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Get Ready For Game of Thrones Fever

By Rachel Taylor

One of the most surprising jewelry trends to emerge in the past few years was inspired by the global hit TV show Game of Thrones. With the sixth season of the show back on TV screens now, it might be time to get some dragon jewels and designs with gothic undertones at the ready.


Dragon Charm with Split Ring


The influence of the TV show and series of books has been phenomenal, and jewelry has been a popular medium for fans to pledge allegiance. Wedding rings have been made engraved with quotes from Game of Thrones – most notably “moon of my life, my sun and stars”; vows taken by characters Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo.


Moon and Star Ring with Genuine European Crystals


Another popular motif in Game of Thrones-inspired jewelry is dragons. For those who have not seen the show or read the books, dragons play a major role and are one of the most iconic images of the stories. Or for fans of characters from The North, jewels depicting wolves are popular – Direwolves are an important link to the Stark family.


Silver Wolf Necklace


Silver Wolf Earstuds

The general style vibe of the show is Medieval, so any jewels that look as though they could be made from blackened steel or set with rough-cut gems or strung on a leather thong can also tap into this trend. Bones, olde worlde symbols, or even swords and armor references will work too.


High Polish Surgical Steel Sword Necklace

While Game of Thrones won’t be a defining trend for the commercial jewelry industry this year, it is certainly a fun theme to play with. And for marketing purposes, it’s a great way to tap into what a lot of your customers will be talking about.

Embrace the hype by presenting a selection of jewels that could tap into this trend, and take to social media to jump right on the #gameofthrones hashtag, which at the time of writing (before the four-episode of season six aired) had already amassed more than 3.3 million mentions on Instagram alone.

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