My Account Features and How-to Videos

Have you been on the all my items and my orders pages yet? If not then you are missing out! These pages can be accessed from the My Account page and are full of useful functions. Below you will find a short explanation about how these functions can help you out when shopping with us. On top of this there are even some How to Videos to show you how to use them.

My Orders

Once you land on this page you will come to a list of all the orders you have ever placed with 3 main function buttons per order.

  •   Function 1 Download pictures. If you click this, high resolution pictures for each ordered product will automatically start downloading to your computer.
  •    Function 2 View your order. When you click this button, you will be redirected to a new page showing all the order details including a list of the products you ordered with the price per product.
  •    Function 3 Reorder. Once you click this button it will add all the products from the associated order to your shopping cart. If any of the products are out of stock you will get a notification in red.

All My Items

The all my items page is great tool for reordering your favorite items and being notified of when they have been restocked again. The main page is a list of all the items you have ever purchased with the total quantity purchased and quantity in stock.
You can add products directly to your shopping cart from this page, so no more painless searching trying to find that one item you bought last month.
Some of the other great functions on this page include being able to hide items you don’t want to buy anymore and requesting automatic email notifications for when one of your items has been restocked.
Videos showing you how to use and find these features can be found below.
If you have any suggestions on where we can improve or if you think something is missing from these pages please send us an email at