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925 Silver Jewelry Trends For Spring 2016

The sterling silver jewelry industry is an interesting one. It is in a constant state of flux. As fashions and people’s tastes change, new wholesale silver jewelry buying trends emerge.

Wholesalers have to buy their stock in advance, so they need to keep their finger on the pulse, and spot trends at an early stage. Those that do so rarely need to discount their stock to ensure that it sells.

Understanding jewelry trends is a crucial part of running a profitable business. To help our clients to stay ahead of their competitors we regularly publish a roundup of what is hot, and is set to sell well over the next few months.

Below is our summary of the sterling silver jewelry trends for spring 2016:

Spring 2016 Fashion Trends

Jewelry trends run alongside those of the rest of the fashion industry. The clothes and colors that are appearing on the runways now have a significant impact on which jewelry lines will sell the fastest.

This Spring’s Light Color Palette

For spring 2016, light blues and pinks, along with light gray, are set to be popular with women. This is great news for those fashion jewelers that stock sterling silver jewelry.

Silver complements this spring’s color palette perfectly. Without a doubt, this will boost the sale of silver jewelry during the spring.  Choosing to stock pieces set with small blue and pink stones is bound to be a good move. Pieces set with clear crystals should also sell well. They both complement the color of the clothes we are seeing appearing on the fashion runways.

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Ultra-Feminine Sterling Silver Jewelry

For women’s fashion, the ultra feminine look is back. Something it makes sense to bear in mind when buying stock to sell over the coming few months. Delicate ultra feminine jewelry is bound to sell well as women look for ways to complete their outfits.

Fine bangles and rings will work particularly well with the clothes that are due to appear in the shops this spring. Anything like  a floral or heart design is likely to sell particularly well.

Photo of Sterling Silver Jewelry Flower Bangle


This spring most women will opt to layer their clothes, and are likely to want to do the same with their jewelry. For jewelers this is great news because their customers are likely to be looking for three or four fine rings to wear together rather than a single, thicker and heavier ring. This means that consumers are more likely to make multiple purchases, so this trend gives retailers the chance to make more sales.

However, retailers need to choose their range carefully to be able to take advantage of this trend. They need to buy rings, bangles and sterling silver necklaces that will look good when worn together. Marketing them as sets will encourage clients to make multiple purchases, and boost sales.

OK, so those are the general trends now we are going to get down to specifics, and tell you which shapes and styles are likely to sell the best during this spring.

Sterling Silver Bangles

Bangles are set to be big for the coming spring and summer. They work particularly well with the ultra feminine styles that are appearing on the fashion catwalks.

The more delicate they are the better. Fine bangles are set to sell better than bolder and thicker styles.

Picture of Sterling Silver Jewelry Butterfly Bangle

Sterling Silver Charms

For the first time in 30 years, charm bracelets are back in fashion. It is part of the collectible jewelry trend started by the Danish jewelry firm Pandora.

However, this year, it is old school charms, which are set to sell best. Sales of charm bracelet chains started to grow at the end of 2015, but the choice of charms available was limited. However, the few that were available sold well over Christmas suggesting the potential for an emerging market.

In 2016, consumers will want to fill their charm bracelet chains, so it makes sense for wholesalers to stock some of the more popular ones. Romantic and commemorative charms are set to be the bigger sellers. For example, hearts, lover’s knots and graduation charms. Feminine floral designs should also prove popular.

Photo of Sterling Silver Jewelry Love Pendant

Sterling Silver Jewelry Gifts for Children

In spring 2016, children’s jewelry looks set to sell well. Kids are once again interested in fashion jewelry. Sterling silver is the perfect option for a child. It looks fantastic, yet is relatively inexpensive.

Sterling silver jewelry is something that children can afford to save up for and buy with their pocket money. Jewelers that stock a few lines that are designed to appeal to youngsters do well, overall. Parents come in to buy these items as gifts for their children, and youngsters buy them for themselves and for friends.

Photo of Children's Sterling Silver Jewelry Necklace

Affordable Sterling Silver Jewelry that Kids can afford

Those retailers that build a relationship with all age groups set themselves up for long-term success. A young customer that comes in to buy an inexpensive pair of studs will want more expensive pieces as they grow older, so it makes sense to sell low cost items that appeal to the pre-teens and teenagers who have the potential to become loyal customers in the future.

Be sure to stock products that appeal to both girls and boys. These days’ men buy as much jewelry as women, and young lads like to wear some too. Our football boot and crystal studs appeal to both sexes, and are both inexpensive.

The Bali Influence

Ethnic jewelry is always big, but every year the popularity of genres shifts. This year, Balinese jewelry is set to take off.  This intricate silver work is richly patterned, but delicate, so it fits in really well with this spring’s fashion trends. Bali earrings are proving particularly popular, which is why you see several options in our range.

Image of Bali Sterling Silver Jewelry Ear Hoops

Romantic Silver Jewelry

During 2016, romantically themed silver sterling is set to continue to be popular. Heart shapes, love knots and symbols of love always sell well, but we have seen an unusually high uplift in demand during the first few weeks of this year. As a result, we have included more designs that are romantic in our range, and encourage all our customers to consider stocking at least some romantic pieces.

Image of Sterling Silver Jewlery Heart Necklace

A Touch of Whimsy

For 2016, whimsy is another interesting trend. People still like cute and humorous pieces. Animal shapes always sell well, so stocking a few of these items is always a great idea.

Ethically Sourced JewelryPhoto of Animal Sterling Silver Jewelry

Consumers are still concerned about where their jewelry comes from. They are looking for gifts made from ethically sourced materials, and by workers who are well paid. Those wholesalers who are aware of this and emphasize this in their marketing are definitely set to have the edge over their competitors.

When buying wholesale silver jewelry over the next few months our advice is to bear these trends in mind, and tap into those that are likely to appeal to your fashion conscious customer base.

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