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Wholesale Plain Silver Pendants

ELF925 offers wholesale plain Silver Pendants for necklaces in a range of different styles. From engraved silver tags, to elegant filigree pendants there’s something for everyone in our varied collection. All our silver pendants are made from genuine 925 sterling silver and come in different finishes including: oxidized silver, duotone and epoxy coloring. All ELF925 silver jewelry is manufactured onsite at our Bangkok factory, buy in bulk today to enjoy low prices and free delivery on orders of $499 and above.

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If you are looking for that versatile pendant that you can easily match with absolutely everything in your wardrobe, this plain silver tree pendant is just the perfect choice. The sleek and polished finish of this stylish piece of silver jewelry makes it a perfect accessory for daily wear. Be sure to stock up on this stunning piece of silver jewelry as this is the kind of item that will fly off the shelves.
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Bring a touch of feminine style to your wardrobe with this stunning 925 sterling silver tree of life pendant. The high polish finish of this jewelry lends added shine that is sure to attract attention no matter where you go. Lightweight at just 1.05 grams, this piece of sterling silver jewelry has a part size of 13 x 13 mm. The perfect gift for a wide variety of occasions, this jewelry will definitely boost your sales.
16 item(s) in stock
If you want to purchase an accessory that people will notice for sure, this silver lucky clover pendant is exactly what you have been looking for. Buy this adorable sterling silver lucky clover pendant for your loved one as a birthday gift or just because. The jewelry is crafted of fine 925 sterling silver and showcases a beautifully polished finish. Order this jewelry for your jewelry store today and watch your sales increase.
$2.58 $3.22
165 item(s) in stock
Horseshoes are known to bring good luck and that is exactly what you should expect when you wear this plain silver horseshoe pendant. Add a splash of sparkle to your day and evening wear with this plain silver horseshoe pendant. This lovely piece of jewelry is a perfect choice of a gift for someone special in your life. There’s no reason not to stock up on this amazing silver piece as it is sure to be a bestseller.
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There is no reason not to wear this sterling silver heart pendant with any of your favorite outfits, no matter the season. The lightweight design and small size of this jewelry lends it a delicate touch. The small part size and lightweight design of this piece of jewelry makes it an excellent choice of a gift for just about anyone. Check out our wholesale offers and add this lovely jewelry to your inventory in no time.
65 item(s) in stock
Wish upon a star with this sterling silver lain silver angel with two stars pendant. Don’t worry about pairing up this piece of silver jewelry with other items in your collection, as this lovely plain silver angel with two stars pendant goes well with virtually everything. By offering this amazing piece of silver jewelry to someone you love, you are sure to put a smile on their face. Have this beautiful silver item in your store at all times by ordering in bulk.
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Get a feeling of peace when you wear this adorable plain silver angel pendant that comes with a part size of 14 x 13 mm and weighs a mere 0.75 grams for extra comfortable wear. The silver angel makes a wonderful Christmas gift for someone special in your life. This is one of those items that should never miss from stock, so add it to the wish list for your next bulk order
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A beautiful silver feather pendant designed to attract customers in your store, this plain silver feather pendant is one of those pieces that will keep customers come back time and time again. Wear it on its own or with other silver jewelry pieces in your wardrobe to create unique styles that are sure to catch the eye. This exciting plain silver feather pendant is the perfect gift for most occasions, so having it in stock is a sure way to boost sales.
18 item(s) in stock
Show everyone just how much you love Paris when you wear this adorable and elegant silver Eiffel Tower pendant. The silver weight of the pendant is 0.95 grams and the part size is 7 x 15 mm. Pair this lovely plain silver Eiffel Tower pendant with other pieces of silver jewelry or wear it on its own for a stunning effect. Be sure to have this item in stock no matter the season.
63 item(s) in stock
Show your BFF how much he or she means to you with this plain silver broken heart pendant that can easily become a symbol of your bond. Made of 925 sterling silver and weighing just 0.65 grams, this pendant will certainly attract questions and become the center of attention everywhere you go. A must have for all jewelry stores, this silver broken heart pendant is available for bulk orders.
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Graceful silver pendant with an elegant cross design, a thin construction and a gleaming finish.
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