Rose Gold Plated Jewelry Your Clients Will Love

Rose Gold Plated Jewelry Your Clients Will Love

Rose gold-plated jewelry has been trending for the past year and customers are willing to mix different types of metal in their jewelry.

In the past, most people had a strong preference for either gold or silver based on their skin tone and style. It was considered a faux-pas to mix silver and gold, but now the “rules” are changing and mixing and matching works.

Since rose gold is a more romantic and vintage-inspired color, it looks like a combination of yellow gold and sterling silver with a hint of blushy copper alloy. This precious metal looks absolutely gorgeous when stacked alone, or is mixed with other metals.

While rose gold has tones of coppers and romantic pinks, yellow gold has a yellow hue which does not complement all skin tones.

Most women choose either gold or silver based on their skin tone. Yellow gold and silver both create a sharp contrast against the skin. However rose gold is much softer and accentuates blush undertones of the skin.

Gold is quite a bit more expensive than silver, customers look for pure silver metals that are plated with rose gold. These can include sterling silver or surgical steel metals, because they pure and do not cause skin reactions, or infect pierced ears.

Here are some vintage-inspired yet modern rose gold pieces that your customers will love.

  1. Silver Round Ring with Cubic Zirconia

This ring has a definite vintage-inspired look with an elegant and classic look that mimics a pavé cushion design, which @VintageDesigns would appreciate []. The stones are set closely together in a cluster in order to capture light and create the look of being covered in diamonds.

The word pavé comes from the French word “paved,” and this style of jewelry carries the name because it looks like the surface has been paved with stones, with brilliance and glittering sparkle.

  1. Rose Gold Jeweled Surgical Steel Flexible Ring

Cable is a bold and sophisticated look with the rose gold tones and four cubic zirconia stones set flawlessly in a line. This design is inspired by Alor jewelry designs, perfect for a sophisticated woman with impeccable taste.

3. Silver Love Ear Studs

These cutesy rose gold studs are great for a young woman with multiple piercings. She can add these to her collection and wear in her second earring hole to remind her to be full of love.

  1. Silver Round Pendant with Cubic Zirconia

Another vintage inspired piece, this heirloom-quality piece is something classic that your customers will treasure. It can dress up a jeans and t-shirt outfit and make her feel like a queen, or it can match with a cocktail dress at a black tie wedding.

With its versatility, this is one of those pieces that every woman would love to add to her jewelry collection, and we think that Crystal Shadow would agree!

  1. Silver Infinity Ring with Cubic Zirconia

This ring featuring the infinity sign symbolizes eternity and everlasting love. It is associated with the mystic image of a snake eating its tail, and also with the idea of karma.

Depending on your customer, this symbol could have many meanings and is trending in popular culture and jewelry design. The delicate shimmer of the cubic zirconia will add extra brilliance. This piece is also great for adding to the stacking ring trend.

  1. Silver Key Necklace with Crystal

The key has always been considered a lucky talisman and was used as an amulet in many cultures. A key can symbolize opening up to new ideas and opportunities. The delicate detail on this key necklace is feminine, and the black crystal adds something special to the design.

This could be a symbolic gift.

  1. Wholesale Silver Knot Ear Studs

The knot earrings are a timeless design that has been around for decades. This is a piece that women need in their jewelry collections, and for that reason, makes a great gift, especially for the stumped gift-giver.

The simple design is great for work and everyday occasions, and the earrings have a sterling silver base with rose gold plating.

  1. Silver Round Necklace

The mandala or flower design in this simple necklace has beautiful detail. The detailed circle rests over the silver circle to create contrast and boldness. This modern and unique design is a beautiful complement to any outfit and is a simple piece that can be worn every day.

  1. Wholesale Silver Snowflake Inline Jeweled Necklace

The silver snowflake is perfect for someone who lives in a place with four seasons and loves sitting by the fire during a snowstorm. If she is a snow bunny who loves being cozy and dreams of ski mountains covered in snow, white christmases, and hot chocolate and a great book or movie after a cold day outdoors, this is the perfect necklace for her.

The pavé cubic zirconia on the snowflake resembles the sparkle of a fresh dusting of snow dazzling in the sunlight, and makes this a special piece a snow bunny woman.

  1. Wholesale Silver V Inline Necklace

The aztec and tribal prints have been trending for about a year, and many jewelry designs feature triangles as a nod to these designs. Read our guide to the trending rose gold pieces to be in the know [opt in].

The triangle is the strongest shape for structures and the number three is connected to the characteristic of wisdom.

The downward facing triangle signifies grounding and connection with the earth and is also one of the oldest symbols of the divine feminine.

This piece is simple, yet symbolic for the woman who knows the symbolism, or not. As the store owner, you can choose to call out the symbolism of this piece or not.

  1. Silver Round Ear Studs with Cubic Zirconia

These glamorous earrings are for a special occasion or they could be the perfect way to dress up a casual outfit. The design is a nod to the style of the 20s and add a bold sparkle to any outfit. A woman with style and elegance would love these!

The exquisite pavé stones are alluring and can make her feel like royalty as they catch the light and add brilliance to her demeanor.

  1. Silver Geometric Ring with Cubic Zirconia

This style has the optical illusion that the rings are stacked together like stacking rings, but actually they are conveniently connected. This two-in-one ring is a perfect hip and trendy addition to her jewelry box for every day. Read our guide to trending rose gold jewelry to find out what else is trending in the fashion world [CTA].

  1. Rose Gold Surgical Steel Snake Ear Studs

The snake symbol is popular at the moment because it symbolizes creativity, healing and transformation. Much like the symbol of the butterfly (where the caterpillar transforms in to a beautiful butterfly), the snake also transforms as it sheds its skin. Many women have more than one set of ear piercings and enjoy adding a different stud earring symbol to her ear piercings. These snake studs work great.

  1. Rose Gold Surgical Steel Love Ear Studs

Another great option for a woman with more than one set of ear piercings, these Love studs make a statement with a nod to the 1990s hiphop style.

  1. Silver Heart Ear Studs with Crystal

These beautiful rose gold heart earrings have a simple but bold sparkle with a  gorgeous peach crystal that captures the light.

  1. Silver Square Pendant with Cubic Zirconia

This beautiful pendant creates an air of glamor and has the look of an heirloom with the pavé setting of the cubic zirconia. The rose gold and the stones go together perfectly with the vintage feel. This is a special gift for an older woman in her 40s or 50s with a queenly look, making her feel luxurious and special with the brilliant sparkle. A perfect chain for this pendant would be about 11 inches long.

  1. Silver Tear Drop Pendant with Cubic Zirconia and Pearl

The combination of a flawless freshwater pearl and handsome glossy cubic zirconia stones with intriguing matrix creates a vintage look in this necklace fit for a queen.

She’ll put on her lipstick with this beautiful piece and she will look like royalty with this graceful and pleasing piece fit to pass down through generations as an heirloom.

  1. Silver Square Ear Studs with Cubic Zirconia and Pearl

These earrings match perfectly with the pendant above in a luxurious and boldly glamorous combination.

  1. Silver Infinity Inline Bracelet with Cubic Zirconia

The bracelet is great for stacking with cuffs and different kinds of chain bracelets with its beautiful CZ sparkle and charming beauty.

  1. Wholesale Plain Silver Heart Inline Necklace

The bar necklace is a definite trend in the fashion world, with celebrities wearing the bar necklace and setting the trend. This unique necklace has hearts in the bar which is a perfect small detail to set it apart from other styles.

  1. 40mm Rose Gold Surgical Steel Hoops

Rose gold hoops are a must-have, and dress up any outfit. A woman wearing rose gold hoops with her hair down is irresistible and magnetic with a confident quality. These are a great addition to any jewelry collection and a great gift for the stumped gift-giver.

We put together this list with different women and different styles in mind, and we hope that it helps you this year as you think about getting on trend and stocking your store with vintage-inspired yet modern rose gold jewelry.

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