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460 item(s) in stock
CZ Amethyst CZ Crystal CZ Jet CZ Lavender CZ Pink
CZ Amethyst
CZ Crystal
CZ Jet
CZ Lavender
CZ Pink
(no items selected)
Loose yourself while analyzing the details of this 925 sterling silver made oxidized plain ring
979 item(s) in stock
5 6 7 8
US Size
(no items selected)
Lovely white dots on a pink background adorn these attractive and pretty butterfly earrings that come with butterfly clasps so your little one can secure them on their ears with ease. The earrings measure 8 x 5 mm and weigh 0.55 grams. These kids’ silver butterfly colorful ear studs with epoxy really makes a wonderful gift, so consider adding it on your wish list every time you place a new bulk order.
366 item(s) in stock
Bright and cheerful children's silver ear studs with vivid pink butterflies with white dots on their wings.
2998 item(s) in stock
Intricate and elegant silver snowflake ear studs with a unique design and vivid blue cubic zirconia details.
1862 item(s) in stock
Simple silver ear studs for children in the shape of a small dog paw print.
591 item(s) in stock
If you are shopping for a present for family or friends, look no further than this silver flower ring. The small part size and lightweight design of this piece of jewelry makes it an excellent choice of a gift for just about anyone. This lovely piece of jewelry makes an ideal gift for someone special in your life. This attractive piece of sterling silver jewelry is sure to be a crowd pleaser, so make sure you always have it in your inventory.
68 item(s) in stock
5 6 7 8
US Size
(no items selected)
These enchanting plain silver leaf ear studs make a flawless gift for those who are in love with nature. The lustrous shine of these silver ear leaf studs makes them suitable for those who are looking for an ideal way to accessorize their outfits in an unsophisticated, yet stylish way. Available at wholesale prices, these silver leaf earrings measure 6 x 10 mm and weigh 0.75 grams, being lightweight enough for prolonged wear.
174 item(s) in stock
A bleeding heart can be just as beautiful in the right accessory, coupled with the right colors. Rose-colored crystals are just as striking as real roses- when you see these earrings finished in the shape of a heart, you will fall in love again like the first time!
174 item(s) in stock
Aquamarine Crystal
(no items selected)
Showcasing a mix of craftsmanship and beauty, this pair of silver horse ear studs makes an excellent addition to your jewelry box. Made from 925 sterling silver and featuring an oxidized and e-coat finish, these lovely earrings will be the center of attraction at any party. This is one of those items that should never miss from stock, so add it to the wish list for your next bulk order.
706 item(s) in stock
A protective symbol, this Hamsa hand has a cut out style and a simplified design.
365 item(s) in stock
Beautifully crafted of sterling silver, this silver jewelry has a timeless finish that works well with all kinds of attires. Made from sterling silver, the jewelry only weighs 1.35 grams and has a part size of 8 x 8 mm. Wear this silver horse lovers set on its own or in combination with other pieces of jewelry in your collection. This go-to item is available at wholesale prices, so you should always have it on offer for your clients.
15 item(s) in stock
richness and exoticity filled wine glass shaped,925 sterling silver made and CZ crystal colored for an exceptional charm.
286 item(s) in stock
CZ Crystal CZ Garnet
CZ Crystal
CZ Garnet
(no items selected)
timidating and bewitching halloween pumpkin shaped ear studs ,made out of 925 sterling silver and orange,black and green epoxy colors are certain to bring a cute scare.
932 item(s) in stock
A symbol of serenity and wisdom, the pretty elephants that adorn these kids’ earrings will make your little one jump with joy. A great gift idea for a little girl who loves animals, these elephant ear studs come with butterfly clasps for easy wear. This pair of kids’ sterling silver elephant ear studs weighs 0.75 grams and has delicate dimensions of 8 x 5 mm. This piece of sterling silver jewelry will be flying off the shelves, so be sure to stock up.
97 item(s) in stock
This is a lovely pair of children's silver ear studs with a butterfly design and light pink crystals.
419 item(s) in stock
This is a wonderful silver midi ring with two interlocked rings resembling a cross sign when put on the finger.
419 item(s) in stock
Black, white and yellow penguin silver ear studs for children, with a playful and fun design.
968 item(s) in stock
The watermelon details on these kids’ watermelon colorful ear studs make them look so yummy your little one’s friends will wish they were real to taste them. These earrings with butterfly style clasp are adorned with red, dark green, and black epoxy, and they weigh 0.55 grams. Add these colorful ear studs to your basket for the next order to make sure you’re never out of stock, especially when summer is near.
176 item(s) in stock
441 item(s) in stock
Aqua Bohemica Blue Zircon Crystal Fuchsia ...
Aqua Bohemica
Blue Zircon
Light Rose
(no items selected)
A cheerful pendant that will put a smile on any child’s face, this silver butterfly pendant with crystal adds some sparkle to the day and is a nice harbinger of summer. Crafted of fine 925 sterling silver, this piece of jewelry incorporates 22 stones and measures 12 x 8 mm. The combination of pink and clear crystals on the butterfly pendant makes it easy to pair these children’s pendant with a wide variety of assembles.
412 item(s) in stock
Boasting timeless elegance, these silver curved ear cuffs can complement virtually any kind of outfit. Measuring 3 x 23 mm and weighing 1.1. grams, these earrings can easily make you the star of the party. Wear them with an elegant summer dress for a garden part or wedding or with any other kind of outfit that needs just a bit of extra style a perfect effect. This silver curved ear cuff ear pin is available for bulk orders.
256 item(s) in stock
Simply looking at this pretty kids’ silver star colorful ear studs is guaranteed to put a smile on your little one’s face. The blue color and highly polished sterling silver combination are sure to catch the eye. Secured with a butterfly clasp, these earrings are easy to put on and take off, providing lots of comfort for all day wear. Have this beautiful silver item in your store at all times by ordering in bulk.
50 item(s) in stock
Unicorn, the symbol of purity and grace will be conveyed by this wondrous ear studs made out of 925 sterling silver and white, pink and light pink epoxy colors
158 item(s) in stock
Fuel your little one’s dreams of unicorns and princesses with these kids’ sterling silver unicorn earrings with epoxy. Featuring a combination of high polish sterling silver and pink epoxy, these adorable earrings are sure to make your little one the talk of her group of friends. The hoop closing system makes these earrings easy to put on and take off. The total silver weight of the earrings is 0.65 grams. Stock up on this jewelry and watch your sales increase.
596 item(s) in stock
An ideal gift for an animal lover, these ear studs have a simple dog design with a glossy finish.
1877 item(s) in stock
Give any of your outfits a sports appeal with this silver football set that works well with most attires. The total silver weight of this piece of sterling silver jewelry is 1.25 grams and the part size is 6 x 6 mm. The high polish finish of this set of football inspired earrings makes it perfect for those moments when you want to shine. Impress your customers when you stock this lovely piece of sterling silver jewelry.
25 item(s) in stock
Liven up your look today with the eye-catching rose shaped in plastic, 925 sterling silver made plain ear studs
58 item(s) in stock
A beautiful silver ring designed to attract customers in your store, this silver wing midi ring is one of those pieces that will keep customers come back time and time again. Made of sterling silver and featuring a delicate wing design, this silver midi ring measures 18 x 4 mm and weighs 0.9 grams. The highly polished silver gives this midi ring a lovely appearance, making it suitable for elegant and casual occasions alike.
184 item(s) in stock
Add a dash of elegance to your style with this pair of silver knot ear studs that goes well no matter the season. With a silver weight of just 1.2 grams, these sterling silver knot ear studs are comfortable to wear for hours on end because they are incredibly lightweight. Be sure to have this beautiful jewelry in stock by taking advantage of our wholesale offers.
254 item(s) in stock
Creative and unique silver hoops earrings with a light pink heart charm and glossy cubic zirconia.
691 item(s) in stock
CZ Amethyst CZ Crystal CZ Garnet CZ Pink
CZ Amethyst
CZ Crystal
CZ Garnet
CZ Pink
(no items selected)
With this lovely piece of sterling silver jewelry, you can easily attract more customers to your store. This pair of beautiful stud earrings is adorned with cubic zirconia stones in a bezel setting for an extra touch of style. The small part size and lightweight design make this piece of jewelry incredibly comfortable to wear all day. This is one of those items that should never miss from stock, so add it to the wish list for your next bulk order.
422 item(s) in stock
Let these hedgehog earrings put a touch of humor in your little girl’s wardrobe, as they are some of the cutest pieces of jewelry she’ll own. Made of sterling silver and featuring an e-coat finish, these hedgehogs have a total weight of 0.85 grams and measure 8 x 6 mm. Adorn your child’s ears with these lovely hedgehogs and all her friends will notice them. Add these interesting silver hedgehog earrings to the wish list when placing a new wholesale order.
46 item(s) in stock
Get these opal earrings in your preferred color so you can pair them well with a wide variety of outfits, with options including azure, multi lavender, peacock, fire snow, and so much more. Measuring 5 x 5 mm, these opal ear studs are charmingly crafted from 925 sterling silver for a high polish effect that is difficult to go unnoticed. Explore the prospects of matching these earrings with other opal pieces of jewelry by ordering them in bulk.
574 item(s) in stock
Azure Pacific Blue Bubble Gem Carmine ...
Pacific Blue
Bubble Gem
Fire Snow
Moon Yellow
Multi Lavender
(no items selected)
The dog paw design of these earrings is what you need to surprise a special person in your life who loves dogs. The adorable silver ear studs are simple enough to work well with casual outfits and they look great with most assembles, ranging from dresses to simple T-shirt and jeans combinations. Measuring 8 x 7 mm, these paw silver earrings weigh 0.65 grams and come with a handy butterfly clasp. Be sure to have these ear studs in stock as they are sure to catch the eye.
1472 item(s) in stock
Find the right direction in life with these silver compass ear studs in 925 sterling silver. Everyone with compliment you when you wear this pair of silver compass earrings that make the perfect companion for any occasion. The silver weight of this jewelry is 0.85 grams and the part size is 8 x 8 mm. There’s no reason not to stock up on this amazing piece as it is sure to be a bestseller.
186 item(s) in stock
Your jewelry collection is not complete until you add a pair of sterling silver round ear studs with opal that will certainly get you noticed, no matter the occasion. Choose your favorite color from options such as azure, moon yellow, bubble gem, carmine, or multi lavender. With a silver weight of just 0.75 grams, these earrings are comfortable to wear all day long. Get this jewelry into your stock next time you place a wholesale order and watch your profit rise.
1396 item(s) in stock
Azure Pacific Blue Bubble Gem Carmine ...
Pacific Blue
Bubble Gem
Fire Snow
Moon Yellow
Multi Lavender
(no items selected)
A burst of color that is impossible not to catch the attention of everyone nearby, these children’s silver flower colorful ear studs with epoxy boast a mix of yellow, green, blue, and pink for a truly cheerful look. Measuring 8 x 8 mm, these kids' silver ear studs weigh 0.55 grams and can be easily paired with a multitude of summer outfits. The butterfly style clasp is easy to operate, so you can put the earrings on and take them off with ease.
370 item(s) in stock
Adorn your toe with this round toe ting that is adjustable so you can wear it comfortably all day long. Evoking the style of ancient jewelry, this toe ring has a green-blue opal in the middle and weighs just 1.45 grams. Measuring 3 x 3 mm, this ring is sure to bring about lots of attention. Add this silver round toe ring with opal on your shopping list for next time you are placing a wholesale order.
476 item(s) in stock
Azure Bubble Gem Fire Snow Multi Lavender Peacock
Bubble Gem
Fire Snow
Multi Lavender
(no items selected)
The classic style of this silver triple toe ring is just perfect to suit a wide variety of outfits, and you can also wear it as a pinky ring. This adjustable silver toe ring suits all sizes and the high polish silver is sure to complement your pedicure. Standing out with just the right amount of bling, this silver triple toe ring weighs 2 grams and it definitely needs to be present in any jewelry store.
137 item(s) in stock
Fashionable silver midi ring with an abstract design featuring a thin line connecting two round bands.
127 item(s) in stock
Sparkling with the power of a single large stone, this piece of sterling's sterling silver jewelry is bound to become your new favorite. This elegant piece works well alone or in combination with other pieces of 925 sterling silver jewelry in your collection. The part size of this jewelry is 8 x 10 mm and the total silver weight is 1.55 grams. This is that kind of item that will fly off the shelves, so make sure you stock up.
110 item(s) in stock
Pacific Blue Bubble Gem Fire Snow
Pacific Blue
Bubble Gem
Fire Snow
(no items selected)
The lightweight design of this adorable nautical pair of silver seahorse ear studs is complemented by the small part size. The high polish finish of this jewelry can easily accent any of your outfits. This piece works well on its own, but you can also pair it with other jewelry for a custom look. Made of sterling silver, this jewelry is a safe accessory for those who suffer from allergies. Watch sales increase with this eye-catching piece of sterling silver jewelry.
122 item(s) in stock
This pair of sterling silver seashell ear studs truly says it all, so it makes a wonderful gift for those who want to surprise the special person in their life. It is so easy to pair these seashell ear studs with nautical-inspired clothing for a coordinated look. You can wear this jewelry on its own or in combination with other pieces in your collection. This is that kind of item that will fly off the shelves, so make sure you stock up.
258 item(s) in stock
Showcase you love for nature with these silver leaf ear studs that bring a breath of fresh air into your wardrobe. With their classic design, these earrings go well with a wide variety of outfits, whether you are attending a special event or are simply looking for a casual accessory for a night out with friends. Buying them wholesale allows you to have these plain silver leaf ear studs in stock whenever your clients come back another pair.
410 item(s) in stock
62 item(s) in stock
AB Aquamarine Jet Light Amethyst Light Smoke Topaz
Light Amethyst
Light Smoke Topaz
(no items selected)
Few things are as cute as a pair of bunnies, and these plain silver rabbit ear studs are a lovely way to complement your little one’s outfits. Featuring a butterfly clasp for extra security on those little ears, these silver rabbit earrings weigh 0.75 grams and measure 8 x 6 mm. Have these in stock at all times for birthday and Christmas gifts by taking advantage of our buying in bulk offers.
562 item(s) in stock
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