12 Brilliant Sterling Silver Pendants Your Customers Will Love

12 Brilliant Sterling Silver Pendants Your Customers Will Love

Give Your Customers Plenty of Choices for Higher Profits

As a jewelry retailer, pendants are one of your mainstays for making a nice profit, especially with the younger crowd.

While older and/or more conservative customers will prefer plain necklaces and earrings, younger and/or more adventurous customers will enjoy the self-expression and variety of pendants provide.

If you cater to this need for self-expression, you’ll find that you can sell A LOT more jewelry than you would be able to otherwise.

Think about it like this: Many men, and some women, may only own one necklace (if the men own jewelry at all).

They’re not likely to buy a bunch of different necklaces because, frankly, there are only so many different ways you can wear a necklace.

Basically, you get to choose:

  • Length (small, medium, long)
  • Material (sterling silver, platinum, gold, stainless steel)
  • Design (Cuban links, thin braid, etc.)

And that’s about it.

With pendants, you have an infinite amount of choices. There are so many different designs that one could own 3 necklaces and 30 pendants to switch out.

The point of all this is to say – if you’re a savvy jewelry retailer, you’ll carry a lot of different pendants since you’ll be catering to your customers’ desire to keep buying jewelry in different styles.

Now, we are going to get into the main body of this article where we will show you 12 different pendant designs we offer at Elf925.com. Of course, we offer many, many more designs than highlighted in this article. Below are samples of what we offer.

All of these pendants are made from high-quality sterling silver jewelry. There are 4 categories of pendants we offer:

  1. Plain pendants
  2. Crystal pendants
  3. Cubic zirconia pendants
  4. Semiprecious pendants

Let’s get into the examples for each category.

Silver Pendants

Sometimes simple is best, especially when the materials used are high-quality.

Just think of Italian cooking: simple dishes with 3-4 ingredients that taste absolutely amazing.

The same goes for jewelry – at least the sterling silver jewelry at Elf925. Pick up these classic designs and your customers will love you for it.

Silver Tree Pendant


Trees create feelings of nature, growth and harmony. They appeal to those of us who long for a simpler time with fewer machines and technology.

They also appeal to people who practice yoga, hike, meditate, garden or any other outdoor-related activities.

This silver tree piece is simple but has enough detail to give a sense of elegance. The etched designs will stand out even from a distance, making this small pendant a subtle but distinctive piece of jewelry.

Silver “Harmony” Pendant


What does harmony mean to your customers? It means balance, accepting the way things are, being happy and letting go of that which we can’t control.

This piece, with the word “harmony” in the center of a sterling silver heart, can also appeal to customers who are musicians or who enjoy listening to music.

Harmony comes from a sense of many pieces fitting together in a good way, and your retail jewelry section will benefit from having this simple and clean piece displayed in it.

Silver Four-Leaf Clover Pendant with Epoxy


Switching things up a bit, we have a colored four-leaf clover pendant with a bit of an epoxy design.

This piece benefits from having both a seasonal holiday associated with it (St. Patrick’s Day) as well as an entire nationality (the Irish!).

On St. Patrick’s Day, people love to wear jewelry and green makeup, so this piece is sure to sell right before the big day.

Fans of the American football team Notre Dame may also be interested in this vintage four-leaf clover design.

Your strategy: Stock up on this piece before St. Patrick’s Day and sell the excess during the rest of the year to Irish and fans of the Fighting Irish!

Silver USA Flag Pendant


People love the idea of jewelry that shows their national pride, no matter where they are from.

That’s why this red, white and blue flag pendant is such a good choice if you have American customers.

Americans, in particular, are quite proud of their country and love representing it with their fashion.

Your best bet is to stock up on this piece right before the elections and ESPECIALLY before July 4th, the American holiday celebrating their independence from Britain.

Crystal Pendants

Crystal pendants are a bit different than plain sterling silver. They say, “I’m mature, I’m a bit flashier and I’m not afraid to show it.”

In other words, these designs stand out a bit more and they’re more distinctive.


Silver Teardrop Pendant with Crystal


This piece is gorgeous and seductive. A black teardrop pendant with white crystals embedded on the design, it is both subtle and flashy at the same time.

You can mark up a piece like this quite a bit more than other ones simply because of its unique design.

Put this piece next to other jewelry meant for “going out on the town” and you’ll sell many of these pendants.

Silver Round Pendant with Cubic Zirconia

This round pendant piece with silver is a little more dignified than the other pieces we’ve seen so far. It has poise, flair and culture.

This piece would look amazing with cubic zirconia earrings, so consider stocking some of them right next to this pendant and perhaps give a discount if customers buy the “set.”

Stock up on this romantic piece before Valentine’s Day and Christmas as that’s when a lot of customers will be buying this style.

Silver Circle Pendant with Crystal


This delightful and sparkling silver circle pendant with crystals speaks to the themes of water and fluidity.

You could stock this next to the zodiac signs of Aquarius and Pisces for maximum effect. Customers who enjoy the zodiac signs will be happy you’ve considered the “theme” of their signs and offered them this piece accordingly.

This pendant also goes well with a cool blue dress, so if you sell clothing as well as jewelry consider that pairing.

Silver Cross Pendant with Cubic Zirconia

Crosses, due to their religious connotation, have always been strong sellers in the jewelry world.

Today, crosses don’t necessarily have a religious context, but people still buy them in droves.

This cross seems a bit less religious, as it’s flashy and sassy with the crystals in the design. It speaks of fun and even a bit of a flirtatious nature.

Place this cross pendant next to a few sterling silver bracelets that are equally fun and flirty and you’ve got a winning combo.

Cubic Zirconia Pendants

Cubic zirconia is a diamond-like substance your younger customers will love, as it looks similar to a diamond, without the cost.

As Jewelry Info Place says in an article titled “What Is Cubic Zirconia?”:

“Cubic zirconia (also known as CZ) is similar to a diamond with its brilliance and crystal clarity, but it is a synthesized (man-made) crystalline material that is colorless, hard and flawless. It looks so much like a diamond; it is an affordable alternative to diamonds. It can be made in different colors to simulate the different colors of a diamond.

Cubic zirconia started being produced in 1976 because of its diamond-like qualities, low cost and overall durability.”

Silver Spiral Pendant

This intriguing silver spiral design evokes themes of mystery, intrigue and a bit of romance. The cubic zirconia adds a bit of edge and flashiness to the design, making this piece ideal for the younger crowd.

Your customers’ eyes will be drawn from the outside in as this spiral collapses – this is a year-round seller.

Silver Love Cocktail Cake Pendant with Cubic Zirconia


What a fun piece!

You have all the “necessities” of life: cocktails, cake and LOVE!

This is a great pendant if you operate in a more touristy/party-oriented area. Customers looking for a fun, short vacation with plenty of drinking and time with friends will love this kind of piece.

For example, if you are at a beach or island location, you should definitely stock up on this item.

Silver Hamsa Hand Pendant with Cubic Zirconia


The Hamsa is a Middle Eastern design that symbolizes the hand of God. It is a protective sign that will go well if you have a jewelry store in a Muslim community or an area with a variety of religious faiths – such as a shop in a big city.

Put this piece in a section next to the crosses and other religious icons and your customers will be happy!

Silver “21” Pendant with Cubic Zirconia


Is there any birthday more important for Americans than the 21st?

Doubtful. Yes, there are “Sweet 16” parties – but compared to a person’s 21st birthday, they are like small get-togethers.

21st birthday parties are more like big bashes and people love to commemorate them. You can help by offering your customers this classy and fun “21” pendant to give to their friend or significant other.

Put this piece in the “party-oriented” jewelry section for the best results!

Semiprecious Pendants

Semiprecious pendants are similar to cubic zirconia. They are not as expensive as precious gemstones, and yet they can look 99% as good at a fraction of the cost.

These pendants make great birthday or anniversary gifts, meaning they are year-round sellers in addition to some of the more seasonal items.

Silver Love with Real Diamond Pendant


While this piece WILL sell year-round, you should definitely stock up on it prior to Valentine’s Day.

A silver “Love” piece with a diamond in it is completely designed for such a romantic holiday, and your customers will agree.

Silver Flower Pendant with Cubic Zirconia

This understated, classy piece is still fun due to the flower design.

With a gemstone in the middle as the center of the flower, eyes are drawn to this piece in a subtle way.

Silver Star Pendant

This magnificent silver star with a genuine diamond in the middle combines the best of two worlds.

You have the star, which inspires ideas of following your dreams, the night sky and the moon.

Then you have the diamond, giving elegance and timelessness to the piece.

Silver Ribbon Pendant

This flirtatious piece has a small silver ribbon with an amethyst gemstone in the center.

It gleams with brilliance and while the piece is small, it says, “Look at me!”

This pendant is a great piece for the younger crowd.

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