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Get More Attention for your Jewelry Brand

How to Focus on High-Impact Promotions

Your silver jewelry business is doing ok, but you want it to thrive. You feel like you’re doing everything right, but maybe there’s something you’re missing. Maybe you need an outsider’s perspective…or maybe you need to focus more on marketing. Because without marketing, there are no sales!

A focus on your marketing will surely boost your sales if you focus on the high-impact promotions that will reach the most people and bring in the most customers who convert.

The Traditional 4 P’s of Marketing

Tradition is always a good place to start when we’re homing in on skills, and there’s a reason they are tried and true. In marketing, the 4 P’s model is well known as the path to planning and executing the marketing mix. The 4 P’s are Product, Price, Place, Promotion.

It consists of ensuring that the product is high-quality, the price is competitive yet communicates value, it is sold in the right places, and it is being promoted in effective ways.

The Traditional Planning and Operating Cycle

When marketers combine the 4 P’s with the planning and operations cycle of researching, planning, implementing, measuring, and optimizing, data is the result that gives additional information about what worked and what didn’t work.

In order to effectively promote your business, you’re going to need to focus on the strategic model first, then fill it in with the tactics it will take to make sure that your jewelry brand gets the exposure it needs to foster loyal customers and bring in new customers.

The Modern Model

These approaches tend to be more tactical than strategic, and they don’t focus enough on the customer’s experience. Instead, Kevin Namaky came up with a new model that supports marketers, and this approach will support you as a jewelry business owner.

The new version of the “strategic 4 P’s” is: People, Partners, Processes, and Platforms.

Low-Hanging Fruit for Promotions:

People: Leverage Brand Evangelists

If your brand is lucky, you have a small group of very dedicated fans who love your brand and support everything your company does.

Leverage these people through their testimonials, their social media presence and postings, and their selfies with your products! When you give customers a memorable and remarkable experience, you’ll keep them coming back for more and encourage them to continue posting about and talking about how much they love your brand. This is powerful social proof that serves as promotion and marketing called Word of Mouth.

To leverage your evangelists, you will need a standard procedure for them to follow and make it easy for them to follow and promote your brand for them. Offer opportunities for them to post about you on social media contests, discussions, referral opportunities. Make signing up and participation simple and rewarding.

One of the 4 Modern P’s, “Process,” shows you how all of your people and teams work together. When you think of processes, think of workflows, standard operating procedures (SOPs), decision-making processes, and collaborations.

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The goal with processes is to make it easy to repeat what worked, and to change the steps within the process that didn’t work. What are the processes that you have in place now? How can you propel the execution and implementation on your decisions? Where are the breakdowns in the processes, and are there places where your team needs to be more consistent?

Low-Hanging Fruit for Promotions: Partnerships

Make a list of the brands that are similar to yours in different industries. As a jewelry business, you could consider spas, chocolate companies, local flower stores, and other self-care and indulgence brands that could work together in an on-brand promotion.

You can reach out to these companies and offer to partner with them in promotional activities like parties or events, giveaways that would reach more people with more companies promoting them.

A rising tide lifts all boats, as they say, and you will be able to make lasting connections with other companies when you help others promote their businesses and get something in return.

Another type of partnership to consider is the kind with the press and media. What type of blogs, newspapers, magazines, and social media influencers are you partnering with? Some of these people would appreciate receiving free product in exchange for mentions, while others may request payment.

Before you step into a partnership like this, consider the projections of how many people you will reach through the promotion and how many customers are projected to convert. You will want to assess the return on your investment, especially if you are paying for the mentions with your partner.

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Low-Hanging Fruit: Networking for Partnerships

The key to successful networking is being in the right place, where your customers or where your peers hang out in person. Sometimes it is just luck, but when you focus on the quality of your efforts rather than the quantity of your networking efforts, you will make more genuine and lasting connections with your peers and with your customers.

Invest in your business by attending or sending someone from your team to attend Industry Association events or attend workshops and conferences both locally and nationally. This way you will meet people in person and make the face-to-face connections required to build trust.

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Low-Hanging Fruit for Promotions: Platforms

Platforms are the technologies and infrastructures you use to reach your customers and to keep your marketing machine running smoothly. You might consider the digital marketing platforms and channels that you are committed to working with, and the clear roles within your team of the people who are dedicated to those platforms.

Choose what you’re focusing on so that your efforts are more impactful and so that you can master one strategy before you move on to the next.

Social media is best used for building the brand recognition through consistent messaging and imagery. You can repurpose what is on social media, run contests and giveaways, and market your sales and promotions.

Content marketing is best for building authority and converting lookie-loos into customers through useful and relatable information. You can repurpose this information throughout social media and through your email marketing efforts as well as on your blog.

Provide value to your target audience through beautiful photographs and helpful articles about the jewelry industry and about the art of adornment. At the same time, you’ll increase your search ranking in Google and build trust with your audience. Content marketing also provides pieces that you can share over social media with your audience.

Email marketing is best used for converting customers and maintaining relationships through reminders and helpful information. Be consistent with your email newsletters and send sale opportunities, contests, industry news, articles that your customers might enjoy with beautiful imagery of your products.

When your emails contain promotions, coupons, and insider information that your customers can’t see anywhere else, they are more likely to stay subscribed and receive the VIP treatment of newsletter subscribers.

Networking is best used for spreading brand awareness and building relationships through listening to what people need and providing what they are looking for in terms of their style and what they want to show to the world through their jewelry and adornment.

Make a Calendar

When you are setting goals for the quarter, create a calendar that shows when you are having sales and promotions (they can align with holidays and days that people celebrate), seasonal offerings, and contests. Be creative!

Then, throughout the quarter, you will be executing on what you put in the calendar and promoting different kinds of jewelry, different jewelry lines, and certain categories based on the calendar.

Project when you are set to release new jewelry and then choose the right timing and channels to promote what’s new.


Promoting your business can feel like a big task, but it is incredibly necessary, as good marketing is the key to increased sales. If people don’t know about or trust your brand, you won’t have the sales to sustain your business.

Remember to start with the big picture of people, partnerships, processes, platforms, then move to the traditional tactical approach of product, price, place, promotions.

Notice that the strategic big-picture approach has a focus on people: customers, teams, and partners, and these are the keys to your success. Ask for help with your promotions and you will be part of the rising tide that lifts all boats.

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