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At ELF925 we offer a wide range of fashion jewelry at genuine wholesale pricing.  Choose from bracelets & necklaces to earrings & studs and more, our wholesale fashion jewelry collection is as wide and varied as it is spectacular. If you are looking for eye catching fashion jewelry at wholesale rates, ELF925 will amaze you with the sheer diversity of their range.

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Get on the whimsical train when you wear this fashion jewelry witch set bracelet and necklace. Featuring an antique plated finish, this piece works well alone or stacked with similar jewelry. The total silver weight of this 925 sterling silver jewelry is 88 grams and the part size measures 29 x 85 mm. Take advantage of our great wholesale offers in order to provide your customers with this lovely piece of 925 sterling silver jewelry.
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Be ready to take off at any time when you wear this fashion jewelry balloon necklace that can easily add a touch of personality to your outfits. If you love traveling, this necklace is just the perfect choice for you. This attractive piece of 925 sterling silver jewelry is suitable for both day and evening wear. This piece of jewelry is delicate and lightweight. This popular item is available in bulk, so you should always have it on offer in your store.
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Crystal Rose
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Combining cord and shiny crystals, this fashion jewelry ball bracelet goes well with most outfits. This lovely piece of jewelry is sure to grab attention, so wear it whenever you get the occasion. The part size is 12 x 12mm and the bracelet comes with a cord with adjustable length that measures 16 to 25 cm. Order this beautiful silver piece in bulk so you can have them at hand when customers come back for more.
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Everyone will notice that you truly love your country when you wear this American flag bracelet that has an adjustable length and a part size of 10 x 10 mm. Embrace a truly original look with this American flag bracelet necklace that is bound to attract attention no matter where you go. This go-to item is available at wholesale prices, so you should always have it on offer for your clients.
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Look stunning when you wear this fashion jewelry ball bracelet. This piece of jewelry is manufactured of nylon cord and works perfectly with all kinds of casual outfits. With a part size of just 10 x 10 mm, this cord bracelet has an adjustable length of 16 to 25 cm to suit just about anyone. This lovely piece of jewelry makes an ideal gift for someone special in your life. With this bracelet, you are sure to see the sales of your store increase.
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An adjustable fashion bracelet with a sparkling ball, this piece is sure to become a hit whenever you decide to wear it. Adaptable enough for wear with everything from an elegant evening dress to a casual jeans and T-shirt combination, this attractive piece of sterling silver jewelry can easily become a staple in your jewelry collection. This popular silver bracet with sparkling ball is available in bulk, so you should always have it on offer in your store.
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The nylon cord this bracelet is made of brings on a touch of extra interest o your summer outfits, no matter the occasion. This piece of 925 sterling silver jewelry is great for everyday wear and special occasions alike. This jewelry is also a perfect choice of a gift for someone special in your life. Impress your customers when you stock this lovely piece of sterling silver jewelry.
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A combination of black crystals and corded leather makes this bracelet an intriguing accessory. Wear this fashion black bracelet on its own for a little sparkle, or in combination with other pieces in your collection for a striking statement piece. This piece of jewelry is great for everyday wear and special occasions alike. The adjustable length of the bracelet is 16 to 25 cm. Boost your sales by adding this wonderful piece of jewelry to your stock.
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Wear this beautiful ball bracelet necklace on its own or in combination with other sterling silver jewelry pieces in your collection. The lightweight design of this piece of sterling silver jewelry makes it ideal for daily wear. The high polish finish of this piece of jewelry makes it a shining accessory for any occasion. This sterling silver jewelry is available for bulk orders so you can easily stock up and keep your customers happy.
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  • Product ID: 14336
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  • Product ID: 6586
  • Code: ESZ-143-BR TOPAZ/6586
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