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About Us: Learn Our History and Humble Beginnings | ELF925

ELF925, Thailand’s Number One Choice for Sterling Silver Jewelry

ELF925 is a manufacturer and exporter of sterling silver jewelry. Our offices and factory are located in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Company was established in 1999 with less than 10 employees and has grown to become one of Thailand’s leading manufacturers and distributors of high quality, affordable jewelry. Over the years, we have established a reputation for offering trendy lightweight silver jewelry at extremely competitive prices and providing excellent customer service.

ELF925 is rapidly expanding and gaining market share and has established strong business relationships with some of the world’s largest jewelry retailers and wholesalers.

Click to watch the video tour of what happens behind the scenes in our factory.

Our Strengths

  • ELF925 is rapidly gaining market share and has established a strong business relationship with some of the world’s leading silver jewelry retailers and wholesalers. We manufacture according to market demand and provide quality products at an unbeatable price. Our international sales and marketing team is multilingual, which enables us to communicate efficiently with clients all over the World.

  • ELF925 specializes in quality light weight sterling silver jewelry enhanced with crystals, cubic zirconia and semi-precious accents. We have also become proficient in combining pearls, beads, cord, silk and leather with sterling silver, enabling us to manufacture a much larger product range. We design and manufacture a full range of silver earrings, ear studs, rings, charms, beads, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and all types of children's jewelry.

  • We use only the highest grade raw materials, including 925 Sterling Silver, Surgical Stainless Steel, Genuine European Crystals and AAA Grade CZ stones. This combined with our modern manufacturing processes ensures our clients receive quality without compromise.

  • The jewelry industry is driven by constantly changing tastes and new trends, and at ELF925 we understand this. Our team of designers provides us with a constant stream of new ideas that allow us and our clients to stay ahead of the game. We pride ourselves on our original and innovative designs.

  • ELF925 is a one stop shop catering to the wholesale sterling silver jewelry market. We make our clients' life easy by taking care of their orders from the initial design, right up until it reaches their doorsteps. We can help with branding, printing, packaging and shipping. If a client needs our products under their own brand then no problem; if they need the jewelry packed on their own cards, we can take care of it.

Growth and Achievements

Since its humble beginnings in 1999 ELF925 has grown to become one of the top jewelry manufacturers in Thailand.

With more than 800 employees, we are able to respond to our client’s specific needs, and we understand the importance of strict deadlines. Thanks to our 50 quality inspectors, 100 strong packing department, 20 experts in design, 450+ production workers, and experienced teams handling administration, accounting, marketing, e-commerce and export matters; rest assured, your jewelry orders are in good hands.

All key team members of the management team at ELF925 are qualified within their fields and hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree. Having a qualified team around us makes it much easier for ELF925 to ensure the quality of its products and services. Meet the management team

Yearly double digit growth in turnover
1,500,000 pieces a month
700 full-time employees
60,000 square foot factory

Major Milestones and the Future

In 2017 ELF925 reached a major milestone in its history by producing and selling over 20 million pieces of silver jewelry in a calendar year, using approximately 10 tons of 925 silver. We are hiring more staff, investing in the future and in 2016 we moved to a brand new 60,000 square foot factory which has allowed us to expand production immensely. ELF925’s turnover has increased by an average of 15% per year for the past 5 years.

Social Compliance and Audits

At ELF925, we consider our employees our greatest asset, we strive to provide them with a comfortable and safe working environment. Several times a year we are audited by independent third parties to ensure we comply with International and Thai laws in relation to working conditions, health and safety, fire safety, minimum wage and working hours. We are more than happy to give any clients or potential clients a guided tour of our facility.

ELF925 takes its social responsibility very seriously; we pride ourselves on our responsible sourcing policy; for full details please visit our Corporate Social Responsibility page.