10 Steps To Achieve Higher Jewelry Sales at Trade Shows

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Re-selling jewelry can be a bit tricky for some sellers. And while you can start a small business by selling to family, friends, and people around you, such as co-workers or neighbors, you will notice that you will run out of customers at one point or another. And it’s only natural! Everybody starts small about any business, but the key to success lies behind how you proceed from this starting point onwards. And while opening your own jewelry shop to sell ELF925 silver jewelry manufacturer is a great idea, you will need a lot of time and significant funds to achieve this goal.

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On the other hand, selling online does not allow you to interact with your customers properly. But you can get a fabulous and varied plate of customers at arts and crafts shows. So here are some steps that you can follow to start selling jewelry at art shows or – if you’ve been doing it already – you could read through these steps and pick up some tips and tricks to improve your strategy and increase sales.

Big choice of beads, ready for selling

Big choice of beads, ready for selling

  1. Think of It as a Shop Simulator

    An art show tent or a booth is similar to having a shop. So think of it as a simulator for what you’re aiming towards. You can talk to potential customers and see what they like, what they are looking for, what they would like done differently, and if your products are to their liking. For example, you might notice that many customers are asking about bunny pendants because Easter is just around the corner. You can take notes and get some rabbit-themed jewelry next year around this time.

  2. Take Time to Prepare Your Tent

    Your tent is like your business card. If it doesn’t look good, people won’t spend much time in it. So think ahead about how you’re going to set it up and decorate it. Don’t think about doing it alone, though. Ask a family member or a friend for help because you won’t have a lot of time on your hands, and being on a set schedule can be pretty stressful. Also, carrying heavy stuff around on your own is not something to look forward to, and it might make the whole show experience seem like a burden. So drop that pride and ask for help.

  3. Jewelry Available and on Display

    You need to have a variety of jewelry available and on display. You can print out a catalog with the variety of jewelry found on ELF925 if someone wants to place an order. But you need to stock up because customers might fall in love with items and want to buy them right away. So make sure that you have many jewelry items available and nicely put up for display.

    Tents with jewelry vendors

    Tents with jewelry vendors


  4. Too Much Is Too Much

    Although you should display many items that you’ve brought with you to the show, you should understand that too much can be too much. A nicely set up tent can be attractive, but one with too many items out for display can be overwhelming towards customers and they might find it too messy and walk past it instead of hovering for a while to check out your jewelry.

  5. Be Different Every Time

    Your tent or booth shouldn’t look the same at every show. Try experimenting with different setups and see what works best for you, what saves you time, and what potential customers like best. You might find that a more straightforward design increases sales, whereas a more extravagant setup might make more people stop by your booth without actually purchasing something.

  6. Not Everyone Is a Buyer

    Keep in mind that many people who attend shows do it merely because they want to check what’s on the market, go window shopping, or look for something specific. If you don’t start out with a sales-oriented expectation, then you will not be disappointed. Take every hour at a time and have a pleasant attitude towards potential customers. Please don’t get frustrated because your sales are slow because it will help neither you nor your customers.

  7. Get Up, Stand Up! – As Bob Marley Says

    You need to stand up. If you sit comfortably in your chair, customers might feel like they bother you if they want to buy something or ask for some information. So be prepared and wear comfortable shoes that will allow you to stand up all day long or most of the day. The same goes for clothes – wear something that makes you look serious and professional while being comfortable.

  8. Pimp Yourself Up

    Not everyone will want to stop by your booth. But if you have a flyer or a leaflet to hand them out as they walk along with your tent, they might be convinced by your promotional material and come back to check you out or to actually buy something! Be prepared with enough promotional material to hand out to everyone who walks by your tent.

  9. Checking Out Your Competition

    Regardless of whether it’s your first or 20th show, you always need to check out your competition. Checking out the competition is a great incentive because you might feel inspired by something they’ve done with their business or tent. At the same time, you can watch with a careful eye and learn from their mistakes because no one is perfect!

  10. The Show Must Go On!

And even if the last show you attended was not what you expected it to be or if you didn’t sell as much as you thought you would, you should still participate in the next one and do everything in your power to improve your strategy. It’s all about trying new things, experimenting, and simulating while selling some beautiful jewelry and making your customers happy.

So follow these steps, and you will surely notice some improvement with one thing or another. These are great tips and tricks that will help you increase sales and make your life easier the next time you attend an arts and crafts show with a tent or a booth. Remember to keep going at it and keep selling quality and beautiful jewelry from ELF925 because this will ensure happy returning customers!