Wholesale Silver and Stainless Steel Jewelry – Bestsellers for 2022

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Owl Children’s Ear Studs

Children;s silver ear studs - pink owl

Children’s Silver Ear Studs – Pink Owl

Children’s Colorful Ear Studs
Designed specifically for children, these lovely ear studs are made from 925-sterling silver. Featuring pink epoxy for the head and body, along with white and black for the eyes, these studs resemble the owls from your child’s favorite cartoon instead of the real animal. This is why they are so child-friendly and the reason they have become so popular.
Delicate silver detailing enhances all the owl’s features, giving these ear studs that cute look little girls are so fond of. These Owl Children’s Ear Studs make the perfect gift for any little girl that loves owls.

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Wing Silver Ear Studs

Silver Wing Ear Studs
Small and elegant, these Wing Silver Ear Studs feature a winged design, as the name implies. The wings sweep up from the center of the stud and are small enough to be appropriate for any situation, whether professional or social, yet different enough to allow the wearer to express their personality. A wing outline is a great option for anyone who loves birds or simply likes the winged design. Made from 925-sterling silver, these ear studs are an excellent option for anyone looking for elegance with a bit of a twist.

Steel Ear Studs with Crystal Stones

Stainless Steel Tulip Ear Studs
Simple and elegant, these steel ear studs can be mounted with a variety of crystals. Get your favorite crystal or, even better, get a few different ones so you can match them to other outfits. Thus, you can get the purple Amethyst, the turquoise Aquamarine, the clear Crystal, the deep green Emerald, the bright green Peridot, the light pink Rose, the deep blue Sapphire, the black Jet, and the bright pink Fuchsia.

Made from 316L surgical grade stainless steel, these studs are perfect for anyone looking to accessorize their outfit with a simple yet elegant piece of jewelry. They are also ideal for anyone who has bad reactions to other metals, as steel rarely causes issues.

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