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Wholesale Stainless Steel Necklace & Chains

ELF925 offers a range of stainless steel necklace and chains that appeal to both women and men. Our stainless steel necklace chains come in a range of styles such as plain and delicate motifs, to chunkier style biker necklaces. Finishings come in a choice of black, steel, yellow or rose gold ion platings. ELF925 stainless steel necklaces are skin friendly as we use 316L surgical grade stainless steel. Browse our collection of stainless steel jewelry from Thailand and buy today for free international shipping on wholesale bulk orders of $499 and above.

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Go for this sterling silver jewelry when you need an accessory that can easily make you stand out of the crowd. This affordable jewelry makes a chic gift for any of the special women in your life. With a length of 40 cm and a thickness of 1.2 mm, this necklace has a part size of 14 x 14 mm. Have this beautiful item in your store at all times by ordering in bulk.
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This stainless steel star necklace has a glossy, smooth finish that makes it versatile and classic. This stainless steel jewelry features a high polish finish for extra shine. This stunning piece of jewelry will be the perfect companion for those moments when you are looking for an accessory that goes well with just about anything. Add this stainless steel jewelry to your wish list so you can be sure you always have it in stock.
$1.73 $2.88
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Look and feel happy all the time with this stainless steel necklace that pairs well with most outfits. The highly polished finish of this stainless steel link bracelet will certainly attract everyone’s attention. This necklace is the perfect choice for those who are looking for that kind of accessory that will make them look elegant, yet trendy at the same time. Increase your profits with this lovely piece of sterling silver jewelry.
$2.85 $5.70
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Infiltrate the humbleness and modesty while wearing this stainless steel made bead ball chain
$0.48 $0.60
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A modern stainless steel necklace with a box chain design and an industrial chic style.
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This stainless steel cross necklace is sure to become one of the favorite items in your collection, so be sure to have it ready for whenever you want to look at your best. The lightweight design of this piece of stainless steel jewelry makes it comfortable for all day wear. This lovely piece of jewelry is sure to become a bestseller in your stores, as customers will definitely come back for more.
$3.02 $5.03
163 item(s) in stock
This elegant stainless steel flower necklace looks amazing and is bound to become your preferred piece of jewelry as it can easily bring a touch of understated style to each and every outfit. Highly stylish and comfortable to wear, this piece of stainless steel jewelry adds a dash of relaxed style to your wardrobe. Help your customers express their love for someone special with this piece of sterling silver jewelry.
$2.87 $4.79
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Showcase your love with this eye-catching stainless steel infinity necklace that goes well with casual and elegant outfits alike. This elegant stainless steel necklace will never get out of fashion so you can wear it for the years to come. Featuring a high polish finish, this piece of jewelry is an ideal idea of a gift for a family member or a friend. It is not difficult to boost your sales when you have this lovely piece of stainless steel jewelry in your inventory.
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Sport a classic look with this stainless steel link necklace that complements any of your outfits with ease. Bright and lustrous, this stainless steel link necklace will definitely add a touch of classical elegance to your look. This stainless steel jewelry features a high polish finish for extra shine. Take advantage of our wholesale offers and offer your customers this amazing piece of jewelry.
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Mix and match this stainless steel clover necklace with some other pieces in your collection for a stunning effect. This jewelry is going to make a wonderful addition to your collection of chic accessories. The lightweight design of this piece of jewelry makes it comfortable for all day wear. This popular item is available in bulk, so you should always have it on offer in your store.
$1.73 $2.88
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Dress up your favorite outfit and look stylish for any special occasion when your wear this stainless steel peace necklace. This statement piece has a glossy, smooth finish that makes it versatile and classic. This stainless steel jewelry features a high polish finish for extra shine. This popular item is available in bulk, so you should always have it on offer in your store.
$1.73 $2.88
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