The Best Halloween Jewelry For Your Clients

These Pieces Will Fly Off Your Shelves in October

Halloween is coming up soon, which means that it’s time to start stocking your Halloween collection now.

In contrast to normal jewelry, Halloween styles are all about the costumes. These accessories are going to be bought by people who want to make a statement and aren’t afraid of rocking styles they wouldn’t dare to wear the other 364 days of the year.

So you can have glitzy, huge earrings being bought by women who normally only wear studs.

You might have people wearing bars in their ears when in the past they wouldn’t dream of such a thing.

Your main key for this season is to not buy too much jewelry of any one style, unless you are confident you can sell it, because most of the Halloween jewelry is very specific to this holiday. You’ll have trouble selling “witch” earrings during January, for example.

That being said, it is more cost-effective to buy in bulk, so if you think you can move the units, go ahead and buy a ton of pieces.

Alternatively, you could play the long-term, cost-effective game and buy a ton of jewelry for Halloween, knowing that you can always store it and sell it again next year.

It’s completely up to you and your business.

Let’s get into the meat of this article – jewelry pieces that will go along well with various Halloween costumes. We’re going to show you the best pieces that you can rest assured will be picked up by Halloween shoppers.

We have a few different categories of jewelry as well, so you can really buy the pieces that are most applicable to your business.

Here are the categories:

  • Classic Halloween-themed jewelry
  • Jewelry with some crossover to others seasons
  • Jewelry for college kids and young adults (party jewelry)

Category #1: Classic Halloween-Themed Jewelry

If you have an older crowd as your client base, this category is your safest bet.

While the youngsters might get crazy and show a bunch of skin with their Halloween costumes, the older folks tend to stick with the yearly staples that go with the theme of Halloween.

That means spooky things like witches, pumpkins, bats, ghosts, ghouls, devils and the like.

The Halloween-specific theme is a double-edged sword: While you can be sure to move these pieces during the Halloween season, it’s very unlikely you will sell many of these outside of that time period.

On the flip side, the other two categories of jewelry we will show you, while not quite as sure to sell during October, have more potential to sell throughout the year.

If you have very limited cash flow and don’t want to tie up too much cash in inventory, you’ll want to only buy for this coming season as much as you can be sure to sell from this first category.

Piece #1: Silver Witch Charm with Split Ring

This witch charm is a safe bet for a Halloween collection. Year after year, witches are consistently one of the most common Halloween costumes for women and some men as well.

This piece is pretty standard and basic – sterling silver that won’t stand out too much.

If you have an older, more conservative customer base this is one piece you’ll want to stock up on.

Piece #2: Silver Bat Ear Studs

Again, bats are top of mind when you think of Halloween. These simple little bats can go with a wide variety of costumes and are a great piece to have in stock once October rolls around.

Piece #3: Children’s Silver Monster Ear Studs with Epoxy and Epoxy Color

Kids are one of the biggest drivers of Halloween jewelry purchasing. While they don’t have the money, they do have the desire to dress up.

As people get older, they tend to invest less and less time and energy into Halloween costumes. A case of “been there, done that.”

However, kids are still so excited about Halloween that they’ll want to go all-out when it comes to their costume, including their jewelry.

These little silver monsters are a fun riff on Halloween themes and a great pick up.

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Piece #4: Children’s Silver Pumpkin Ear Studs

Pumpkins are probably THE most common Halloween decoration.

That makes these silver pumpkin earrings a perfect pick for the season.

While labeled “children’s,” it’s likely adults would enjoy these earrings, too. After all, they’re only going to be wearing them for one day, maybe a few days, at most!

Category #2: Jewelry with Some Crossover to Other Seasons

While it may be ideal to stock as much jewelry as your shelves can hold, cash flow realities make that problematic when combined with the holiday season.

If you have a ton of inventory that is super Halloween specific, you may have to wait a full year before you can start selling those pieces again.

So, while you should definitely get plenty of the first category of jewelry, you should also consider stocking a few crossover pieces that will be purchased throughout the year, giving you a more steady cash flow situation.

Piece #1: Silver Moon Charm with Lobster

This moon charm is a perfect example of a crossover Halloween/all seasons piece.

While the moon is certainly one of the symbols of Halloween, it’s also a piece that people will buy and wear year-round.

The little star on the charm makes it more playful, and the sterling silver design isn’t too “in your face.”

Piece #2: Silver Moon and Star Toe Ring Adjustable


Again, the moon and stars are a universal theme that just so happens to work well with Halloween. This adjustable toe ring will be popular with younger customers.

Piece #3: Silver Pumpkin Carriage Bead

As we said earlier, pumpkins are a perfect symbol of Halloween. However, this silver pumpkin carriage bead will also remind customers of Disney’s movie “Cinderella” as she takes a pumpkin carriage to the royal ball.

Those childhood memories will keep this piece selling year-round while seeing a predictable spike in sales during October.

Piece #4: Silver Buddha Bead

The Buddha, a Buddhist symbol of spiritual accomplishment, is not the most common Halloween symbol.

However, you may see some customers dressing up as Buddhist monks or nuns and buying these beads to accessorize those outfits.

During the rest of the year, customers seeking a little bit of “Zen” will keep this piece steadily moving off your inventory.

Category #3: Jewelry for College Kids and Young Adults (Party Jewelry)

If you have numerous 20-year-olds in your target market, this is a category of jewelry you’ll want to stock up on prior to October.

When kids think of Halloween, they think candy; when adults think of Halloween, they think friends, family and costumes. Twenty-somethings think of Halloween and one thing comes to mind: PARTY!

Their outfits usually show a lot of skin, and so body jewelry is going to be on display here with bared belly buttons. You’ll also see a trend toward more extreme jewelry styles since Halloween is an opportunity to dress wild without fear of social consequences.

Piece #1: Body Jewelry Peace Sign Ear Tunnel and Plug

If any college students are dressing up as “hippies” for Halloween, this is a good bet for them. You can probably sell this piece year-round to actual hippies as well!

Piece #2: Body Jewelry Eye Belly Banana

The “all seeing eye” of witches and fortune tellers makes this belly piece a great item for Halloween.

Piece #3: Wholesale Plain Silver Skull Bead

This is a rare piece of jewelry that might actually be worn by men. For guys trying to do a tough “biker” look or something similar on Halloween, this silver skull will appeal to their masculine images of themselves.

Piece #4: Silver Wizard Hat Bead

This is a rare piece of jewelry that might actually be worn by men. For guys trying to do a tough “biker” look or something similar on Halloween, this silver skull will appeal to their masculine images of themselves.

Download our Halloween Jewelry Quick-Buy Guide for quick, great ideas that will fly off your shelves!

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