silver ring swollen finger

Best Ways To Remove A Silver Ring From A Swollen Finger

A silver ring stuck on a swollen finger can be the result of wearing a ring that’s too small, it can be caused from arthritis of joints, or a number of other reasons.   Whatever the reason, it can be very uncomfortable and painful, so here are some practical and interesting solutions that can be tried at home compliments of ASSH and Urban How2do DIY

silver ring swollen finger

When you are unable to slide your silver ring off, try these steps to safely removing a ring:

  • Squirt some Windex – yes Windex – on the finger and ring.
  • Or, try any type of oil or soap based lubricant.Elevate the hand overhead for 5-10 minutes with ice around the ring and finger.
  • Use dental floss or a thread to compress the swollen finger as shown below and a demonstrated in the video:
  1. Slip the thread or floss under the stuck ring with the bulk of it toward the fingertip
  2. Beginning at the top of the ring, snuggly wrap the finger with the thread/floss around and around, compressing the finger, all the way up and over the knuckle.
  3. With the end that was under the ring, begin to unwrap the thread or floss with the ring sliding over the knuckle as you go.

Wendalore65 commented:
 “Right idea, wrong method. Wrapping from the ring outward (from the ring, UP the finger) traps the blood and CAUSES THE FINGER TIP TO SWELL. Instead, start wrapping from a point past the knuckle and work towards the ring.  Then use something blunt (not a safety pin) to push the string under the ring. Finally unwind as shown. This way will give you better compression because you’re not working against the blood.”

*If all else fails, cut the ring off with a ring cutter found in jewelry stores, fire departments and emergency rooms.

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