life. Whatever the situation, give her something that she will cherish for years to come such as fun pair of Christmas ear studs. This may encourage her to express her nicer side so she continues to receive such wonderful gifts!

Snowman: Christmas themed silver studs

Snowman Christmas Themed Silver Ear Studs: Naughty or Nice

Naughty or nice, there’s a special Christmas gift for every girl that will help bring out her natural charm, and help her become the talk of the school fashion yard. This is one of the many reasons seasonal children’s Christmas earrings are a top-selling item at almost every on and offline jewelry outlet during the festive season. Your little girl will be beaming with happiness upon receiving a wonderful sparkly gift! Yes, it may be just a small piece of jewelry, but to her, it will mean a lot. You can be certain it will be a gift she will treasure it forever, and regard it as a precious keepsake.

Buy kid’s silver stud earrings for this Christmas!

Dress Up for the Season

She’ll be truly delighted with adorable Christmas earrings to add to her very own jewelry box, especially if she loves to play dress up! Most young girls wish to be glamorous and stylish like grown-ups, and by wearing dazzling and glitzy silver earrings they get to feel like one. There’s nothing more fabulous than girls’ jewelry to flaunt anywhere she goes, and the feeling of being a royal princess is unsurpassable for any little lady.

Santa's hat: Xmas stud earrings for children

Santa’s Hat Christmas Stud Earrings for Children

Add a distinguished sparkle to your little girl’s wardrobe by matching it with the brightness of the holiday season. Whether wearing a party dress, an extravagant gown, a petite and dainty garment in any quirky color and design, there is a perfect set of Christmas earrings to compliment her choice. It’s great for everyday casual wear or for an elegant and sophisticated look that’s fit for formal events, or any special occasion. A stunning pair of Christmas earrings would make any child unique in her own little way, and help her shine her way through any spectacular celebration!

Why Choose Silver Ear Studs?

Primarily, Christmas ear studs that are manufactured from sterling silver are safe for girls as young as the age of 3. Not only will you be giving your child one of the best and most beautiful things in life, but the safest jewelry that comes with unbeatable peace of mind for you as a loving parent. What’s more priceless is watching her face light up in pure joy and excitement with the big surprise of her very own first set of silver earrings, or another precious addition to her collection. Elf925 genuine silver jewelry ensures you get the highest quality for your child, made available at an affordable cost.

Xmas tree: children's ear studs (silver with gold plating)

Christmas Tree Children’s Ear Studs (silver with gold plating)

Children of all ages can wear high-quality sterling silver jewelry without it irritating their skin. But of course, when it comes to safety, it depends on a child’s age and whether they are susceptible to putting things in their mouth. The fine and delicate craftsmanship of each piece eliminates the possibility of it getting lost or the risk of being swallowed. Each earring is super durable and made to last, for who would dare want to break the heart of a child and burst their bubble with a brittle gift that can easily get broken?

Short History of Sterling Silver

Sterling silver traces its roots way back in the 12th century in continental Europe when it was discovered that pure silver when combined with other metals produced a tougher material. Over the next centuries, it became a currency for household items such as silverware for proper table settings throughout the US and Europe and continuously gained popularity until today’s modern times. Its malleability allows innovative designs and the wildest imaginations to be manifested right into a majestic form of jewelry.

Sterling silver in jewelry gives each piece a luxurious metallic finish and bestows remarkable appeal to anyone who wears it! Earrings shine through magnificently like other precious metals without the extravagant cost. The .925 stamp is often seen nowadays depicting the composition of silver jewelry which has been infused with the perfect combination and blend of metals that render its durability without compromising its exceptional sparkle!

‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly

Baby and kids jewelry are fun for everybody- children, moms and dads, aunts and uncles, grandpas and grandmas! Exquisite earrings make precious bundles of joy more adorable and heavenly with the ambiance of the true meaning of Christmas. She will shine like the symbolic star in her cuddly form as a toddler, and older girls up to the age of 10 will look pretty neat displaying the holiday spirit. Buy 2 matching pieces of affectionate sterling silver jewelry for a cute mother and daughter tandem!

Whether your child is dreaming of a white Christmas, wishing upon a star, or wanting to build a snowman, her whims will be granted with charming sterling silver earrings. Some of the most popular Christmas ear studs from Elf925 include your friendly snowman, the red-shiny-nosed reindeer, bells that jingle and jangle, the green merry tree, beautiful snowflakes, and of course, jolly old Santa Claus and a whole lot more. Let them bring about holiday cheer as they grace your daughter’s ear, and pave the way for a joyful and memorable celebration this year!