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Handmade Silver Earrings From ELF925

Browse ELF925’s range of attractive handmade silver earrings available at wholesale prices. All of the silver earrings in this category are carefully handcrafted at our Thailand factory and feature genuine 925 sterling silver and Austrian and Preciosa crystals. Choose from various gorgeous crystal shades, including pink, blue, silver, black and white. Buy ELF925 handmade silver earrings online today and take advantage of wholesale prices and free international shipping on orders of $499 and above.

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Made of high polished sterling silver this pair of single dangle drops handmade earrings makes the perfect addition to your collection of fashionable accessories. This jewelry would make a perfect present for birthdays and other special celebrations and you can be sure the recipient will treasure it for the years to come. Be sure to have this sterling silver jewelry in stock no matter the season, as customers will certainly come back for more.
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These exquisite sterling silver dangly hearts earrings will create a dazzling effect that is sure to impress everyone you meet. Measuring 14 x 14 mm and constructed from fine 925 sterling silver, these earrings make the perfect long-lasting addition to any accessory collection. Wear this sterling silver jewelry on its own for a little sparkle, or in combination with other pieces in your collection for a striking statement piece. Buying this jewelry at wholesale prices means your store always has them in stock.
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Show someone you love just how much you care about them when you offer them these silver dangly hearts handmade earrings. These silver dangly hearts handmade earrings are perfect to wear for parties and everyday use, complementing whatever you are wearing on any given day. The weight of the earrings is 1.07 grams and the pert size is 10 x 10 mm. Boost your sales by adding this wonderful piece of jewelry to your stock.
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This silver pair of Swarovski earrings is an excellent way to look elegant while still maintaining a demure appearance. These silver Swarovski earrings are the ideal choice for those moments you need an accessory that will make you the star of the party. The earrings measure 12 x 44 mm and weigh 2.14 grams. Be sure to stock up on these earrings as they are that kind of item that will fly off the shelves.
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