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Inspirational Jewelry – Ideas To Encourage More Jewelry Sales

From Social Media to Partnerships


Since the beginning of time, jewelry has been a way for people to adorn themselves with different symbols that hold meaning for them.

inspirational jewelry

Inspirational jewelry communicates messages through words, symbols, or images. When you start carrying inspirational jewelry in your store, you will enable your customers to find the piece that speaks uniquely to them.

Symbols have different meanings for different people, giving them reminders of certain characteristics they would like to have or what they would like to attract into their lives.

Think of hearts; clovers; skulls; the om symbol; crucifixes; the star of David. These all mean something, and working with these kinds of symbols can help make a connection with customers because they associate the brand with being aligned with their beliefs.

Words bring up emotions or characteristics and are more straightforward with less room for interpretation than symbols. For example: strength, courage, love, breath. These are all reminders of what is important to the person wearing it.

Inspirational jewelry has been trending and as a result we recently launched our inspirational jewelry category to support the jewelry businesses with whom we partner in expanding their jewelry lines to include this inspirational jewelry trend.

As the mainstream becomes more and more familiar with the law of attraction, they will be more open to purchasing inspirational and aspirational jewelry.

Jewelry reminders can be considered both inspirational and aspirational because it serves as a reminder of what the customer wants in their life. Perhaps she doesn’t think of herself as “brave,” but she wants to bring more of this characteristic into her day-to-day life.

inspirational jewelry

The law of attraction states that whatever one focuses on is what persists in their life. If you are open to opportunity and believe that abundance is flowing to you, that is what will happen. If you believe that bad things happen to you often, that is what will happen.

You can consider different ways to approach marketing your inspirational jewelry such as writing content about the words or symbols within the collection. You can include information about the history of the word or symbol, what it means in different cultures, and what it means to people personally.

For example, if you are promoting a necklace that says “Love,” you might write an article on how someone could attract love into their life and embody “Love” in the way that they show up in the world. You can also align this type of content with holidays.

Another example is “Wealth.” If someone is looking to attract more abundance and wealth into her life, you can write and create content that will both promote your aspirational jewelry and also help your audience move toward their goals of creating a feeling of wealthiness in their life, whether that means wealth in money, or wealth in health, or wealth in great friendships and relationships.

For “Luck,” the content you promote can be about superstitions that people follow when they want to have good luck like picking up pennies off the ground, working with lucky charms or talismans, affirmations, and working with Feng Shui in the home.

Your inspirational jewelry line can take many forms, and it is ideal if you can create a marketing campaign or a cohesive idea that holds together the line of inspirational jewelry. For example, consider The Fifth Element Life jewelry which runs its marketing around mandalas and affirmations.


inspirational jewelry

The rings that The Five Element Life carries are all very similar in their designs, and they all have different meanings based on the designs. This is a great way to market your inspirational and aspirational jewelry because the customer can decide for herself what she wants to bring into her life.

When you choose to carry jewelry that is similar in its looks, the customer can “mix and match” the pieces and they will fit together well because they all look similar. This will also do wonders for your branding, as loyal customers will be able to tell if a piece is from your brand or another brand.

Who to target

When you are marketing your inspirational jewelry line, think about your ideal customer. Who is already buying your jewelry? Might these customers be interested in the inspirational jewelry trend?

If you validate that your current customers will be interested in the new jewelry line, create an email marketing message to announce the new collection and offer them an exclusive discount code for having subscribed to your mailing list. With this personal message, your customers will feel like they received the VIP treatment of the inside scoop because they are on your email list.

If you validate that those customers will not be interested in this new line, you can bring in new leads through content marketing, social media marketing. With coupons and promotions for new customers, you could potentially bring in a whole new demographic of people who are interested in your jewelry brand, and expand the company’s community.

You can also partner with local stores whose brand aligns with the inspirational and aspirational jewelry collection of your brand, and create a profit sharing model or sell them a quantity for a retail price so that you both profit off of new customers. This is a great way to get your brand’s name out there locally, and eventually you can expand to boutiques in other cities and towns nationally.

Marketing Platforms

When you create the promotions for your new inspirational jewelry line, you’ll need to focus on the marketing platforms that have the most impact for your company.

In the jewelry and apparel industry, Instagram and Pinterest are the best social media platforms for advertising because they are very heavy on visuals. The audiences who are scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest are looking for beautiful images that speak to their style and their lifestyle.

If you browse around on either of these platforms, you will find a lot of inspiration for images of jewelry.

There are Instagram influencers who focus solely on images of fashion and jewelry. Working with influencers to reach a larger audience is an impactful tactic because it serves as social proof that experts are interested in and wearing your brand.

You can also partner with Pinterest influencers who can pin your content and photos of your jewelry designs, which will in turn reach their thousands of followers.

Through partnering with other people who have large followings, you will be multiplying your reach to potential customers and leads.

Types of images that are trending

The most popular types of images that are trending in the Instagram and Pinterest words are lifestyle photos of women wearing luxurious jewelry. Photographs of women modeling a variety of rings in different styles, close-ups of layered necklaces or layered bracelets.

These types of photos show the versatility and ability to mix and match your collections. It also shows how many options there are within your collection. In addition, customers get ideas about how they would like to style their jewelry from your brand page.

It’s an opportunity for your brand to become the go-to source for trending jewelry and how to style it.


Inspirational jewelry has been trending and since symbols have been a part of adornment and decoration since the beginning of time, this is a trend that is not going anywhere! When you add an inspirational jewelry collection to your jewelry brand, you’ll bring in new customers and thrill loyal customers who have been with you for a long time.

Excite your customers with new options and new ways to bring in inspiration and aspiration into their life so that they can align with their goals and values and attract what they want into their lives.

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