Silver Ear Pin Earrings & Facts To Share With Your Clients

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Aside from the obvious fact that silver ear pin earrings are worn as a fashion accessory for your ears, Ear Pins are very versatile and light years ahead from traditional earrings and its many forms. They can be worn whether you already have pierced ears or not. Ear climber earrings shine because they are very easy to wear and are very age-friendly, while being very lightweight and comfortable on your ears.

Put them through pierced ears and show them off as french wire earrings, or flip them on their base and slide them over your ear’s contour like bobbi pins. If you have non-pierced lobes, you can simply slide them over so they would look like pierced bobbi pins! The ear sweep can dangle in sparkling cascades when you attend a gala, or they can be playfully arranged along your ear when you go out for a night on the town!

A Short History of Ear Pin Earrings

Ear pins are the creation of José JJ Porcell, when he came into the family business of Orogem® Corp, a fine jewelry company. Around the time of 1986, JJ’s ear pins were introduced into the market, touting the virtue that all women and girls from all walks of life could enjoy impressive ear designs with or without piercing their ears. Women from all over the U.S. were astounded at the gravity-defying earrings that ride up to the wearer’s ears! It was also during this time that multiple piercings were becoming the norm, and J.J. wanted to provide that illusion with his invention, sans the pain of having your ears pierced repeatedly. The product took off with a resounding success, and Orogem® went on to develop and create many more designs for this beautiful invention.

The Many Styles and Benefits of Silver Ear Pins

Silver Round Ear Pin With Plastic Pearl

Silver Round Ear Pin With Plastic Pearl

The many benefits of ear pins as a fantastic ear accessory might be summarized above, but it ultimately wouldn’t do this gem of a product justice without extolling the many designs and effects it can generate in a fashionable sense. Here is a glimpse of just how versatile the ear pin is and the myriad designs it can bring to the table:

A most comfortable accessory when used in a single pierced ear as a pierced earring. Ear pins are very lightweight in nature, and the number one feedback is how comfortable and how the wearer doesn’t feel the ear pin once it is fastened. You can adjust the wire so that it doesn’t pinch, and the pins don’t pull down on your lobes.

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Ear pin earrings are also the perfect match for those who have small ear lobes. The problem with tiny lobes is that dangling earrings could pull it down or make it fall off. The recommended style for these individuals would be to slide the ear pins around the edge of the ears, which will ride onto the ears just fine in a fourth or eighth of an inch. In addition, they can put in additional studs to the pierced area for added aesthetic beauty.

Women who have multiple piercings can take advantage of ear pins and still get to wear their favorite dangle, stud or hoop in the first hole while putting the ear pins into the second or third hole (it still depends on how the piercings are positioned). This opens up a whole new way to decorate your ears without being limited by the number of ear piercings you have.

Girls who love to have a wonderful ear accessory won’t need piercings, as they can just clip or slide it along their ears, much like a bobby pin does when you put it in your hair. The ear pin can be adjusted to gently and securely grip the edges and still make it comfortable to wear. The girls can even proudly wear this innovative ear accessory for everyone to see.

Silver Star Plain Ear Pin

Silver Star Plain Ear Pin

Moms can safely recommend ear pins for their young daughters even if they are not of age to have their ears pierced yet. Play a game of dress up with your daughter, replete with evening gowns, necklaces and ear pins to match!

Ear pins can be worn the way you like, but there is a left and right side for the pins. The pin’s designed tip should generally point in to the ear rather than away, as each design is shaped like an “S” and it looks better when pointed in.

You can break most people’s conception of how an earring should be worn when you amaze them with ear pins! They wouldn’t believe how it rides up seemingly without any support, and are flabbergasted at how your ears aren’t pierced to make this fashionable accessory happen. It’s daring, sexy and fun- what more could you ask for?

Silver Bar Ear Pin With Crystal

Silver Bar Ear Pin With Crystal

Ear Pins as Fashion Trends

Would you believe that ear pins have appeared in celebrities’ ears and on the red carpet? Yes, they have! And the trend is aggressively pointing upwards as these treasures have gone belly up in demand. Ear pins are called in many names- ear vines, ear crawler and up-the-earrings, or ear cuffs. Some say that the pin trend evolved from studs that are shaped like bars, while some argue that they came from Indian earring silhouettes. It can also be from when Rodarte displayed them at the Spring 2013 show. Ear pins were popularized by Jack Vartanian, a jewelry designer and an early adopter who had Anna Kendricks, Christina Hendricks, Halle Berry, Jessica Alba and Emma Watson wear them at red carpet events.

Summer/Spring 2016 Trend for ear climber earrings

Are you ready to fall in love in summer? You surely will with trendy silver heart ear pins that will ignite the spark of romance with crystal studs and shining silver!

Wear spring flowers in bloom with the beauty of floral ear pins featuring budding stunning gems at the center, or nature’s elements such as the calla lily.

Have fun and be quirky with a series of interconnected triangles to ride up along your ears and freely express yourself with your own unique style!

Autumn/Winter Trend 2016 for ear sweep earrings

Get cozy this fall with glittering silver leaves made to line your ears, or a set of sophisticated pearls which instantly bestow elegance to any ensemble.

Wear the brilliance of crystals in any occasion, right in time for the festivities and holidays, or put on beaming stars that give brightness to the darkness of night!