Mothers Day Jewelry - What Jewelry Retailers Should Consider

Mothers Day Jewelry – What Jewelry Retailers Should Consider

Mother’s Day should be Mum’s favorite day of the year! After all, it is the official holiday to honor all mothers. Few of us know the origins of this holiday, but the concept began in ancient times with the Greek and Roman festivals for mother goddesses.

Later on, it became a holiday associated with the Catholic Church and the devotion to Mother Mary, “Mother of God.”

Though Mother’s Day is now commercialized, it reminds us that we need to take pause and appreciate the miracle of life, that we are all sons and daughters of the earth and to recognize the Great Goddesses in our lives—our mothers.

These days, breakfast in bed, handmade cards, flowers picked from the garden, and a box of chocolates are all perfect sentiments for young children to show they care and appreciate their mum.

Wouldn’t mum be delighted to receive a special gift that she could enjoy the entire year? And jewelry is the perfect gift that can be worn and appreciated every day.

This Mother’s Day, help your customers surprise all mothers, young and old, with a beautiful piece of jewelry that she will treasure forever. Help them to establish a tradition of giving mum a special addition to her jewelry box each year.

Whether it is her first mother’s day, or her 60th mother’s day; whether Mum is in her 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, or beyond, she wants acknowledgement from her loved ones. 

Unfortunately, little ones are in no position to shop for such luxuries—so the new Dad becomes the target shopper—“Show her you care,” “Surprise and Delight the new mom” “Thank Mom with a gift she will cherish.” Grown sons and daughters will be also coming into your jewelry store looking for something special.

And don’t forget the new grandmother! Today’s grandmothers are more hip and young than ever before and very proud of their new status. They delight in being remembered on Mother’s Day and relish their bragging rights as new grandmothers. Here, the target shopper is the new mother who will want to honor her mother-in-law and her own mother.

A very special gift for new mothers and grandmothers alike is a charm bracelet that can collect future charms representing life’s milestones. Charm bracelets never lose their appeal and are truly the most personalized piece of jewelry representing the evolution of the family and their journey together.

A charm necklace is another variation on this theme which can include charms representing each child or grandchild. Necklaces tend to be a little more casual than a charm bracelet and thus can be worn every day.

In addition to charm bracelets and necklaces, you will want to have plenty of other jewelry choices on hand that come from the heart, such as heart shaped earrings, rings and pendants.

Any mother would proudly wear anything heart-related given to her by a family member on Mother’s Day.

The possibilities are endless with our Mother’s Day jewelry items, many of which have symbolic wording and motifs to make it an even more memorable gift.  

Give your customers the opportunity to be as creative as they like. Consider a variety of gemstones to represent the birth month of each child. And then there are the more traditional or classic jewelry items that can be given to mothers on any special day, not just mother’s day.

Wholesale Silver round Ear Studs

Surprise her with a classic pair of freshwater pearls that she will cherish in this beautiful purple hue. Pearls are a classic piece that any woman should own! We have them in all different hues including gray, yellow, pink, iridescent and white to match her specific preferences and favorite colors.

Silver Triangular Celtic Knot Necklace

Show her that she is the goddess in your life with the traditional triple goddess symbol symbolizing maiden, mother, and crone, the lifecycle of a woman. The maiden is a young girl and grows into a beautiful woman. Motherhood is a distinct rite of passage in a woman’s life, and finally when a woman becomes a “crone” or grandmother, she possesses the wisdom of an elder and should be honored as such.

Silver Knot Ear Studs

Another every-day piece, these earrings are simple and elegant at the same time, perfect for a busy mom to look pulled together. There are a few different options for this style.

Silver Rock Bangle

Start her collection of bangle bracelets. Perhaps you can give her a new one each year and she can stack them to remind her of the joy and love in her life.

Charm Necklaces and bracelets

Purchase chains that your customers can use to create a charm necklace. Provide them with two different lengths to choose from, and a variety of charms to symbolize each child or grandchild. This will be a treasured gift.

Silver Wine Glass Charm with Lobster with Cubic Zirconia

Make her laugh with a silly gag gift. Help her add her favorite beverage to her charm bracelet. Wine not?

Wholesale Silver Chocolate Bar Charm

What woman doesn’t love chocolate? This chocolate charm for her charm bracelet is in the gag gift category. It will make her giggle and remind her that you know her so well.

And actually, dark chocolate is good for a woman’s health. It is known to be a superfood, aphrodisiac, good for heart health, brain health, and more! Add to her gift a bar of dark chocolate with over 75 percent cacao and she will be a very happy camper!


Wholesale Plain Silver Round Ring With Opal

Opal is a popular stone and she will love this unique design. If her most recent child or grandchild is born in October, the month of the month of October, this is the perfect way to celebrate a new baby in the family.

Here are the other birth stones that you can consider to represent a mother or grandmother’s children.


Charm bracelets

During life’s mile stones, she will add charms to her new charm bracelet to remind her of her journey. Life is full of peaks, valleys, and passages that need to be commemorated with family and friends. This is the perfect way to acknowledge those exciting times in a woman’s life.

Silver Triangle Mirror Necklace with Brush Finish and Crystals from Swarovski®

This is a beautiful necklace just because. With the Swarovski crystals, this necklace is trendy and fashionable. Young and hip mothers will love the sparkle and the trendy triangle shape.

Don’t forget the pet owners!

Many pet owners of dogs and cats consider their animals to be like children to them, pampering them and cherishing a close relationship. Honor the women who love their fur babies with an animal pendant.

Add some sparkle

These beautiful Swarovski studs will add some luxurious and queenly sparkle to her jewelry collection. They beautifully catch the light and shine brilliantly, with a wide variety of crystal colors available to match her preferences, eyes, and style.


Is she a woman who honors her feminine aspects? The moon is a lovely symbol for the feminine because women’s cycles sync with the moon, the ocean tide syncs with the moon, and there are many goddesses associated with the moon. Show her that you love her femininity and gift her with these beautiful moon studs that she will cherish.

Silver Round Ring with Cubic Zirconia

A simple and darling ring that will go with any jewelry is a good option for a gift to a busy mom.

Silver Round Pendant with Cubic Zirconia and Pearl

This gold-plated piece has a graceful heirloom quality meant for a grandmother who is stepping into her new role. Honor this new and exciting phase in her life full of love and play with a beautiful statement piece.

Silver tree of life necklace

The tree of life can symbolize ancestry and creating a home with roots. This is a perfect gift to grandma to show her that she is an integral part of the family and the roots of the family tree.

Silver “harmony” Necklace

Set the goal of harmony in your household when you give your wife this harmony necklace. Show her that you are willing to do whatever it takes to create a loving household together.

Silver “love” Necklace

A hip and trendy mom would love this cute “Love” necklace that reminds us of Carrie Bradshaw’s “Carrie” necklace on Sex and the City. Moms will remember this iconic character and this necklace will remind her that Love is the goal in family life.

Silver Hearts Necklace

Moms with two children and a husband or three children will love this three-heart necklace with different metals to symbolize their little family.

Silver Rose Necklace

Pair this silver rose necklace with the gift of a dozen roses and you will earn brownie points in mom’s book!

This wide variety of gift ideas is suited for a wide variety of mothers and grandmothers, whether she is hip and cool or conservative and traditional, young or old. The most important thing is to show her that you love her unconditionally. Happy Mother’s Day!

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