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Kids Wholesale Silver Pendants – 925 Silver & Nickel Free

Our range of kids wholesale silver pendants are a big hit with children of all ages and make great gifts for your clients kids. We have a good selection of quality 925 sterling silver pendants to suit any type of sterling silver chain in lightweight - durable epoxy finishes or set with CZ crystals. Our childrens wholesale silver pendants are updated regularly, so take advantage of our low prices and free international shipping on orders over $499. Buy kids wholesale silver pendants online today at ELF925

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This shiny silver German flag pendant is a perfect gift for yourself and all of the jewelry lovers on your holiday list this year. This jewelry has a lightweight design that makes it comfortable to wear no matter for how long. This elegant jewelry will never get out of fashion so you can wear it for the years to come. Increase your sales with this stunning piece of jewelry that is sure to attract customers.
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Your little one will love this adorable children’s silver horse pendant. Designed to be easy to use for children, this children’s silver horse pendant is eye-catching and will make your little one the star of the party. The small part size and lightweight design make this piece of jewelry incredibly comfortable to wear all day. Order this beautiful silver piece in bulk so you can have it at hand when customers come back for more.
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This silver bat pendant will be a delightful way for you to accessorize with your little one’s favorite outfit. This piece of sterling silver jewelry is versatile and it suits just about any occasion. The highly polished finish of this silver piece will definitely attract everyone’s attention. The lightweight design of this jewelry is complemented by the small part size. Add this piece of jewelry to your inventory and watch it fly off the shelves.
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Sophisticated yet discreet, this children’s sterling silver crown pendant with epoxy is the perfect choice for those moments when you need to accessorize a casual or elegant outfit without being ostentatious. The pendant is made of premium 925 sterling silver and features a high polish finish to complete the look. With this beautiful piece of sterling silver jewelry, you are sure to increase your sales.
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Pink and white epoxy make these kids’ silver unicorn pendant a fantastic gift for any girl in love with fantasy stories. The pendant measures 15 x 10 mm and it weighs 0.45 grams. Pair this kids’ silver unicorn pendant with epoxy with other pieces of silver jewelry or allow your little girl to it on its own for a more striking effect. Be sure to have this item in stock no matter the season.
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Pretty and petite, this beautiful sterling silver horseshoe pendant will make your little one truly popular. This beautiful piece of sterling silver jewelry will definitely make your little one feel elegant and classy at the same time. The small size and lightweight design of this jewelry lends it a delicate touch. Take advantage of our wholesale offers and offer your customers this amazing piece of jewelry.
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It is impossible not to get noticed when you wear panda pendant, as it is easy to pair with numerous kinds of outfits. This adorable panda pendant for kids is made of 925 sterling silver and will add perfect style to all of her outfits. Measuring 8 x 9 mm, this piece of sterling silver jewelry only weighs 0.35 grams. With bulk orders available, you can rest assured you are never out of stock.
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Made of 925 sterling silver and featuring light pink, and pink epoxy, this kids’ silver owl pendant works perfectly for school or when your little one gets an invitation to a birthday party. This silver pendant pairs well with just about all kinds of other jewelry pieces in your daughter’s collection. Be the star of the party when you wear this attractive piece of jewelry that will surely attract a lot of attention. Boost your sales by adding this wonderful piece of jewelry to your stock.
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Surprise your little one with this children’s silver owl pendant. The pendant crafted of premium sterling silver with high polish finish for a great look. This piece of sterling silver jewelry has a high shine finish and timeless look. The lightweight design of this jewelry makes for extra comfortable wear. Impress your customers when you stock this lovely piece of sterling silver jewelry.
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Too cute to resist, this butterfly pendant is just the perfect new addition to your little one’s jewelry box. Small and graceful, this butterfly pendant is made entirely in 925 sterling silver and accented with colored epoxy for a cheerful look. With a part size of just 8 x 5 mm, this piece of jewelry is also lightweight for extra comfort as it only weighs 0.3 grams. With our wholesale prices and offers, it is easy to have this lovely piece of jewelry in stock at all times.
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