jewelry brand authority

Position Your Jewelry Brand as An Authority

Building trust with your audience through content marketing

When you share your knowledge, you position yourself as an authority on jewelry and the jewelry industry. This draws more attention as your audience grows to know, like and trust you, thus drawing more customers to your 925 silver jewelry business website or your brick and mortar store.

jewelry brand authority

When you show that you know that you’re an expert, your customers learn to know, like and trust you and this will eventually lead to a sale. In contrast, consider if you would buy something from a store to which you have never been exposed.

For your 925 silver jewelry business’ digital marketing strategy, your goal is probably to increase the number of unique sales and thus customers through online marketing. You will also want to nurture those relationships by keeping in touch and building loyalty and multiple purchases from your store.

Through content marketing, you will be creating unique content on your website, blog, or social media with the goal of attracting more leads and customers into your jewelry business and community. Content marketing builds trust with your community and with your customers, bringing them further down the sales funnel until they are ready to convert to a paying customer.

On the other hand, creating content can tend to be time-consuming and expensive. You’ll need a plan to address this with the following points:

  • How often will you publish content? You’ll need to be consistent on the channel that you choose to publish content so that your followers can count on the content that you are publishing and so that they continue coming back.
  • Decide who on your team will be dedicated to writing and promoting the content. This should be someone with good writing skills and experience with blogging.
  • What channels will you focus on to promote your content? What is your budget for marketing on those channels? Since organic visibility is a challenge through channels like Facebook, Google Adwords, and Outbrain which all charge for people to see your content, you will need to set aside financing to spread your message.

Once you have decided how to address these issues, you can move on to the fun part, which is creating content! Here are 15 content marketing ideas for jewelry businesses.

  1. Write about your company’s specialty. You can write about the type of jewelry that your business focuses on. Perhaps that is a certain style, certain materials, or certain techniques.
  2. Birthstones. Write a separate post each month that highlights the gemstone of the month and what it means for the person born in the month including some information about the zodiac sun signs that fall under that brand authority
  3. Showcase the jewelry items you carry that contain these gemstones in order to generate new leads for sales.
    Once these posts are written and posted, you can update these posts each year in order to make them more current and relaunch them to your audience. Additionally, this is a good topic because people search for these types of gifts throughout the year.
  4. Write about how your business does good in the world by supporting your favorite cause or a cause that aligns with your brand with a percentage of your profits.You might consider creating a specific line of “cause’ jewelry whose profit entirely is donated to the cause. Consider Pura Vida’s collection of cause bracelets.

    This is a good way to build on your brand and show that your business is about more than money—it is about doing good in the world and living a lifestyle that does good in the world.

  5. Write about new trends and styles. Show your audience how to get certain looks such as “Inspiration for layered necklaces.” They will look to your brand for upcoming trends and popular jewelry looks.Highlight the jewelry lines that speak to certain audiences.For example, you might write an article about “best friend jewelry” and highlight your collection that is aimed at women instead of children. There are also collections that you might be able to highlight for different holidays like Valentine’s Day or “Galentine’s” Day, a new trend where women get together and appreciate one another for Valentine’s day.
  6. Showcase your happy clients. Everyone has a story, and you can work with your customers to tell theirs. Ask her what she loves about the brand, and why she keeps coming back. This idea is a great way to build community when you consider featuring a customer once a month, and it also builds social proof that your customers love your brand.
  7. The inspirations for your jewelry collections. Many times, customers are enthralled with the jewelry designer or business owner: “How does she do it? She’s so creative!”You’re inspired to create collections for your own reasons. Document what is going on in your world of inspiration and share your creative process with your clients. This way they will feel more connected with you, with the brand, and you will be able to highlight some of your favorite pieces.
  8. Wedding trends. There is a lot to write about in the wedding world, and the trends change every season and every year. You can write new articles about wedding trends each season, including articles like “gifts for the bride” “wedding accessories,” and “bachelorette gifts.”jewelry brand authority
  9. Tips on how to take care of jewelry. Run a series where you show customers a new tip for taking care of their jewelry each month. Maybe it is a short video on social media, or a quick how-to article. Consider featuring content that tells customers how to clean their wedding jewelry with supplies in their home. This is a little-known secret that might change how someone approaches cleaning their jewelry and they will be grateful for you sharing your knowledge and expertise. When someone has a positive experience like that with your content, they are more likely to purchase.
  10. Showcase the trends that celebrities are following. Consider how the style icons are wearing similar jewelry to what you sell, or maybe they are wearing your brand, in which case, promote that! You can write articles, post on social media, and keep a banner on your website that shows a photo of the celebrity wearing your brand.
  11. Lifestyle. To be most successful, your brand should be about living a certain kind of lifestyle; the lifestyle that your dream client either has or aspires to.You can feature content about yoga if you’re a yoga brand; healthy baby products if you’re a brand for moms; or the best smoothie recipes if you’re a healing energy brand.
  12. Write a post about the artists that have inspired and influenced you. Every creative person has a muse, or an idol who is an artist and influenced them from a young age. Who is yours? How did you discover him or her? What there a decisive moment when you felt overcome with appreciation for their work? What did that look like? Tell the story of how you discovered this special artist and what it means to you.
    jewelry brand authority
  13. Share the story of how you created your jewelry business. How did your brand come about? Maybe you have an outline of this story in your “about us” section of your website which you can build on.These kinds of stories are of interest to the general public because entrepreneurship is not the norm in our society and there is a flavor of courage in going out on your own and forging a new way for yourself.Your customers and readers will feel like they have the inside scoop on your story when they read where you came from and what you did to get where you are now.
  14. Share photos of the town or city where your jewelry business is based and write about why you love living there. Give your readers a look into your day-to-day life in the town where you live and where their favorite brand is headquartered.
  15. Is there something happening in the news or current events that captures your attention in some way? Decide if as a brand you are going to stand for something.For example, many brands supported the women’s march and “a day without women,” allowing their female staff to strike in protest of the 45th U.S. president’s policies and remarks about women. As a jewelry business, your main customers are women, and it is a good branding move and ethical move to support policies and causes that support women.

Although content marketing is a commitment for your company, you will be building your own authority in the jewelry industry as an expert, and you will also see the influx of new leads and customers who will help build your brand’s community and build your revenue. This investment will be well worth your time and money.

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