5 Tips on Finding a Quality Sterling Silver Jewelry Supplier

Silver is still the top choice in the jewelry industry, thanks to its affordable cost and versatility. However, these days there are so many manufacturers producing fake jewelry that it’s become quite challenging to find quality sterling silver suppliers. So, if you are planning to start a jewelry business and need to know exactly how to select the best of the affordable sterling silver suppliers out there, we have compiled 5 actionable steps to show you how to find a sterling silver supplier that will meet your requirements.

Tip #1 – Can You Verify Their Business Information?

  • Your first step will be to verify that the supplier is a legitimate entity. You can do this by checking whether their business is registered here.
  • Once verified, verify their bank information. Find out which bank they work with and call the bank to confirm this. Suppose they have a personal account registered and may not be established enough to be a quality sterling silver supplier.
  • If you would like more tips on how to verify your supplier’s credentials, read more here.

Tip #2 – Have They Been Audited?

  • There are certain benefits to working with a professional sterling silver jewelry supplier that’s been audited. If they have been audited, you know that employee treatment is up to standard, making for better workers and increasing productivity. You also know that they meet the required safety standards, guaranteeing quality products.
  • An audited supplier has already been thoroughly checked out to ensure that nothing untoward is going on. If they’re still around after being audited, you know that you are dealing with a credible company that is likely to be a quality sterling silver jewelry supplier.
  • If their auditing information isn’t available online, simply contact them and request it. Their response will also tell you a lot about the kind of company you’re dealing with.
  • You can read more about ELF925’s Jewelry Corporate Social Responsibility and auditing status.

Tip #3 – What Are Their Prices, Comparatively?

  • You can tell which ones are taking you for a ride by getting quotes from multiple suppliers because they won’t offer competitive prices. They will either be much higher or lower than the standard, which means they’re selling counterfeit goods or overcharging you.
  • What you’re looking for is a supplier that falls within the average range. Do not take the most expensive or the cheapest offer.
  • Following this, you should also determine how effectively each supplier communicates since quality custom sterling silver manufacturers know how to communicate with their customers consistently, keeping them up to date and informed on the status of their orders.
  • Once you’ve made the comparison, select the top three suppliers to make your shortlist.

Tip #4 – Do They Have An Acceptable Lead Time?

  • In this regard, the manufacturer has to satisfy your expectations and operational requirements. One way of testing your top three shortlisted candidates is to place a small order with each.
  • Once you’ve placed the orders, note which manufacturer actually delivers on every aspect of the order as promised.
  • This also allows you to check the quality of the product for yourself, and since you’ve requested three separate deliveries, you can compare them to make a final decision.

Tip # 5 – What Are Their Payment Requirements?

  • Initially, you should only place small orders to see their payment conditions. They shouldn’t ask you to pay the entire amount upfront – most quality manufacturers will only require 35% of the order paid as a deposit, and the remaining 65% will only be required once the goods are ready for shipping.
  • Once you’ve tested your top three candidates by actually placing orders, you are sure to see a clear difference in how they deliver on what you need.
  • At this point, you should have enough information to balance quality service, quality products, and reasonable prices against each other to choose a quality sterling silver supplier that meets your needs.

Why Consider ELF925?

ELF925 jewelry company is the largest sterling silver jewelry manufacturer in Thailand that prides itself on producing only the highest quality sterling silver in cutting-edge designs. With over 700 employees and strict quality control standards, we produce jewelry in exceptional quantities and to the highest standards.

Feel free to check our business details and determine for yourself whether we are the supplier you’ve been looking for. The company was established in 1999 and has grown from strength to strength since. Our reputation speaks for itself, and as one of the top sterling silver jewelry manufacturers, we are known for producing trendy lightweight silver jewelry at highly affordable prices, satisfying the tastes and preferences of a modern market.

In recent years, we have developed strong connections with the world’s leading retailers and wholesalers in silver jewelry, making us competitive on the international stage. We produce the highest quality by only using the best raw materials such as 925 Sterling Silver, Genuine European Crystals, AAA Grade CZ stones, and Surgical Stainless Steel.

Our stylish designs are decorated with crystals, cubic zirconia, and semi-precious accents, producing uniquely captivating artworks specifically created for today’s styles. We have also started integrating pearls, beads, cord, silk, and leather to broaden our product base, creating one-of-a-kind items you won’t find anywhere else.

Reach out to us today to find out why you should make use of a one-stop shop like ELF925 for efficient business transactions. We handle every stage of the process – from initial design and quality manufacturing to timeous delivery exactly where you need it to be. We can even help your business with shipping, packaging, branding, and printing!

Start your relationship with the top sterling silver Jewelry Manufacturer in Thailand, and experience what a quality sterling silver supplier is like.

Read more About ELF925. For inquiries, reach out to us on our Contact Us page.

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