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Plain 925 Sterling Silver Earrings wholesale

ELF925 offers a large collection of wholesale plain 925 sterling silver earrings for women and children, with a standard fish hook or with delicate lever back hoop. There are many different styles and designs to choose from. All of our silver earrings are crafted from genuine 925 sterling silver and manufactured onsite at our factory in Bangkok so we can offer low wholesale prices to our buyers. Browse our selection of 925 sterling silver earrings available for immediate purchase and purchase in bulk today. We offer free international shipping on orders of $499 and above.

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This lovely pair of silver round Bali earrings is very easy to coordinate with other pieces in your collection. There is no reason not to wear this delightful piece of jewelry with any of your favorite outfits, no matter the season. The small part size and lightweight design of this piece of jewelry makes it an excellent choice of a gift for just about anyone. Boost your sales with this amazing piece of sterling silver jewelry that your customers will simply love.
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Black Green
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Show someone special just how much you care about them with this pair of sterling silver marquise Bali earrings that can quickly become your go-to item no matter the occasion. For a shimmering update to your collection of jewelry, these earrings have outstanding style and are sure to get you noticed. Make sure your inventory is complete with this lovely piece of sterling silver jewelry no matter the season.
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Treat someone you love to this lovely pair of sterling silver Bali earrings with epoxy, which would also make a statement self-purchase. Choose from green and dark blue epoxy to find the right shade that compliments your outfit best. This piece of sterling silver jewelry weighs 2.10 grams and its dimensions are 7 x 15 mm. Impress your customers when you stock this lovely piece of sterling silver jewelry.
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Dark Blue Green
Dark Blue
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Dark Blue Dark Red
Dark Blue
Dark Red
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Add a splash of color to any of your casual or formal outfits with these green turquoise sterling silver round Bali earrings. These earrings make a wonderful gift for that special lady on your life. With a part size of just 13 x 13 mm, this pair of sterling silver round Bali earrings has a total silver weight of 2.20 grams. This lovely pair of round earrings is sure to become a bestseller in your stores, as customers will definitely come back for more.
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Add a trendy vibe to any look day or night with a new pair of sterling silver bali earrings. The bright high polish finish of this jewelry adds just the right amount of shine to your outfit. This sterling silver jewelry is just the perfect accessory for those looking for a versatile piece that goes with virtually anything. Be sure to have this jewelry in stock no matter the season, as customers will certainly come back for more.
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Add some sparkle to your outfit with these sterling silver round earrings with shell that are sure to get your noticed no matter where you go. The turquoise color of the earrings makes the perfect for summer outfits. The total silver weight of this piece of jewelry is 0.95 grams and the part size is 9 x 9 mm. These earrings are for pierced ears only. Shopping for wholesale jewelry is very easy with us, so you’ll never be out of stock.
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Subtle enough for everyday wear, this pair of sterling silver round earrings with shell is also elegant so you can wear it for special occasions. These classic shell earrings are sure to bring out the style in anyone. Suitable for pierced ears, these earrings are crafted from high-quality 925 sterling silver. With a part size of just 9 x 9 mm, this piece of jewelry has a total silver weight of 0.95 grams. Your customers will simply love this sterling silver piece.
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Pair these sterling silver round earrings with shell with your favorite dress next time you go out on a date for a stunning effect. The total silver weight of this piece of jewelry is 0.95 grams and the part size is 9 x 9 mm. Made from sterling silver, this jewelry is a suitable choice for allergy sufferers. Watch sales increase with this eye-catching piece of sterling silver jewelry.
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These silver filigree earrings are perfect to wear on your big day or any other special occasion in your life. These beautiful earrings also make a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift for someone you care about. The total silver weight of this piece of sterling silver jewelry is 1.75 grams and the part size is 10 x 23 mm. Buying this jewelry at wholesale prices means your store always has them in stock.
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Found 249 items
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  • Product ID: 31611
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  • Product ID: 30604
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  • Product ID: 30424
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  • Product ID: 30423
  • Code: ER-APS2360-APS2424-OX BLUE/30423
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  • Code: ERN-CCRD42-SHELL/28363
  • Product ID: 28352
  • Code: ER-JB7552 OX/28352
  • Product ID: 28351
  • Code: ER-JB7200 OX/28351
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