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Buy Childrens Silver Rings Wholesale from ELF925

Kids love our fun collection of childrens silver rings.  All childrens rings are made from nickel free, 925 silver with enamel inlay or Austrian and Preciosa crystals. Our childrens silver rings come in a variety of different shapes and colors, most are adjustable in order to fit snugly onto any sized finger. Order childrens silver rings online now from ELF925 and take advantage of our genuine wholesale prices.

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Add some sophisticated unicorn jewelry to your little one’s look with this gorgeous sterling silver unicorn ring with epoxy. This jewelry is sure to become one of the favorite items in your little fashionista’s collection, so be sure to have it ready for whenever you want to look her to look at her best. The ring is crafted from fine sterling silver with a high-polished finish for added beauty that draws attention to your style. This piece of sterling silver jewelry will be flying off the shelves, so be sure to stock up.
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Add a stylish piece to your girl’s jewelry collection with this kids’ silver football ring crafted from 925 sterling silver. The small part size and lightweight design make this piece of jewelry incredibly comfortable to wear all day. Wear this jewelry alone or in combination with other sterling silver pieces for a coordinated look. With our wholesale prices and offers, it is easy to have this lovely piece of jewelry in stock at all times.
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Bring the joy of the jungle into your little one’s wardrobe with this kids’ silver giraffe ring. Feel effortlessly comfortable all day long thanks to the lightweight design of this jewelry. Your little girl will certainly be the star of the party when she wears these lovely giraffe ring. Take advantage of our wholesale offers and offer your customers this amazing piece of jewelry.
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This silver cat ring is certainly going to be a wonderful addition to your little one’s collection of stylish accessories. Lightweight enough to remain comfortable all day long, this jewelry is sure to suit just about any outfit. With a total silver weight of 1.1 grams, this piece of 925 sterling silver jewelry has a part size of 7 x 8 mm. Shopping for wholesale jewelry is very easy with us, which means you’ll never be out of stock.
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With a part size of just 7 x 7 mm, this stunning kids’ silver flower ring with epoxy is also lightweight for extra comfort as it only weighs 0.75 grams. Stylish and bright, this piece of jewelry a suitable choice for daily wear. Have one of these on hand for those moments you need to make an unexpected gift. Stock up on this jewelry to be sure you have it on hand when customers ask for more.
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Your little fashionista is bound to fall in love with this sterling silver panda ring with epoxy. A flawless finishing touch to your little one’s favorite outfit, this jewelry will surely turn heads. The total silver weight of this piece of jewelry is 0.85 grams and the part size is 7 x 9 mm. This lovely piece of jewelry is sure to become a bestseller in your stores, as customers will definitely come back for more.
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Your little one will surely look stylish when she wears this silver shoes ring that is bound to complement your personal style. You can wear this jewelry on its own or in combination with other pieces in your collection. This jewelry is highly versatile so you can pair it with just about any of your outfits. The small size and lightweight design of this jewelry lends it a delicate touch. With bulk orders available, you can rest assured you are never out of stock.
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Made of sterling silver with a high polish, these silver butterfly earrings for children lend an authentic finish to your little one’s look that is truly appealing. The lightweight design of this jewelry makes for extra comfortable wear. This amazing piece of jewelry is casual enough for everyday wear, yet elegant enough to wear in the evening. Get this beautiful sterling silver piece in stock at all times and watch sales increase.
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Let your little girl shine stunningly when she wears this pair of kids’ silver rabbit ring. The high polish finish of this silver rabbit ring makes it a shining accessory for any occasion. Made from sterling silver for extra durability, this ring works well with any outfit in your wardrobe. The total silver weight of the jewelry is 0.9 grams and the part size is 8 x 6 mm. Stock up on this popular jewelry no matter the season.
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Any cat lover will simply adore this sterling silver cat ring that is easily adjustable to suit all fingers. Subtle and elegant, this jewelry will look stunning with just about any of your little one’s outfits. The jewelry weighs 1.05 grams and has a part size of 7 x 10 mm. Take advantage of our wholesale orders and add this lovely piece of sterling silver jewelry to your stock.
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A perfect idea of a gift, this adorable sterling silver dog ring is a suitable option for your daughter. Beautifully polished for a perfect shine, this sterling silver jewelry looks elegant no matter the occasion. The total silver weight of this piece of jewelry is 0.95 grams and the part size is 8 x 6 mm. This piece of sterling silver jewelry will be flying off the shelves, so be sure to stock up.
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