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Sterling Silver Charms Wholesale With Lobster Clasps

Buy quality sterling silver charms wholesale from ELF925 for low factory prices and the opportunity to buy in bulk. With such a wide selection of silver bracelet charms to choose from your customers will not want to stop at just one. All our charms are made from genuine 925 sterling silver and manufactured onsite in our Bangkok factory. Each silver charm is fitted with a lobster clasp for easy attachment and removal onto bracelets, necklaces or bags. Buy sterling silver charms wholesale from ELF925 today and take advantage of free delivery on bulk orders of $499 and above.

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A great piece of jewelry for any woman no matter her age, this silver horse charm with lobster would be a perfect gift for anyone on your holiday list. As it is very easy to mix and match, you will be able to enjoy this stunning piece of sterling silver jewelry for multiple uses throughout the years. The small dimensions of this jewelry complement the lightweight design. An essential piece for any collection, this jewelry is available for bulk orders.
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Made of high quality 925 sterling silver, this beautiful yet affordable silver Statue of Liberty would make the perfect gift for that special someone in your life who loves all things American. This jewelry is highly versatile so you can pair it with just about any of your outfits. Make sure you always have this piece of sterling silver jewelry in stock by adding it to your list for the next bulk order.
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Bring a touch of feminine style to your wardrobe with this stunning 925 sterling silver bow pendant. Everyone will compliment you when you wear this silver angel charm with lobster that makes the perfect companion for any occasion. Unique in color and design, this silver angel charm with lobster is truly striking. Be sure to impress your customers by adding this piece of jewelry to your offer.
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CZ Crystal CZ Pink
CZ Crystal
CZ Pink
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Bring a smart vibe to your wardrobe with this sterling silver jewelry that goes well with just about any of your casual outfits. pretty and timeless, this silver home charm with lobster is an amazing accessory that will make any day better. Surprise someone you care for with this charm that will surely make their day better. Watch sales increase with this eye-catching piece of sterling silver jewelry.
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Look no further for the perfect accessory for a night out on the town than this sterling silver basketball charm with lobster. Be ready to party at any time when you wear this adorable pair of silver basketball charm with lobster. that can easily add a touch of personality to your outfits. Make sure this jewelry is never out of stock by taking advantage of our buying in bulk offers.
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CZ Crystal CZ Jet
CZ Crystal
CZ Jet
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A chic “I Love You” gift for Valentine’s or your anniversary, this sterling silver heart charm with crystals will surely capture her heart. Featuring four stones in a handmade prong setting and a total silver weight of 130 grams, this ring is delicate enough to wear on a daily basis while adding a dash of elegance to all of your outfits. Make sure you always have this item in stock by taking advantage of our wholesale orders.
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Light Siam Silver Night 2X
Light Siam
Silver Night 2X
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Enhance your sterling silver jewelry collection with this sterling silver cross charm with lobster that is versatile and elegant at the same time. The small part size and lightweight design of this piece of jewelry makes it an excellent choice of a gift for just about anyone. This lovely piece of jewelry is sure to become a bestseller in your stores, as customers will definitely come back for more.
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Become a real trendsetter when you wear this silver pineapple charm with lobster that is finely crafted of 925 sterling silver. Add personality to any of your handmade bracelets or necklaces with this lovely pineapple charm that is compatible with many branded bracelets. The silver weight of this charm is 2.7 grams and the part size is 8 x 15 mm. This wonderful piece of jewelry is sure to become a hit, so stock up by taking advantage of our wholesale orders.
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