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These silver lucky clover earrings with cubic zirconia are a stylish statement piece that you can wear day and night. This piece works well on its own, but you can also pair it with other jewelry for a custom look. The lightweight design of this piece of sterling silver jewelry makes it a perfect accessory for daily wear. Our wholesale offers are unbeatable, so be sure to stock up on this attractive piece of jewelry now.
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Black Spinel CZ Crystal
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Your little girl will most certainly fall in love with this stunning jewelry piece that is also bound to bring her luck no matter where she goes. Made of 925 sterling silver with a glossy finish, these kids’ silver clover necklace is the perfect gift for all occasions. The length of the chain is 45 cm and the part size of the clover is 9 x 9 mm. Be sure to have this item in stock no matter the season.
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Have your child wear the luck o' the Irish with these quaint and charming four leaf clover earrings! Each stud has a silver outline of the famous lucky clover, bedecked with a lot of small fern green crystals that completes the effect.
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Crystal Emerald
Swarovski Color
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Attract luck in your life with these plain silver shamrock necklace that comes with a 45 cm chain and is made of 925 sterling silver. The lovely shamrock measures 11 mm x 14 mm and is made of highly polished sterling silver, which gives it a shiny look. Give this shamrock silver necklace as a gift to someone you care for or buy one for yourself to have a go-to piece of jewelry for daily wear.
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Enjoy the smile on your little girl’s face when you present her with these kids’ colorful silver clover colorful ear studs. Feel effortlessly comfortable all day long thanks to the lightweight design of this jewelry. This piece of jewelry is crafted of bright sterling silver with a polished finish. This popular item is available in bulk, so you should always have it on offer in your store.
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Bring just a bit of extra luck into your life with these sterling silver clover leaf ear studs. Transform your outfit with these amazing earrings you can fasten with ease thanks to the butterfly style clasps. These sterling silver earrings make a wonderful gift for all occasions, so grab them for yourself or someone special in your life. Make sure your inventory is complete with this lovely piece of sterling silver jewelry no matter the season.
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Luck will be with you constantly when you wear this plain silver clover ring that comes in multiple US sizes so you can find the perfect fit with ease. Pair this item with other jewelry in your collection or wear it on its own. This stunning silver ring measures 9 x 8 mm and weighs 0.6 grams. This is one of those items that should never miss from stock, so add it to the wish list for your next bulk order.
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Adorn a necklace chain with this silver clover leaf pendant with cubic zirconia. Made of 925 sterling silver, this stunning piece of jewelry is sure to be the best companion for those moments when you are looking for an accessory that goes well with just about anything. It is impossible not to get noticed when you wear this silver piece, as it is easy to pair with numerous kinds of outfits.
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Give your wardrobe a much needed boost with this attractive piece of jewelry that goes well with just about any of your outfits. Attaching the shamrock charm to a bracelet or necklace is easy thanks to the lobster clasp. The simple lines of this sterling silver shamrock charm with cubic zirconia mean that you can pair it with just about any of your attires. Make sure you always have this lovely jewelry in stock by taking advantage of our wholesale orders.
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Add a splash of green color to your outfits and attract good luck at the same time when you wear this silver shamrock charm with split ring. With this lovely piece of jewelry, you can easily accessorize just about any kind of outfit and look elegant no matter the occasion. The high polish sterling silver of this attractive piece of jewelry makes it incredibly easy to coordinate with other pieces. Have this beautiful silver item in your store at all times by ordering in bulk.
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This silver four-leaf clover is the perfect choice for those who want to surprise their little one with a piece of jewelry that really stands out from the crowd. With these lovely sterling silver ear studs, your little one is sure to make a good impression no mater where she goes. Weighing a mere 0.6 grams, this jewelry has a part size of 7 x 7 mm. The earrings are available at wholesale prices for bulk orders.
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An Irish shamrock that represents good luck, this silver pendant has a bright green color and a detailed design.
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Mix and match this stainless steel clover necklace with some other pieces in your collection for a stunning effect. This jewelry is going to make a wonderful addition to your collection of chic accessories. The lightweight design of this piece of jewelry makes it comfortable for all day wear. This popular item is available in bulk, so you should always have it on offer in your store.
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Add a splash of shine and attract good luck at the same time when you wear this silver shamrock pendant. Indulge yourself with this fine-looking plain silver luck shamrock pendant, or alternatively give your special someone a gift they can wear every day. Made from sterling silver and featuring a high polish finish, this piece of jewelry is elegant and versatile at the same time. Make sure you always have this attractive silver item in stock by taking advantage of our wholesale orders.
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Lucky shamrock silver charm with a shooting star detail, cut out design and a dark green color.
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The luck of the Irish is bound to follow the wearer of this silver shamrock jeweled bead with cubic zirconia everywhere they go. Crafted of fine sterling silver, this shamrock bead is the perfect addition to bracelets and necklaces. The bead includes two clear cubic zirconia stones in a handmade prong setting. Stock this shamrock bead and watch it becoming a true bestseller.
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Share the luck of the Irish with this beautiful green and silver shamrock charm with a lobster lock.
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Exude cool and tropical style with this 925 sterlig silver made, dark green epoxy colored Leaf shaped ear studs for children
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