A Guide to 925 Silver Jewelry That Doesn’t Tarnish

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Nearly every one of us has at least one piece of jewelry that we cherish and appreciate, and many items remind us of a special someone, or the piece has sentimental value and personal meaning of some sort. However, nearly all jewelry tarnishes over time, and it can be extremely frustrating and time-consuming to deal with.

Silver jewelry that won’t tarnish

Although tarnishing is a major issue with personal jewelry and has been for years, especially with silver, there is an easy solution. It involves the use of new technology and procedure called e-coating. This process keeps shiny silver jewelry looking shiny and new for many years and has become an increasingly popular method to clean dull and faded jewelry and silver items.

This item have e-coating but you can't see it

This item has e-coating, but you can’t see it

See jewelry made of real sterling silver!

E-Coating and the Application Process:

In order to clean tarnished jewelry and other silver, the item is immersed in a bath that contains an electrophoretic paint emulsion. Then an electric current is passed through the item and the emulsion. The paint particles that contact the item stick to any surface area and build up an electrically-insulating layer, which stops any further current from passing through. The item is then removed and baked in an oven, resulting in a perfect coat and lustrous finish every time.

With a typical E-Coating, the process involves applying an ultra-fine transparent layer of plastic to the item that protects the silver and its plating and lasts for several years. The thickness of the coat is controlled by the amount of voltage applied to the item. Therefore, time is not as crucial because once the item has been coated and insulated, the process is complete, and no more coating occurs. The Silver Jewelry Factory specializes in e-coating processes, and we are happy to provide free estimates at your request.

Procedure Time:

Most E-Coatings are easy to accomplish and are generally finished within two minutes; however, this will depend on your items’ surface area and complexity. Compared to the hours it takes to clean the jewelry and other valuable silver accessories, the quick and highly-effective e-coating, and cleaning process is like a dream.

Advancements in the technology for a jewelry cleaning and protective coatings continue to evolve; however, nothing outlasts the methods used at Silver Jewelry Factory. Don’t let your beautiful jewelry look dull, tarnished, and tucked away in the jewelry chest. Instead, make it sparkle like new with vibrancy and life as it should.
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