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Stainless Steel Jewelry – Stylish, Inexpensive, You Clients Will Love It

At ELF925 our wholesale stainless steel jewelry range is vast. We stock over 800 items in the collection, and we are constantly updating the categories with new designs.

If you want something fresh and different to offer your customers, stainless steel jewelry is the answer. It is popular with both men and women, and is worn by people of all ages.

High Quality 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel

All of our steel earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants and rings are made from top quality 316L surgical steel, which means that it is safe for your customers to buy and use. Our skilled workforce, crafts each item by hand.  Each piece is finished to the highest standard.

An Amazing Choice of Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Jewelry

Modern manufacturing techniques allow us to produce stainless steel strip rings, studs, huggies, hoops, pendants and bracelets in a range of different colors, shapes and finishes. Rose gold stainless steel jewelry is popular with women, whereas many men prefer our high gloss black plate pieces.

We also offer a range of textured finishes and pieces embossed with a range of contemporary and iconic symbols, or icons that appeal to today’s jewelry buyers. Our crystal steel jewelry items are particularly popular.

Whatever style of jewelry you are looking for you will find it in our 316L stainless steel jewelry collection.

Good Looking and Stylish Stainless Steel Jewelry

Stainless steel jewelry looks good and it’s inexpensive, so it is a popular choice for jewelry buyers. It is great for everyday wear, but also works well for special occasions. Modern consumers really like the contemporary look and feel of this fashionable, stylish jewelry.

For a better idea of what is included in ELF925’s range of surgical steel jewelry, we have put together the following guide. Please take a look, and click through the categories to browse the range. You are sure to uncover some stunning pieces that your customers will love.

Surgical Steel Stud Earrings

Our wholesale steel stud earrings are made using the best 316L surgical grade stainless steel. This same material is used in the food and pharmaceutical industries, because there is virtually no risk of metal contamination.

This type of steel contains very low levels of nickel, which means that it is safe for use in healed piercings. It also has good bio-compatibility, and is not prone to rusting, so it is the perfect material for pierced ear earrings.

ELF925 stocks over 100 different styles of stainless steel stud earrings, and regularly updates its range to reflect the changing tastes of consumers. Whether you are looking for simple black, silver or stunning rose finish steel studs, ELF925 has what you need, including studs of all shapes and sizes. You can buy anything from 2mm to 10mm studs. We also stock a range of fun shapes, for those who are looking for a more personal style of surgical steel stud earring.

image surgical steel stud earrings

Stainless Steel Earrings For Women

Stud earrings are popular, but we know that many of you want something a bit different, which is why we also stock stainless steel huggies, hoops, drop, dangle, pearls and two-tone earrings. Our range includes something for every taste.

We have elegant drop style steel earrings that would not look out of place paired with a little black dress, as well as spiky style huggies that would be a great gift for a punk or Goth fan.

It does not matter what kind of wholesale stainless steel earrings you are looking for you will find them in our collection, and at great prices.

Stainless Steel Pendants

Pendants make ideal gifts. They look fantastic and come in a huge range of different shapes, styles and colors, so you are bound to find something in our wholesale stainless steel pendants collection that your customers will love.

They are a particularly good option if you are selling jewelry to men. Our designers have come up with some fantastic designs that appeal to male tastes. A good example is our stainless steel eagle pendant. However, there are plenty of others, including bullet and skull shaped pendants, as well as a range of tags that can be engraved and personalized.

For your female customers we have stainless steel heart pendants encrusted with crystals, delicate steel feathers and flowers. You can also find fun designs in our collection that will appeal to those with quirkier tastes, as well as your younger customers.

These high quality stainless steel pendants are inexpensive, which makes it easy for you to carry a wide range, and offer your customers plenty of choice.

image of Stainless Steel Pendant

Mens Stainless Steel Bracelets

Bracelets are becoming increasingly popular with men across the world. Our range of wholesale men’s stainless steel bracelets are designed to appeal to all kinds of people.

Our designers have produced a collection that includes classic steel chain bracelets and watchstrap style bracelets as well as items that are more contemporary. These are designed to appeal to today’s more style conscious men. For your edgier clients we have combined high quality leather with stainless steel to produce eye-catching steel bracelets that offer something a little different.

Womens Stainless Steel Bracelets

Our extensive collection of wholesale women’s stainless steel bracelets is amazingly mixed. It really does not matter what the tastes of your clients are we have you covered.

At the heart of the collection are our charm style bracelets. These fine chain bracelets have a range of attractive shaped pieces and charms hanging from them. We stock hearts, flowers, stars, animal shapes, crosses and many other options, so that you can offer your customers as much choice as possible.

We also stock magnetic steel health bracelets in our women’s range. Our steel bangles and steel cuff bracelets are perfect for pairing with a business suit or wearing to a party or more formal event.

Picture of Stainless Steel Bracelet

Stainless Steel Necklaces

A stainless steel necklace looks wonderful. They are very stylish and come in a huge range of shapes and sizes. We have steel necklaces and pendants in our collection that are suitable for men, women and children of all ages.

Our designers have fun with necklaces and get really creative, and our range is constantly evolving and growing. We sell everything from simple stainless steel bead chains or single chain designs, to complex biker and curb chain necklaces. Many of our steel necklace chains include pendants, so there is plenty of choice in our wholesale stainless steel necklaces and pendants range.

image of stainless steel necklace

Stainless Steel Mens Rings

Steel is a fantastic material for rings. It is extremely durable, so can easily withstand the daily wear and tear that is inevitable for a piece of jewelry that is worn on the hand.

Our designers find stainless steel easy to work with, so they have been able to come up with nearly 150 different designs for our steel men’s ring collection. This means that you are bound to find what you want in our wholesale men’s stainless steel rings range.

We have simple stainless steel bands and rectangle rings, but our range also includes several multi colored and engraved steel men’s rings. Our men’s stainless steel signet rings are particularly popular, and their low cost impresses many of our clients.

Stainless Steel Womens Rings

In our wholesale women’s stainless steel rings collection you will find a similar level of choice, but the designs in this range are more delicate and feminine. We have included plenty of beautiful stainless steel opened rings in our range, which appeal to today’s consumers.  By using engraving, enameling and crystals, our designers have come up with some stunning, unique women’s stainless steel rings that are bound to please your customers.

stainless steel rings image

If you are not yet selling stainless steel jewelry, we suggest that you browse our range, choose some items and start selling them. The low per piece cost means that you do not have to invest much to give your customers more choice, and extend your range of modern jewelry.

There is something for every taste, so you are bound to find stock that works well for your type of customer. Ordering is easy. Thanks to our fast delivery service, you could be selling stainless steel jewelry in as little as 48hrs from now, so why not click through and place an order.

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