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Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry Sets

ELF925 now offers wholesale stud earring and necklace sets already packed on cards. Choose a large variety of designs to offer your customers. We deliver the sets already packed, so just open your order and your wholesale jewelry sets are ready to be sold. All jewelry is made with 925 sterling silver and set with CZ crystals or black ruthenium, silver, gold and rose gold finishes. Bulk buy ELF925 jewelry sets online today and enjoy free international shipping on purchases of $499 and above.

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Radiate elegance no matter where you go for Christmas when you pair this stunning piece of sterling jewelry. It’s really difficult to take your eyes away from this silver Christmas set that can become one of your favorite jewelry pieces. The design of this set will certainly transform your look. Made from premium 925 sterling silver, this set has a polished finish that completes the design. Boost your sales by adding this wonderful piece of jewelry to your stock.
$4.86 $6.07
129 item(s) in stock
Add a touch of extra attention to any of your outfits with this silver panda set with epoxy that goes well with both elegant and casual outfits, as it is made from attention-grabbing highly polished metal. The high polish finish of this jewelry can easily accent just about any of your outfits. This silver panda set with epoxy is sure to give you the look you love. There’s no reason not to stock up on this amazing sterling silver piece as it is sure to be a bestseller.
88 item(s) in stock
Bring the vibe of the ocean into your wardrobe with this sterling silver ocean set that includes a pair of starfish earrings and a dolphin necklace. Made from sterling silver for extra durability, this sterling silver ocean set works well with just about any of the outfits in your wardrobe. The total silver weight of this piece of jewelry is 1.40 grams and the part size is 12 x 9 mm. Add this jewelry to your basket for the next order to make sure you’re never out of stock.
23 item(s) in stock
Whether you have modern or more classical taste in jewelry, this silver bird set is a wonderful choice for your day to day outfits. This piece of sterling silver jewelry weighs 1.25 grams and has a part size of 8 x 5 mm for comfortable wear. The high polish finish of this jewelry can easily accent just about any of your outfits. This attractive piece of sterling silver jewelry is sure to be a crowd pleaser, so make sure you always have it in your inventory.
$5.00 $6.25
66 item(s) in stock
This pretty silver Christmas set is crafted from fine 925 sterling silver for enduring quality. This sterling silver jewelry will help you get noticed on Christmas, whether at the office or on a family gathering. Manufactured of 925 sterling silver, this silver Christmas set easily adds texture to your style. The wholesale prices available for this attractive piece of sterling silver jewelry mean that you can always have it in stock.
$5.16 $6.45
43 item(s) in stock
Found 63 items
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