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Childrens Silver Jewelry That You Need on Your Shelves

For any size retailer, stocking a good range of children’s silver jewelry is well worth doing. Strangely, young children and teenagers are a group of potential buyers that many retailers overlook, and do not actively target.

This is a shame because young consumers have quite a lot of disposable income available, which they will happily spend on jewelry. Most kids and teenagers get pocket money and cash for birthdays, and other important events in their lives. Teenagers have access to even more cash because they frequently take on part time work. These young consumers will happily spend their money with you, and will do so for years to come.

Sales of children’s silver jewelry are increasing across the world. As well as children buying more, their parents, and other relatives are increasingly buying it as gifts for them. People are now giving children’s silver earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants for birthdays, christenings, Bat Mitzvahs, Christmas, confirmation, and many other special occasions.

Ok, so now you know that the children’s sterling silver jewelry market is big, and growing, you probably want a piece of it.  So, the question is what kid’s jewelry should I be stocking, for 2016?

What items of kids jewelry will fly off the shelf, and make me the best profit?

You just need to read on to find out more, or speak with ELF925 Wholesale.

Colorful Sterling Silver Ear Studs for Kids

In most parts of the world children have their ears pierced, often as babies. As a result, one of the first pieces of jewelry many kids wear are ear studs. They love them. Many girls and quite a few boys own a box full of ear studs, so including some colorful ear studs in your range is a must at any time of the year.

For 2016, animal shapes are popular, but so is anything that features crystals.  Especially pale pink, purple and blue crystals, which blend in well with the colors that many clothes designers are currently using.

Photo of childrens colorful ear studs

Children’s Silver Plain Ear Studs

Normally, children go for colorful ear studs when buying for themselves. However, you should still include some plain ear studs in your collection because adults like to buy them.

Parents mostly choose plain ear studs for their babies and toddlers. Even those that opt to buy the colorful designs still like their kids to wear classic studs to attend formal occasions, or to wear to school. So, our advice is to always include a few plain ear studs in your range.

Children’s Sterling Silver Crystal Stud Earrings

At the moment, crystal jewelry is huge. We think it must be The Game of Thrones effect. Once again, the series has had an impact on the type of jewelry people are buying and now that season 6 is being shown worldwide we have seen an uplift in demand for children’s crystal ear studs.

In fact, anything in crystal is very popular. Moon, crescent and star motifs are also selling particularly well so far this year.

Children’s Silver Earrings

While we are on the subject of children’s silver earrings, we recommend including at least some shaped studs in your range. Children, especially the younger ones, love something a bit zany.

For example, our cupcake earrings are selling fast. At the end of the year, our Santa and Reindeer ones sell quickly. If there is a holiday, or other celebration, coming up in your country look through our shaped earrings range and choose some that will tempt your young clients and their parents at these special times of the year.

Sterling Silver Pendants for Children

Pendants have once again become popular with consumers of all ages. They are an easy way to finish off an outfit, and a great way for kids to let their personality shine through.

The best thing about the children’s silver pendants we sell is the price. They are inexpensive, so are a great pocket money item. Some of our clients tell us that they have little girls that come in and buy a pendant from them virtually every week.

Stocking attractive, yet affordable, items is a great way to turn young occasional shoppers into loyal clients that will continue to buy from you for the rest of their lives. Young boys do not wear pendants much, but they do love buying them as gifts for their mums, and when they are a bit older, for their girlfriends.

Silver animal pendants are always popular, especially for cats and dogs. Teddy bears are also timeless favorites.

photo of kids silver animal pendant

However, for 2016, kids are looking for something a bit different, the more unusual the better. For example, our weather-themed pendants have flown out of the door. Always try to stock something that is a bit more unusual, if you can. From our experience, offering something a little different is a good way to get people to come back and buy from you again and again.

We have over 300 items in our kids’ silver pendant range, so you are bound to find plenty that your particular type of young customer will like. By keeping track of TV shows, games and toys that are popular in your part of the world and looking for pendants that fit in with those themes you will be sure to sell a lot of children’s pendants.

Silver Necklaces for Children

If you want children to buy pendants from you, they need to have a chain to hang them on. For that reason, we stock a range of silver children’s necklaces.

These are simple silver chains in lengths ranging from 35cm to 40cm. Because the trend for 2016 is to wear the pendant quite high on the neck, most are 35cms in length. We also stock a few chain only lines.

Silver Rings That Children will Love

Children’s rings are huge for 2016, the more the better. Wearing more than one ring on each finger is becoming very popular in many parts of the world. For this reason, our rings with the thinnest bands are moving particularly fast.

Adjustable children’s rings are also a popular choice with consumers. Therefore, it is always a good idea to include some of those in your range.

Crystal rings are also proving popular, and for some reason that escapes us, ladybirds are big this year. Our dragonfly range is also selling well, so these are a good buy at the moment.

Image of children silver ring

Stylish Silver Bracelets for Children

Bracelets are another great item to stock for your younger clients. The trend is to buy lots of thin silver bracelets and wear them together.

Enameled and colored bracelets are particularly popular in 2016. Pastel colors are best because they fit in with the color palette being used by fashion designers at the moment. Children, like their parents, are looking for something little different, so crystal bracelets are a good line to stock.

If you are just starting to sell children’s jewelry our recommendation is to start by stocking bracelets that feature animals, hearts, flowers or stars. These shapes are timeless, so are always popular with children or adults who are buying for them.

Photo silver dolphin bracelet

Children’s Silver Jewelry Sets

Children are interesting customers. They definitely think a little differently from adults. When it comes to jewelry, an adult is not going to be particularly interested in buying a set of matched items, whereas a child is going to be very tempted by a silver jewelry set.

They see it as a bargain and love the fact they can change their earrings every five minutes. Children love to play dress-up, so having a choice of three sets of earrings to wear is great for them.

If you are not yet stocking children’s silver jewelry, we urge you to consider doing so. It is a big market that has good potential for profit both now and in the long term.

Our range of children’s sterling silver jewelry is updated on a regular basis. So, please take a look now, and select some lines to sell now. Then keep coming back to find something new and interesting for your young customers, and their parents to enjoy.

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