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The festive season is the most celebrated time of the year. Which is why ELF925 has crafted a range of essential christmas jewelry so you can join in the holiday spirit. From santa and angel sterling silver necklace pendants, to Christmas tree and snowman ear studs, you’re sure to find something to please. These items make lovely gifts for both adults and children, and don’t have to be just worn at Christmas. For example, our 925 silver snowflake necklaces inlined with CZ crystals are so exquisite customers will want wear them all year round. All our wholesale Christmas jewelry is available to buy in bulk with free international shipping on orders of $499 and above.

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When the cold season is near, what better choice could you have for an accessory than these snowflake double rings? Manufactured with care and attention to detail, this pair of snowflake earrings makes a perfect gift for Christmas. The luminous high polish finish of this jewelry adds just the right amount of shine to your outfit. This popular item is available in bulk, so you should always have it on offer in your store.
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This snowflake necklace works well for casual and formal occasions alike. With this attractive piece of jewelry, your outfits will definitely stand out from the crowd. The total silver weight of this piece of jewelry is 1.2 grams and the part size is 9 x 9 mm. This jewelry looks good on its own or combined with other silver pieces. Make sure you always have this item in stock by taking advantage of our wholesale orders.
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Take central stage when you display this Christmas tree bead with crystal that makes it so very easy to get noticed when you celebrate Christmas with friends and family. This jewelry is a perfect choice for everyday wear during the holidays and special occasions alike. This bead is the ideal choice of a gift for someone special in your life. Check out our wholesale offers and add this lovely jewelry to your inventory in no time.
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It’s really difficult to take your eyes away from this silver snowflake bead with cubic zirconia that can become one of your favorite jewelry pieces. Designed from 925 sterling silver, this is also the perfect present for someone you love. The total silver weight of this piece of jewelry is 1.20 grams for comfortable wear. Take advantage of our great wholesale offers in order to provide your customers with this lovely piece of 925 sterling silver jewelry.
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You will surely get noticed when you wear this pair of silver snowflake with cracked ball ear studs, as it is so easy to pair with numerous kinds of outfits. Elegantly manufactured from sterling silver, this piece of jewelry gives a touch of remarkable shine to your outfits. The silver weight of this piece of jewelry is 1.40 grams and the product dimensions are 12 x 16 mm. This jewelry is available for wholesale orders, so add it to your list next time you place an order.
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Looking forward to Christmas? With this pair of silver Santa hat ear studs, you’ll have absolutely no trouble getting into the holiday spirit. This pair of ear studs will look beautiful worn alone or combined with other pieces in your collection. Secured with a butterfly closure, these earrings are comfortable, lightweight and suitable to wear all day long. The design of this sterling silver jewelry will definitely impress your customers.
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Radiate elegance no matter where you go for Christmas when you pair this stunning piece of sterling jewelry. It’s really difficult to take your eyes away from this silver Christmas set that can become one of your favorite jewelry pieces. The design of this set will certainly transform your look. Made from premium 925 sterling silver, this set has a polished finish that completes the design. Boost your sales by adding this wonderful piece of jewelry to your stock.
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Purchase this adorable sterling silver Christmas set with epoxy for your loved one and they are sure to have a wonderful holiday season. Look effortlessly cool when you wear this piece of sterling silver jewelry that will get you noticed come the holidays season. These earrings are 925 sterling silver and come with butterfly backs so they remain secure only the ears all day long. An essential piece for any collection, this jewelry is available for bulk orders.
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Make Christmas all special for someone you love with this sterling silver Christmas set with crystal epoxy. The set contains a pair of Santa hat earrings with red and clear crystals, as well as a chain with a length of 39 cm. Made of 925 sterling silver and e-coat, this jewelry is sure to last for the years to come. Be sure to have this jewelry in stock no matter the season, as customers will certainly come back for more.
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This pretty silver Christmas set is crafted from fine 925 sterling silver for enduring quality. This sterling silver jewelry will help you get noticed on Christmas, whether at the office or on a family gathering. Manufactured of 925 sterling silver, this silver Christmas set easily adds texture to your style. The wholesale prices available for this attractive piece of sterling silver jewelry mean that you can always have it in stock.
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Made of high quality 925 sterling silver, this beautiful sterling silver angel bead would make the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. You can easily incorporate it into a handmade bracelet to create a unique accessory. Suitable as a birthday gift, this sterling silver angel bead is sure to be treasured for the years to come. This lovely bead is sure to become a bestseller in your stores, as customers will definitely come back for more.
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The high polish finish of this silver snowflake bead lends added shine that is sure to attract attention no matter where you go. This piece of sterling silver jewelry weighs 1.75 grams and has a part size of 12 x 12 mm. The lightweight design of this jewelry makes for extra comfortable wear. Featuring 925 sterling silver with a glossy finish, this jewelry makes a beautiful gift, so make sure you have them in stock.
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Add a dash of feminine flair to your outfits when you wear this 925 sterling silver jewelry. You are sure to get noticed everywhere when you wear this silver angel bead with lobster, as it is easy to pair with numerous kinds of outfits. Whether you are buying for yourself, or for a loved one, this jewelry will surely turn heads. Be sure to impress your customers by adding this piece of jewelry to your offer.
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Delicate and dainty, this jewelry will look magnificent with just about any of your little one’s outfits. Perfect for birthdays, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day, this jewelry is sure to be a pleasing surprise for someone you love. With a total silver weight of 0.95 grams, this piece of 925 sterling silver jewelry has a part size of 10 x 13 mm. This piece of sterling silver jewelry is simply one of the items that are sure to fly off the shelves.
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Add a dash of winter fun to your little one’s outfits with these reindeer earrings that work well in any season. Made of 925 sterling silver, this jewelry shines elegantly thanks to its high polish finish. This piece of sterling silver jewelry weighs 1 gram and has a part size of 11 x 11 mm for comfortable wear. Watch sales increase with this eye-catching piece of sterling silver jewelry.
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Show your little one just how much you love her when the holidays are near with these sterling silver Santa earrings that remain comfortable on her ears all day long. Suitable for pierced ears, these earrings are crafted from high-quality 925 sterling silver. Manufactured with care and attention to detail, this piece of jewelry is a suitable choice of a gift for Christmas. Take advantage of our wholesale orders and add this lovely piece of sterling silver jewelry to your stock.
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Made of 925 sterling silver, this festive pair of silver Christmas tree earrings shines beautifully in all lights. The lightweight design of this jewelry makes it suitable for all day wear. These earrings are only suitable for pierced ears. This piece of sterling silver jewelry is versatile and it suits just about any occasion. Boost your sales with this lovely piece of sterling silver jewelry that your customers will simply love.
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Beautifully crafted of 925 sterling silver and embellished with epoxy, this pair of silver Santa Claus is a suitable choice for all kinds of garments come Christmas. Hook-style clasps keep these ear studs secure all day long. The silver weight of this piece of jewelry is just 0.75 grams, being lightweight enough for all-day wear. You will most certainly boost your sales when you purchase this beautiful sterling silver piece in bulk.
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Let your little girl shine stunningly when she wears these silver reindeer earrings for Christmas. The small part size and lightweight design make this piece of jewelry incredibly comfortable to wear all day. The earrings come with with a safety back so your little one can wear them in total comfort.This is one of those items that should never miss from stock, so add it to the wish list for your next bulk order.
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Cute and refined at the same time, this 925 sterling silver jewelry for children makes an ideal gift for the holiday season. These gorgeous kids’ sterling silver Christmas tree ear studs are specially sized for children, being small and lightweight enough for all-day comfort. These children’s earrings are made of sterling silver, being ideal for little girls with sensitive ears. Stock up on this popular jewelry no matter the season.
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Because it is made of high quality solid 925 sterling silver, you will be able to enjoy this silver Christmas tree bead. for the years to come. The highly polished finish of this silver piece will definitely attract everyone’s attention. The lightweight design of this jewelry is complemented by the small part size. Available at wholesale prices, this go-to item should never miss from your inventory.
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This beautiful pair of colorful Christmas tree ear studs with epoxy makes it easy to find the perfect gift for a special child in your life. These kids’ sterling silver Christmas tree ear studs come complete with butterfly backs in order to remain securely close all day long. With dimensions of just 8 x 10 mm, this piece of jewelry is also lightweight at 0.55 grams for easy wear. By having this jewelry in stock all the time, you are sure to increase your sales.
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Cute and fashionable, these kids’ silver earrings make an ideal gift for any special occasion. Make your little one happy when you offer her this pretty pair of silver snowman earrings with epoxy that will get the attention of all her friends come winter. These sterling silver earrings are suitable for pierced ears. Make sure this jewelry is never out of stock by taking advantage of our buying in bulk offers.
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