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Double Sided Earrings & Plain Sterling Silver Ear Jackets

ELF925 presents an extensive and unique range of quality sterling silver ear jackets & double sided earrings at wholesale prices. We have many trendy designs available with pearls, crystals, cubic zirconia, for woman and children. All our sterling silver jewelry is made from 925 sterling silver and is perfect for any occasion, or outfit. Buy silver ear jackets & double sided earrings wholesale now, and get free international shipping on orders of $499 plus.

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Crystal Jet
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Light Gray White
Light Gray
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Glitter Fushsia Glitter Purple
Glitter Fushsia
Glitter Purple
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These sterling silver triangle ear jacket double earrings will add a fun look to just about any casual ensemble. Add a touch of whimsy to your ears with these earrings that work well for petite women due to their small dimensions. With a silver weight of just 1.30 grams, these earrings are comfortable to wear all day long. By having this jewelry in stock all the time, you are sure to increase your sales.
$3.35 $5.58
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Surprise the basketball lover in your life with this pair of silver basketball lovers double earrings. The lightweight design of this piece of jewelry makes it comfortable for all day wear. The jewelry weighs 0.95 grams and has a part size of 7 x 17 mm. This lovely pair of silver basketball lovers ear jacket double earrings is bound to become a bestseller in your stores, as customers will definitely come back for more.
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Sparkle away when you wear this adorable pair of sterling silver basic ear jackets earrings that feature no less than 12 stones. Suitable for casual wear, these earrings are also a good idea for adding a touch of glamour to a special outfit. The silver weight of the earrings is 1.80 grams, which makes them lightweight for comfortable wear. With this lovely piece of sterling silver jewelry, you can easily attract more customers to your store.
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Aqua Bohemica Jet Light Rose
Aqua Bohemica
Light Rose
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This splendid pair of silver triangle ear studs can easily become your preferred one and make you pop out effortlessly. Boost your favorite outfits with this shining piece of 925 sterling silver jewelry that is bound to attract attention no matter where you go. With a silver weight of just 1.30 grams, these earrings are really lightweight. The wholesale prices available for this attractive piece of sterling silver jewelry mean that you can always have it in stock.
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Matt Dark Blue Matt Grey Matt Light Brown Matt Light Grey ...
Matt Dark Blue
Matt Grey
Matt Light Brown
Matt Light Grey
Matt Sky Blue
Matt Turquoise
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A playful pair of silver double ball ear studs with pearl is just what you need for those moments when you want to look stylish yet still laid-back. Whether you decide to wear these on a special occasion or think they are the ideal option for a bridesmaid accessory, these earrings are bound to get you noticed. This piece of jewelry weighs just 0.5 grams and has a part size of 6 x 12 mm. Increase your sales with this stunning piece of jewelry that is sure to attract customers.
$2.76 $3.45
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You will surely get noticed when you wear this pair of silver snowflake with cracked ball ear studs, as it is so easy to pair with numerous kinds of outfits. Elegantly manufactured from sterling silver, this piece of jewelry gives a touch of remarkable shine to your outfits. The silver weight of this piece of jewelry is 1.40 grams and the product dimensions are 12 x 16 mm. This jewelry is available for wholesale orders, so add it to your list next time you place an order.
$4.66 $7.76
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Surprise that special someone in your life with this unique piece of sterling silver jewelry they are bound to cherish for many years to come. Everyone with compliment you when you wear this pair of silver circle ear studs that make the perfect companion for any occasion. This lovely piece of jewelry is sure to grab the attention of all your friends and family, so wear it whenever you get the occasion. This is that kind of item that will fly off the shelves, so make sure you stock up.
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Are you looking for a contemporary pair of sterling silver earrings for yourself or someone you love? Suitable as a birthday gift, this pair of sterling silver square ear studs is sure to be treasured for the years to come. The butterfly style clasps of these ear studs make them easy to wear. This lovely pair of square earrings is sure to become a bestseller in your stores, as customers will definitely come back for more.
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With a silver weight of just 1.25 grams, these earrings are comfortable to wear all day long. This piece of 925 sterling silver jewelry is great for everyday wear and special occasions alike. Wear this jewelry alone or in combination with other sterling silver pieces for a coordinated look. With this beautiful piece of sterling silver jewelry, you are sure to increase your sales.
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