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Buy Silver Beads & Bead Bracelets Wholesale

ELF925 offers a wide range of sterling silver beads for bracelets that suit all ages and tastes. All our silver jewelry beads are made from high quality 925 silver, with many featuring Cubic Zirconia, Preciosa crystals and Austrian crystals. Whether you’re searching for plain jewelry beads, jeweled beads or bead bracelets, you’ll find them in our online store. Our wholesale jewelry beads are popular with wholesale buyers as we provide many designs and we update the collection on a daily basis.  Buy ELF925 sterling silver beads online today and benefit for genuine wholesale pricing and free international shipping on orders over $499.

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This stunning and intriguing silver flower bead with opal is versatile and it suits just about any occasion. The perfect gift for someone who means a lot to you, this sterling silver flower bead with opal is also a good choice for treating yourself. This piece of sterling silver jewelry weighs 1.55 grams and has a part size of 12 x 12 mm. Make sure you always have this item in stock by taking advantage of our wholesale orders.
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Fire Snow Pacific Blue
Fire Snow
Pacific Blue
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Sparkling with the power of a single large stone, this piece of sterling's sterling silver jewelry is bound to become your new favorite. This elegant piece works well alone or in combination with other pieces of 925 sterling silver jewelry in your collection. The part size of this jewelry is 8 x 10 mm and the total silver weight is 1.55 grams. This is that kind of item that will fly off the shelves, so make sure you stock up.
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Enliven your wardrobe by adding this adorable silver dog bead with cubic zirconia that will certainly attract comments from your friends and family. Wear it on its on or with other pieces of sterling jewelry for a coordinated effect. This 925 sterling silver piece is a perfect compliment for most of the other pieces of jewelry in your collection. Be sure to impress your customers by adding this piece of jewelry to your offer.
$3.55 $5.92
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Everyone will compliment you when you wear this silver horseshoe bead with cubic zirconia that make the perfect companion for any occasion. Whether you decide to wear this lovely bead at a formal or casual event, you can be sure you’ll attract lots of attention. Wear it on its on or with other pieces of sterling jewelry for a coordinated effect. This lovely piece of 925 sterling silver jewelry will definitely become a bestseller, so stock up on your next wholesale order.
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It’s really difficult to take your eyes away from this silver snowflake bead with cubic zirconia that can become one of your favorite jewelry pieces. Designed from 925 sterling silver, this is also the perfect present for someone you love. The total silver weight of this piece of jewelry is 1.20 grams for comfortable wear. Take advantage of our great wholesale offers in order to provide your customers with this lovely piece of 925 sterling silver jewelry.
$2.78 $4.64
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Picture yourself by the beautiful blue sea every time you wear this silver anchor bead with cubic zirconia that works well with most bracelets. The high polish finish of this 925 sterling silver jewelry creates lasting beauty that is sure to be appreciated no matter the occasion. This is one of those items that should never miss from stock, so add it to the wish list for your next bulk order.
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The high polish finish of this silver snowflake bead lends added shine that is sure to attract attention no matter where you go. This piece of sterling silver jewelry weighs 1.75 grams and has a part size of 12 x 12 mm. The lightweight design of this jewelry makes for extra comfortable wear. Featuring 925 sterling silver with a glossy finish, this jewelry makes a beautiful gift, so make sure you have them in stock.
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Give any of your outfits a fashionable boost with this stylish silver ballet shoes bead with crystal. The high polish finish of this piece of jewelry makes it perfect for those moments when you want to shine. The lightweight design of this piece of silver jewelry lets you wear it in comfort all day long. Available for bulk orders at wholesale prices, this lovely jewelry should not miss from your stock.
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Crystal Rose
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This charming silver bead has a baby carriage design with a band of light pink crystals.
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This jewelry will certainly become one of the favorite accessories in your collection, so have it ready to wear whenever you want to stand out from the crowd. The small size and lightweight design of this jewelry lends it a delicate touch. Wear this jewelry on its own or in combination with other sterling silver pieces for a coordinated look. This sterling silver jewelry is available for bulk orders so you can easily stock up and keep your customers happy.
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Leather Bead Bracelet with Silver Lock
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Leather Bead Bracelet with Silver Lock
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Display your faith in a way that makes you very fashionable at the same time with this silver hanging cross bead with cubic zirconia. Measuring 6 x 7 mm and weighing 1.8 grams, this cross features six stones in a stunning handmade prong and bezel setting for an extra dash of style. Order this beautiful silver piece in bulk so you can have them at hand when customers come back for more.
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