Valentine's Day Jewelry: Gift Ideas To Impress Your Clients

Valentine’s Day Jewelry: Gift Ideas To Impress Your Clients

February, the coldest and most miserable month of the year in many places, is made brighter for many by Valentine’s Day.

It’s a holiday that some people love and some people hate. Whether you love or hate it usually depends on relationship status and your past experiences. Those who are in romantic relationships will hope to make it a special day for their special someone. You are in a position to help your customers do just that through your jewelry store!

Will you be prepared with the right trends and inventory in your store? Will your customers find what they are looking for?

Historically, Valentine’s Day was a festival celebrating fertility, and later was named after Saint Valentine. In the 14th century when courtly love became a tradition, people began exchanging gifts or chocolate, love letters, and jewelry.

Since jewelry is a traditional gift, your marketing can include images of love letters, perhaps you can offer Hershey Kisses to your customers in the store or include them in the packaging of your jewelry. There is a lot of imagery to work with.

Of course, hearts and the color red (passion) are obvious choices for Valentine’s Day. Although you may think that hearts are cliche for Valentine’s Day, this is not so.


Many people sign their letters with hearts, and young lovers still doodle the name of their crush with hearts.

The heart as an organ in the body scientifically has a very strong magnetic field. Broken hearts actually are physically painful in the chest area, and love is a feeling that we primarily feel in the heart space when we really tune in. It’s not just a Valentine’s Day myth!

Take advantage of this knowledge while you are marketing and selling your pieces for Valentine’s Day. Perhaps you can strike up a conversation about this universal symbol with your customers.

When you are helping your customers choose a gift, how do you approach the conversation?

Listening will be at the heart of your side of the conversation. Asking questions to get an idea of what this experience is like for your customer will create a relationship of trust between you, as many people feel closer through sharing.

It will be important to ask about their relationship. What they plan to buy may depend on how long they have been in a relationship. For example, someone in a shorter relationship may not want to buy a flashy gift, or maybe they do.

Perhaps some people who come in will be completely lost as a Valentine’s Day shopper and you are there to guide them.

Find out what they have in mind and the nature of their relationship before you make your recommendations. You may also choose to stock up on a certain design to prepare for last-minute shoppers.

Here are some perfect on-trend Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your customers this year:

  1. Circle Heart Stud Earrings

These silver heart stud earrings are a good go-to gift for any woman. The circle shape makes them a classic choice. Circles and hearts are both symbolic of love and oneness. The cutout design makes these unique and simple at the same time.

  1. Semi-Precious Heart-Shaped Earring Studs

These earrings are a special gift for a special someone. With the heart shape gem and a choice between six semiprecious stones, your customer can choose what will be symbolic for his partner or relationship.

These earrings are available in black onyx, amethyst, citrine, peridot, smokey topaz, and white topaz. Each of these crystals has its own unique properties which may be appealing to your customers.

Those crystal properties and characteristics could be a selling point for your customers, so be ready to explain these with our guide to crystal properties.

Black onyx is a stone of protection and transmutes negative energy. Amethyst is the stone of St. Valentine and symbolizes love and connection with the divine. Citrine symbolizes prosperity and personal power. Peridot helps the wearer bring more joy and happiness into their life. Smokey topaz is protective and grounding and also known to be good luck! White topaz is known to amplify energy and improve mental clarity.

  1. Arrow and heart studs

Mismatched earrings have been trending in jewelry for about two years, and they aren’t going anywhere. Since many women have more than two ear piercings, it is common for women to wear mismatched earrings with different symbols, and these studs are a fun addition to her collection.

These symbolic studs are a reminder of Cupid, the god of desire in classical mythology. Read more about him in our guide to the symbols of love in jewelry here [CTA] He is often portrayed in Valentine’s Day literature as he shoots his arrow to strike people with love in their hearts. (

  1. Heart bracelet

A simple yet sparkly bracelet could be a great choice. Bracelets are lovely because the wearer can see it while wearing it and can be reminded of who it came from. This one add glitz and can be combined with other bracelets in a stacking style, or worn alone for an elegant look.

  1. Stacking LOVE ring

Stacking rings have been trending, and this “love” ring is a perfect sentimental addition to a woman’s jewelry collection, which you can see in the popular New York City Catbird line by Rony Vardi and Leigh Plessner.

The ring has the potential to fit in with a woman’s current set of stacking rings and can be matched with other dainty silver ring sets. Also, it is reversible because it says “love” on one side and has a heart on the other side. She can choose which side would be facing out.

A ring is an ideal piece of jewelry to give to a woman because she can see it. Although many women wear necklaces and earrings, jewelry that adorns the wrists and fingers is more visible to the wearer.

To some customers, the thought of giving the gift of a ring may come with connotations, so this is something to consider when you are discussing your customer’s preferences and intentions.

  1. CZ earrings

These beautiful cubic zirconia earrings have the look of pave diamonds, with a rich and elegant feel. They are great for a bit of bling in a woman’s usual work or day-to-day uniform, making her feel special.

  1. Layering Bar Necklace

This simple bar necklace has a cute little heart detail that is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Every woman needs a simple and basic staple necklace for daily wear, and this bar necklace with the heart detail is a great Valentine’s Day gift idea because the hearts will remind her of her sweetie. This is the kind of “unfussy jewelry” in W Magazine that a busy and stylish woman would love.

It also looks great layered with other silver necklaces for more bling.

  1. Delicate Bracelet with Sparkle

With the sparkle of Cubic Zirconia, this delicate bracelet is for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day. Imagine sitting at a romantic dinner and gifting a jewelry box with this stunning piece.

This bracelet looks elegant alone and can be combined with her other silver bracelets for a layered look.

  1. Inline heart necklace

Another necklace for every day, this piece would be a great for someone in a new relationship. It says “I love you” and is not over the top with sparkles.

The inline charm trend is popular at the moment and also looks great layered with other silver necklaces, like the bar necklace, as Jewelry Insider might suggest.


  1. Bangle Charm Bracelet or Classic Charm Bracelet


A charm bracelet is a wonderful and classic gift for a relationship with longevity. A charm bracelet says “I want to create memories with you.”

For each milestone the couple has, they can add a charm to this sentimental piece. It will also keep your customer coming back to you for charms to add to the bracelet.

Charm bracelets started out as a totem to ward off evil spirits, bring good fortune, and bring protection in battle. Queen Victoria began wearing them in the 1800s and they became a trend in the European noble class.(

The bangle charm bracelet has been trending in the fashion world for the past several years, and conversely, the plain chain charm bracelet is a timeless choice.

  1. Tiffany-style heart earrings

Everyone loves that little blue box, and not everyone has the wallet for Tiffany. These open heart stud earrings are in the classic Tiffany heart style which never goes out of style. With high-quality stainless steel as the metal, she will never have issues with nickel or lead irritation, as you might find with other Tiffany-style copy-cat designs.

These are only a few of the hundreds of jewelry pieces that we have on our site to help you stock your jewelry store and assist your customers with gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

There are many symbols of love beyond the heart and the color red that you can read about and discuss with your customers using the opt-in gift here.

We would love to help you with stocking your store for Valentine’s Day this year with our wide selection of love-themed jewelry.

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