Christmas Jewelry a Wholesale Guide to the Holiday Season

Christmas Jewelry a Wholesale Guide to the Holiday Season

Make Ordering Easy With Our Amazing Christmas Jewelry Pieces

The Christmas season is one of the best times of the year to be a jewelry retailer. People are buying plenty of gifts and spending significant money.

Not only do people buy beautiful jewelry for their daughters, sisters, mothers and significant others … they buy fun Christmas jewelry for just about everyone.

That makes your life as a jewelry retailer rather easy. You can stock your regular year- round pieces (in larger quantities for the holiday rush) and also buy various seasonal pieces just for the Christmas season.

It’s a win-win. The worst move you could make would be to buy not ENOUGH jewelry for the super busy holiday season!

How Much Jewelry Should You Stock For The Christmas Season?

But just HOW much extra jewelry should you be stocking compared to the rest of the year?

If you’ve been in business a while, and you’ve been keeping track of your sales records, you probably have a good ballpark idea.

However, what if you are a new retailer?

Let’s turn to the e-commerce jewelry store, The Little Things In Life. How does their Christmas season compare to the rest of the year?

In an article on the blog, Marketing Donut, Peter and Angela Bishop, the founders of The Little Things In Life, share their approach:

“The Christmas season is the most important time of year by far,” says Peter. “It starts getting busy in October and really takes off in November.

We sell about three times as much in the run-up to Christmas compared to the rest of the year. We’re packing and dispatching goods from early in the morning to late at night.”

When Should You Be Placing Orders?

As Peter Bishop noted, sales for Christmas start as early as October – as in, RIGHT NOW.

With that in mind, NOW is the time you should be placing your orders for the Christmas season.

To help make your life easier, we’ve prepared a buying guide with jewelry that is sure to sell during the holidays.

Some of this jewelry is timeless and a year-round seller, while other jewelry is specifically for the Christmas season.

When placing orders, be sure to put a priority on the “classics.”  While fun Christmas jewelry sells, it only sells during the holidays. That means if you buy too much of it, you’ll have to wait a whole year to return a profit on your investment.

With the classic, year-round sellers, you really can’t buy too much – even if customers don’t buy these pieces during the insane holiday rush, they’ll continue buying them throughout the rest of the year.

Timeless Pieces….

Our definition of  “timeless pieces” is jewelry that will sell year-round. For one reason or another, they have universal appeal.

However, it is MORE important to stock up on timeless pieces during Christmas than it is to stock up on specific Christmas-themed jewelry.

We’ll put it this way … your customers might be a bit disappointed if they can’t buy a Santa necklace for Christmas, but they won’t be too upset.

However, if they visit your store on December 19, and you’re completely sold out of sterling silver necklaces … they might never come back.

In other words, the timeless pieces are your fundamentals. Make sure you have plenty of them before November hits!

As we said earlier, you’re going to sell the bulk of your YEARLY jewelry stock during the Christmas season, so trying to “cut costs” on inventory during the holidays is an extremely counterproductive move.

45cm Silver Cable Chain


What could be more timeless than a sterling silver chain?

Either gender can wear this piece and it goes with almost any outfit or pendant.

This necklace is your “bread and butter” jewelry you want to keep in stock at all times.

Silver Moon Necklace with Cubic Zirconia

Switching it up a bit, we have this radiant moon necklace that has cubic zirconia within the cleft of the moon.

The golden hue gives this piece a warmth that your customers will feel magnetically attracted to.

Silver Hearts Necklace

Hearts are always a popular piece, especially before large holidays such as Christmas when your customers will be buying gifts for their romantic partners.

The triple hues of this necklace make it much more distinctive than your average “heart” jewelry.

Silver 17mm Wide Ear Hoops

These silver ear hoops are an interesting blend of “in your face” and “classy refinement.”

The size of these hoops makes them stand out, but their subtle and elegant design means they don’t stand out in a garish way.

Silver Harmony’s: Silver Sunflower Plain Earrings


These sunflower earrings are like a bit of “sun” to brighten up your customers’ winter.

Many men will be drawn to buying these for their girlfriends or wives, as they are a relatively simple design that shows their appreciation for their partner.

Silver Wave Ear Studs

At Elf925, we have a LOT of stellar pieces available.

However, with that being said, these silver flowing water earrings are one of our favorites.

They are so elegant and aqueous that you feel more “in the flow” of life just by looking at them.

Imagine how your customers will feel wearing them!

Silver Teardrop Earrings with Cubic Zirconia and Pearl


Continuing with the water theme, we have a more structured piece with these silver teardrop earrings.

The pearl in the bottom of the teardrop speaks of treasure and beauty and the cubic zirconia adds a bit of flash.

Christmas Pieces

Ahhh, now we get to the fun pieces!

Many of the jewelry pieces in this section can be used both as fashion and as home decoration. Specifically, the beads can make great Christmas ornaments and if you’re a savvy seller, you’ll market them as such.

You can give customers a bold idea of this by decorating your jewelry store with various Christmas beads.

Otherwise, these Santas, reindeer and Christmas trees will be popular with families and couples who are a bit playful with their gifts. Most couples will most likely buy more “romantic” jewelry for each other.

We give you this information so you can make a bigger profit this season. Think: Are your customers mostly young professional couples or mostly family guys and gals?

Adjust your ordering patterns of jewelry accordingly!

Silver Christmas Tree Ear Studs

These silver Christmas tree studs are a safe and fun way for your customers to explore the holiday season.

Since these tree ear studs are uncolored and relatively small, you can be confident even your most conservative customers will “join the festivities” and buy these earrings.

Children’s Silver Angel Necklace with Cubic Zirconia

This silver angel necklace has a bit of pink color making all the difference in the world.

The design is perfect for children, as adults would probably prefer a more “classy” angel.

However, parents are sure to select this piece for their younger daughters once December arrives.

Silver Snowflake Necklace


Again, with a more conservative piece, this crystalline snowflake necklace is gorgeous in sterling silver.

It’s said that every snowflake is unique, and your customers will feel that way when they open this on Christmas Day.

Silver Christmas Tree Bead with Cubic Zirconia

This bead is super fun and has several colorful crystals embedded in it.

What’s awesome for you and your customers is you can use this both as a piece of jewelry or as a piece of Christmas decoration on a tree.

You could even run a long strand of wire with a bunch of assorted beads along a fireplace mantle or a railing.

Children’s Silver Gingerbread Man Earrings with Crystal and Epoxy

Run, run as fast as you can – it’s the Gingerbread Man!

These earrings are so festive and colorful that it’s hard to be in a bad mood when you look at them.

Imagine a kind grandmother baking Christmas cookies wearing these earrings … doesn’t that get you into the holiday mood?

Children’s Silver Ear Hoop with Hanging Santa Claus and Epoxy

Santa Claus is perhaps the most iconic symbol of Christmas there is.

That’s why these silver Santa earrings with Epoxy color are one of THE BEST pieces you could stock.

People know Santa. People love Santa. People buy Santa.

Enough said!

Silver Christmas Tree Bead with Cubic Zirconia


This is another great Christmas tree bead, this time with no color but cubic zirconia.

It’s a good idea to stock a bunch of different beads together in one area and to give your customers the idea to decorate their house with them.

It would be smart to sell stainless steel wire or other material customers can use to string these beads with as well.

Silver Reindeer Necklace


Ho ho ho! If Santa is the centerpiece of Christmas, then the reindeer are the foundation.

Without them, nobody’s getting their gifts!

And for your jewelry selling, this necklace makes a great gift to be given to virtually anyone in the holiday season.

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