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Buy Inspirational Jewelry Wholesale, 925 Silver Jewelry by ELF925

Welcome to the wholesale inspirational jewelry collection by ELF925.  All inspirational jewelry items are made from genuine 925 silver including 925 silver charms, 925 silver rings, silver earrings, ear studs, sterling silver pendants, bracelets, and silver beads.  
If your clients are looking for jewelry in a variety of finishes such as oxidized silver jewellery, e-coat, rose gold plated and gold plated silver jewellery, then look no further than elf925 inspirational jewelry category.

As a global supplier of wholesale jewelry ELF925 offers both childrens and adults jewelry, please browse through the category and take advantage of FREE shipping on orders above $499 USD. 

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A sister’s love is for life, so celebrate it with this kids’ silver set. These sterling silver sister’s love set earrings are a stylish yet fun choice for your little one. The small part size and lightweight design of this piece of jewelry makes it an excellent choice of a gift for just about anyone. This lovely piece of jewelry is sure to become a bestseller in your stores, as customers will definitely come back for more.
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Give her your heart in the form of this sterling silver hanging lobster charm with crystals from Swarovski that will shine brightly in her necklaces. Whether it’s for a party or a more special occasion such as a wedding, you are sure to shine all day long when you wear this heart charm that comes in a light and dark option. This jewelry weighs just 0.4 grams and has a part size of 12 x 12 mm. Add this jewelry to your basket for the next order to make sure you’re never out of stock.
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Celebrate your friendship with this silver best friends necklace. This charming necklace will definitely complete any look so you can effortlessly become the star of the party. The small part size and lightweight design of this piece of jewelry makes it an excellent choice of a gift for just about anyone. This piece of sterling silver jewelry will be flying off the shelves, so be sure to stock up.
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Surprise your mother with this silver mother daughter necklace set that will show you just how much you love her. Add some immediate thrill to your outfits with this adorable piece of 925 sterling silver jewelry. The small part size and lightweight design make this piece of jewelry incredibly comfortable to wear all day. Avoid being out of stock no matter the season by ordering this jewelry in bulk.
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There is literally no better way to offer someone you love a smile than with this playful sterling silver salt and pepper best friends necklace set. This necklace set is the ideal choice of a gift for someone special in your life. The total silver weight of this piece of jewelry is 4.1 grams and the part size is 11 x 11 mm. The design of this sterling silver jewelry is sure to impress your customers.
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Embrace the chic look with this sterling silver love tag necklace that is bound to attract attention no matter where you go. You can easily mix and match this sterling silver love tag necklace to create a combination that works well with anything in your wardrobe and suits your mood every day. By having this jewelry in stock all the time, you are sure to increase your sales.
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An interesting piece of jewelry that works well on any occasion, this silver love charm with split ring will bring a touch of inspiration to your outfits. Add personality to any of your handmade bracelets with this lovely sterling silver love charm with split ring that is compatible with many branded bracelets. The jewelry weighs 1.7 grams and features a lovely red epoxy and silver combination. Add this piece of jewelry to your offer and watch your sales increase.
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Bring a dash of extra fashionable style to your outfits with this lovely silver princess charm with split ring. Made from 925 sterling silver and featuring a silver plated and e-coat finishing, this jewelry will have a wonderful effect on anyone you meet. With a total silver weight of 0.60 grams, this piece of 925 sterling silver jewelry has a length of 25 cm. Help your customers express their love for someone special with this piece of sterling silver jewelry.
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