The Waves of Change in the Jewelry Business

The Waves of Change in the Jewelry Business

Here Are the Trendsetting Designs

Spring/Summer 2017 is upon us and that means…its Fashion Week time! This is an important week for wholesale jewelers as we get an inkling of the trends that will be dominating the market over the next few months. 

Fashion Week has traditionally been considered the benchmark when it comes to industry wide acceptance of new designs that would eventually be marketed to consumers. This post looks at the thirteen new trends that are expected to dominate the market in 2017, as well as the different styles from Statement necklaces to arm cuffs to earrings.

1. The Statement Necklace

The past couple of seasons have been largely dominated by the choker and the sautoir, and the long necklace has been making a slow comeback. Prada has been bringing back Art Deco in a major way and Givenchy has been also making inroads in this trend with the introduction of its mineral slices at Givenchy. 

Chanel introduced a Data Centre pass recreated with pearls. The Statement Necklace has been in fashion in the past, and this is a major comeback – an indicator of retro designs coming back in fashion this year.

2. The Art School Earring:

If the Statement Necklace has been making it big this year, the Art School Earring has also established its dominance and is being displayed at all the major Fashion Week events. 

The earrings – which draw arty inspiration from futuristic lines, graphic shape and innovative use of materials – have been literally painting the town red with the huge marketing buzz surrounding its introduction. Proenza Schouler’s Calder-style earrings in particular have been trending this year, and these pieces are expected to be a big hit when they finally hit the stores across the world.

3. The Minerals

Uncut minerals have also become a major trend lately, especially during the last few seasons. The raw stones and mineral slices have repeatedly made appearances at all the major fashion weeks around the world. 

Jewelry fused with clothing at Givenchy and Christopher Kane. Energy stones and Crystal therapy took center stage at the Marni and Stella McCartney show. They were the centerpiece at the Maison Margiella show, where the design was widely applauded. 

This could well become a major style this season and it would be interesting to see how far the trends could last this season.

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4. The Arm Cuff

New methods of wearing bracelets was a big trend this season, with layered statement pieces and graphic shapes ruling the summer. 

Futuristic designs on arm cuffs also are expected to make a splash, with their intricate layers and stylish pattern designs taking over the market. The Arm Cuff was prominent at Courreges and Louis Vuitton and it would be interesting to see its impact this year as a host of major designers jumping on the bandwagon. Jewelry wholesalers would do well to pay attention to Arm Cuff designs this year.

5. The Super Fine Choker

The Choker hasn’t bid adieu yet. The silk and velvet ribbons were championed by models this summer, and thick chokers that were popular on the runways worldwide during Spring/Summer 2017.

They have now evolved, the simple pearls like Dior’s “j” adore” are also making a big impact in the market. There are few designs that are as exciting as this one, and this year seems to be the one that has the most impact for the Choker. It would be interesting to see how this style develops, as this has been one of the most mercurial designs over the last few years.

6. The Fantasy Ear Cuff

For Spring/Summer 2017, ear cuffs blur the line between the jewelry and accessories – even further with bold, graphic shapes like Margiela’s crystal headphones and rose motifs at Rodarte. This trend has also been seen at Jil Sander, Courreges and Wanda Nylon this year. 

The fantasy ear cuff is a retro trend that has been coming in and out of fashion over the last few years, and this year should not prove any different. There are a lot of designs that had been making waves in the previous years, and it’s back in action again.

7. The play on fabrics

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Eye catching illusions are mainly the USPs of play on fabrics. These jewelry designs stood out at Lanvin, Kenzo and Nina Ricci shows, and were the center of attention at the Louis Vuitton show as well. 

These designs are all set to light the summer ablaze, and likely to generate the maximum sales this season. It would be a good decision to stock up on these pieces, as the fabrics are the perfect answer to a sweltering summer. The designs are all decked up to turn up the heat and keep the temperatures soaring throughout the season.

8. The single oversized earring

This one is the biggie of the season – literally and figuratively. The single, oversized earring has been pulling all the eyes of the crowd at major fashion events. The mono-earring was shoulder skimming this season too, with the singular thread of gold and swatch making the most impact. 

The trend was seen at Saint Laurent shows as well as Wanda Nylon and is proving its staying power – it has been pretty popular the last few years, and never seems to fade!  There have been numerous attempts to differentiate the style and present it at multiple shows over the years, but this is one design that remains a perennial favorite. The design is all set to rule the roost this summer as well.

9. The Faux Fine Jewelry

Moschino started this trend with a fantastic illusion of 2D diamonds that launched the trend of Faux Fine Jewelry. These art-deco baroque designs are all set to capture the zeitgeist this summer, and grabbed the attention at all the major fashion events and more with their excellent presentation and strong sense of design crossed with clean cut elegance. 

These pieces were apparently inspired by the design thinking ethos spearheaded by companies like IDEO – a graceful combination of form and function. The designers have a fine sensibility and balance wherein they have played with minimalism and borderline gauche without overstepping.

10. Eclectic Styles

From ropes to bicycle chains to cigarette lighters and capsules – all appeared on the runway this season in a combination of objects that proved that the sum is indeed greater than the parts. The best styles were often the most bizarre in their eclecticism, and it was the everyday object nature of these designs that were highly appealing. 

These designs were showcased at some of the most high profile shows this season…from Wanda Nylon and Coach to Alexander Wang and Isable Maran, all the fashion shows had the mishmash appearing prominently on the runway. Jewelers would do well to keep an eye on these designs.

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11. The Jewelry UFOs

These are a blend of fashion and jewelry that have been making the rounds at all the major fashion events around the world. These designs are a hybrid of futuristic sci-fi influences and steampunk art-deco aesthetic, and the contrast they produce when they are merged together is scintillating in its tension. 

This trend has been in vogue lately, where a contrast is used to produce an original design that is equal parts original and old school in its approach. The design does not preclude nor compromise on function, but rather emphasizes usability with a high degree of interest on form.

12. The Crucifixes

Crucifixes are back in a big way with the introduction of this design at many events ranging from a Dolce and Gabbana show to the unorthodox styles at Fausto Puglisi. Medieval design combined with a penchant for stylish curves and Christian imagery, the Crucifix is quite potent in its approach to fashion. It’s a heady mix of religious iconography and a style statement. 

While not necessarily scandalous in approach, it does seem to have struck a chord with all the major fashionistas -jewelry designers would do well to take a leaf out of Dolce and Gabbana and think about bringing this little beauty in their stores!

13. Bangles

Jewelry styles are going Desi this year! Bangles made an appearance at major runways…and that means that stores need to have their inventories stocked up with jewelry once these little dazzlers hit the shelf. 

The stylish hand accessories have been lauded for their simplicity and rustic charm by major fashion and jewelry retailers. While they make a strong case for simplicity over complex design, they are also elegant and go well in the summer heat.

So! These are the 13 trends that are going to take the jewelry industry by storm in 2017. It would be a good idea for jewelry wholesale dealers to keep an eye out for these, and ensure that they are available because come Summer the demand for these styles will be shooting over the roof!

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