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Buy Childrens Stud Earrings Wholesale, Genuine 925 Silver & Nickel Free

Our wholesale childrens stud earrings add an understated charm and whimsical touch to any childs outfit. We have a wide range of kids sterling silver studs with designs featuring animals, fruit, words, symbols and more to suit any child’s taste.  All ELF925 childrens stud earrings are made from 925 sterling silver are nickel free and come in silver, gold or rose gold finishes. Purchase your childrens stud earrings online today, and get FREE International Shipping on all purchases of children's silver jewelry above $499

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With this lovely piece of sterling silver jewelry, you can easily attract more customers to your store. This pair of beautiful stud earrings is adorned with cubic zirconia stones in a bezel setting for an extra touch of style. The small part size and lightweight design make this piece of jewelry incredibly comfortable to wear all day. This is one of those items that should never miss from stock, so add it to the wish list for your next bulk order.
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Let your love for dogs shine through when you wear this pair of silver dog bone ear studs that is made of fine 925 sterling silver. This piece of jewelry is also a perfect choice of a gift for someone special in your life. The total silver weight of this 925 sterling silver jewelry is 0.45 grams and the part size measures 8 x 6 mm. Make sure this pair of ear studs is never out of stock by taking advantage of our buying in bulk offers.
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The nautical motif of these sterling silver shell and seahorse ear studs gives them a beautiful glam look so you can wear them no matter the occasion. These classy earrings weigh 0.5 grams and have a part size of 7 x 11 mm for comfortable wear. Offer the earrings as a gift to a sea lover or keep them for yourself so you can dazzle your friends every time you wear them. Your inventory should never miss this piece of jewelry as customers are sure to ask for more.
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Surprise your little one on her birthday with this funny and attractive pair of silver love face ear studs. This piece of sterling silver jewelry makes a wonderful jewelry choice for that special young girl in your life. Made from sterling silver for durability, this attractive piece of jewelry works well with any outfit in your little one’s wardrobe. Your customers are sure to love this sterling silver piece.
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It is impossible not to get noticed when you wear this pair of silver unicorn ear studs, as it is easy to pair with numerous kinds of outfits. The total silver weight of the jewelry is 0.5 grams and the part size is 7 x 9 mm. These earrings are only suitable for pierced ears. Have this beautiful sterling silver item in your store at all times by ordering in bulk.
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