St Patrick’s Day Jewelry Your Clients Will Love

St Patrick’s Day Jewelry Your Clients Will Love

In March we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, a holiday that many people associate with drinking heavily. But for those who are Irish, Saint Patrick’s day symbolizes their heritage, as Saint Patrick is the patron Catholic saint of Ireland.

He was a missionary who brought Christianity to Ireland, and with that, the traditional Pagan religion was driven underground and Ireland, as we know it today, is Catholic.

Even those who are not Irish love to celebrate Saint Patty’s day by wearing green, and Irish families celebrate with green clover decorations and corned beef and cabbage, a traditional Irish dish.

Those with Irish friends and family will enjoy making it a special day of celebration, and as a jewelry store owner, you will have the opportunity to help people make Saint Patty’s Day even more special.

Historically, Saint Patrick’s Day was a day commemorating when Saint Patrick died.

Since many people like to give gifts of jewelry on this day, your marketing can include images of clovers, Celtic knots, the Irish flag, and Irish lettering. There is a lot of imagery to work with.

Of course, clovers and the color green (for the rolling hills of Ireland) are obvious choices for Saint Patrick’s Day. Although you may think that clovers are cliche, this is not so, as it is the traditional symbol of Ireland.

Clovers and shamrocks are a loved symbol of Irish pride and it’s also a good luck charm. We have lots of Saint Patrick’s Day clover pieces of jewelry to bring you luck throughout the year!

According to Irish tradition, every leaf of the clover has a symbolic meaning and represents a virtue. The first leaf is for hope, the second is for faith and the third is for charity; the fourth leaf would be for luck. This is where the superstition that four-leaf clovers are lucky comes from.

In addition, the Triquetra is the Celtic knot with three ends, which has many Pagan spiritual meanings. When Saint Patrick arrives in Ireland, he was a missionary and used the shamrock with three leaves to explain the trinity to the Pagans.

When customers come to your shop it will be important to ask about their heritage. Who are they shopping for? What is that person’s heritage? What is their connection to Ireland and Irish traditions? This will be good to know when helping them choose a gift.

Perhaps some people would be more interested in traditional Celtic 925 silver jewelry while others would be more interested in Irish symbols such as clovers and green emeralds.

Find out who they are shopping for, what they have in mind, and then make your recommendations.

You’ll see lots of green beads, big hats, and leprechaun costumes, but celebrate this festive holiday in style with some classic jewelry in 925 sterling silver. We have both kitschy and cliche novelty Saint Patrick’s Day jewelry for those that want to have fun with their style, and we also have subdued and timeless Saint Patrick’s Day jewelry that can be styled for any time of year with any outfit.

Here are some choices of timeless, classic, and trendy Saint Patrick gift ideas that your customers will love this year:

Silver Lucky Clover Cubic Zirconia Ear Studs

These beautiful and elegant 925 silver earrings are a perfect lucky charm for Saint Patrick’s day and for every day in between. The four leaf clover shape has a beautiful symmetry to it that can look like a flower, and the way the CZ is set in the earrings looks exceptionally sparkly and luxurious, almost as if there were more stones in a pavé setting.

The oxidized silver provides a beautiful contrast with the setting of the stones and accentuates the curves of the design, making these a modern yet timeless choice.

There is nothing kitschy or cliche about these earrings! They have a sophisticated look that can work every day.

Silver Horseshoe Bracelet
Another timeless symbol of luck is, the horseshoe. Good fortune will come your way when you put on our delicate horseshoe bracelet. This is a symbol that has been known to protect against negativity and bring good luck. Some say that hanging a horseshoe above the door to your home with the points upwards will bring protection and good luck.

Originally horseshoes were said to be good luck because they were made from iron, a metal that withstood fire and which symbolized strength.

Using horseshoes was most likely because of war. Since the Celts were fierce warriors and master metal workers, they knew how to work with iron and make some of the most advanced weapons of their ancient times and strong chariots.

According to folk tales, iron is the “blood of the earth” and had magical significance for Celtic tribes.

In Irish culture, Celtic brides were known to sew a horseshoe into the hems of their dresses to bring longevity and prosperity to the marriage and to ward off evil spirits on the wedding day.

Wholesale Shamrock Ear Studs

These simple and cute four-leaf clover studs with a little CZ stone set on one of the leaves are great for every day. They are perfect for women who have more than one ear piercing, who can rock studs and dangling earrings, and they can also serve as a basis to be worn daily because of the high-quality sterling silver posts that will stay neutral and protect her ears.

Silver Shamrock Bracelet

Bring good luck into your life with this sterling silver shamrock amulet bracelet. You can wear it with anything and everything, as the simple silver design is versatile and can easily become part of your everyday jewelry collection. With a high-polish shine, the 925 sterling silver bracelet is sure to be a best-seller in your shop.

Silver Clover Ring

This simple and dainty-looking 925 sterling silver ring is perfect to go with the stacked rings trend. At the same time, it can look simple alone, complimenting a woman’s heritage and outfit at once. Keep this one in stock with the rest of your stacking rings and it will surely become a best seller.

Crystal Gold Flower Necklace

Isn’t this piece ‘just gorgeous,’ as the Irish would say? The gold plating contrasts so beautifully with the white enamel and the crystals. It looks very luxe and high-end, and the materials used to create this beautiful piece are high quality and nearly indestructible, as it is made from surgical steel. Who knew that surgical steel could look so beautiful!

Silver Knot Jewelry

The Celtic knot jewelry that we carry is distinctly and traditionally Irish. It is known as the mystic knot, or the endless knot, and has a spiritual meaning that references earth’s patterns: there is no beginning or end, and the essence of the natural world is that there is a timelessness to it, the birth and rebirth cycles of nature with the seasons and the moon cycles.

Many Celtic knots have a four or three-point design, and both of these have significance. Three, also known as the Triquetra, can symbolize the triple goddess, and it can symbolize the Cosmos, Earth, and Humans or Mind, Body, Spirit as a trinity for the Celtic people. In a Christian ideology after the missionary Saint Patrick’s arrival and the transition from Paganism to Christianity, this would symbolize the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Triple Goddess Jewelry

The traditional Celtic and pagan triple goddess symbol symbolizes maiden, mother, and crone, the lifecycle of a woman. The celts were actually pagan people before Saint Patrick arrived on the island of Ireland. We carry necklaces and earrings that feature the triple goddess symbol, and this is a beautiful and uniquely Irish piece with a lot of history and an interesting story behind it.

Knot Ear Studs

These beautiful and traditional stud earrings look luxurious and high-end with the gold plating. These would be the perfect gift for Saint Patty’s Day and will look very chic on any woman!

Silver Shamrock Charm

We also have the choice of fun, green, and festive Saint Patrick’s Day jewelry. For example, try this cute charm which can be added to her charm bracelet to remember a particularly special Saint Patty’s Day or someone in the family. There is a variety of 925 silver charms that you can find on our site in addition to this one.

Wholesale Silver Clover Leaf Pendant

This high-quality and sparkling white CZ stone necklace is a great accessory for Saint Patrick’s Day. You’ll see lots of three-leaf clovers as a symbol of Irish pride, and four-leaf clovers as a symbol of good luck. Hang it from a silver chain and it will put some spring in your St. Patrick’s day step!

Whether you get in the Saint Patty’s Day celebration spirit with green beer, wearing green, or accessorizing with one of our beautiful and trendy St. Patty’s Day jewelry pieces, have a fun St. Patty’s Day!

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