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Inspired from nature, these children’s crystal ear studs are crafted of fine silver and are the perfect choice for those who want to showcase their love for fashion and furry friends at the same time. Weighing just 0,65 g, these lightweight earrings have 24 stones and are available in black diamond or crystal colors. Featuring a highly polished bear paw, these crystal earrings are an attractive piece of jewelry to buy in bulk and feature in your store.
4559 item(s) in stock
AB Crystal Aqua Bohemica Black Diamond Crystal ...
AB Crystal
Aqua Bohemica
Black Diamond
Light Rose
Smoked Topaz
(no items selected)
Intricate and elegant silver snowflake ear studs with a unique design and vivid blue cubic zirconia details.
3317 item(s) in stock
Unicorn, the symbol of purity and grace will be conveyed by this wondrous ear studs made out of 925 sterling silver and white, purple, and light purple epoxy colors
1642 item(s) in stock
Get overjoyed this christmas by wearing these spectacular crystals affixed, 925 sterling silver made chistmas hat shaped ear studs for children
1071 item(s) in stock
A fairy tale-like happy ending is what your child will experience with these dainty silver crystal ear studs! Each earring is in the shape of a clear glassy high-heeled shoe with a ribbon at the front, much like what Cinderella lost but ultimately led her to her Prince Charming.
2030 item(s) in stock
Crystal Light Rose
Light Rose
(no items selected)
Embrace the rock glam look while wearing these silver owl ear studs that shine with the power of 26 stones. Measuring 7 x 8 mm and weighing a mere 1.1 grams for extra comfort when you wear them at a party that goes on till dawn. The 925 sterling silver material is polished to perfection for an extra dash of shine. Add these silver owl ear studs to your wish list so you can be sure you always have them in stock.
244 item(s) in stock
Surprise you little one with this adorable pair of kids’ sterling silver unicorn earrings and she truly believe that unicorns are real after all. The cheerful combination of white, pink, black, red, and purple makes these sterling silver unicorn earrings truly special. These earrings are beautifully crafted of fine 925 sterling silver and are very easy to put on and take off thanks to their large hoop size. The design of this sterling silver jewelry will definitely impress your customers.
2508 item(s) in stock
These dazzling earrings suit any outfit just perfectly and you can use them to spice up your evening. This beautiful piece of sterling silver jewelry will bring out the style in anyone. The part size of this jewelry is 8 x 13 mm and the total silver weight is 0.35 grams. With our wholesale offers, you can order this popular item in bulk and watch your sales increase.
428 item(s) in stock
AB Amethyst Aquamarine Crystal ...
Golden Shadow
Light Rose
Light Turquoise
Paradise Shine
Rose Patina
(no items selected)
Unicorn, the symbol of purity and grace will be conveyed by this wondrous ear studs made out of 925 sterling silver and white, pink and light pink epoxy colors
400 item(s) in stock
These detailed silver ear studs are created with a complex snowflake design that is decorated with clear crystals.
880 item(s) in stock
CZ Crystal CZ Jet CZ Pink
CZ Crystal
CZ Jet
CZ Pink
(no items selected)
This colorful pair of children's ear studs feature a gymnastics girl jumping in the air, wearing a light pink costume.
960 item(s) in stock
This pair of children's ear studs has an eight petal flower design, with white and light pink colors.
870 item(s) in stock
A sport's fan perfect ear studs made from silver and resin in the shape of a black and white football.
1517 item(s) in stock
Fuel your little one’s dreams of unicorns and princesses with these kids’ sterling silver unicorn earrings with epoxy. Featuring a combination of high polish sterling silver and pink epoxy, these adorable earrings are sure to make your little one the talk of her group of friends. The hoop closing system makes these earrings easy to put on and take off. The total silver weight of the earrings is 0.65 grams. Stock up on this jewelry and watch your sales increase.
819 item(s) in stock
Encouraging a little girl’s love for sports is easy with these children’s silver gymnastics girl colorful ear studs with epoxy. The purple and light yellow combination makes these gymnastics ear studs a cheerful accessory that goes perfectly with summer outfits. This beautiful pair of colorful ear studs with epoxy makes it easy to find the perfect gift for a special child in your life. The silver and epoxy earrings are available for bulk orders and measure 8 x 10 mm.
161 item(s) in stock
Watch the pretty smile on your little girl’s face when you offer her these silver flower ear studs with crystal. Measuring 7 x 7 mm and featuring 14 stones, these ear studs pair perfectly with dresses and skirts. These kids’ ear studs are sure to make a great gift for your daughter. This is one of those items that should never miss from stock, so add it to the wish list for your next bulk order.
579 item(s) in stock
Dazzle and delight in charming style with this 925 sterling silver made dog shaped plain ear studs
541 item(s) in stock
When Christmas is near, parents and relatives hurry to shop for seasonal gifts, and these attractive Christmas tree colorful ear studs with crystal and epoxy can be the right answer. The green and red epoxy complements the shiny sterling silver perfectly, resulting in a pair of Christmas earrings that is difficult to overlook. The earrings measure 7 x 10 mm and weigh 0.5 grams, being gentle on little ears. These Christmas ear studs are available for bulk orders, so you can always have them in stock.
701 item(s) in stock
Bright and cheerful children's silver ear studs with vivid pink butterflies with white dots on their wings.
1799 item(s) in stock
Vivid ear studs for children with a yummy cupcake design, a light blue wrapper, pink icing and a cherry decoration.
1332 item(s) in stock
Add an unexpected accent to your finger with this sterling silver open leaf ring. The jewelry looks great on its own, but you can also pair it with other silver items for a coordinated look. The lightweight design of this piece of sterling silver jewelry makes it a perfect accessory for daily wear. The design of this sterling silver jewelry will definitely impress your customers.
99 item(s) in stock
5 6 8
US Size
(no items selected)
Two lovely cats adorn these silver cat ear studs that each feature a large zirconia crystal in a handmade bezel setting. The part size of these earrings is 5 x 9 mm and they only weigh 0.75 grams. The earrings are suitable for casual and elegant occasions and are sure to lend a touch of cuteness to your outfits. This is one of those items that should never miss from stock, so add it to the wish list for your next bulk order.
370 item(s) in stock
shift gears into seasonal fashion with these snowman detailed , 925 sterling silver and white, black and red epoxy colored ear studs.
2671 item(s) in stock
An ideal gift for an animal lover, these ear studs have a simple dog design with a glossy finish.
1559 item(s) in stock
Cute little pink butterflies adorn these children’s earrings to create a visually appealing piece of jewelry that works well for special occasions. Easy to coordinate with lots of outfits, these children’s silver butterfly earrings with crystal feature a silver plated finishing for extra shine and come with 44 stones. Measuring 12 x 8 mm and featuring a 1 x 12-mm hoop size, these lovely earrings are a must have item for any jewelry shop.
238 item(s) in stock
Unique and fun silver ear studs resembling an airplane in flight, with a simple and precise design.
26 item(s) in stock
Lavishing santa claus shaped ear studs, made out of 925 sterling silver definitely brings the christmas mood into the room.
1693 item(s) in stock
Dainty and adorable pandas are everyones favourite, but as ear studs? Absolutely yes!, and with black and white epoxy colors,it's fall quick and hard for..
254 item(s) in stock
256 item(s) in stock
Aquamarine Crystal Light Rose Violet
Light Rose
(no items selected)
A burst of color that is impossible not to catch the attention of everyone nearby, these children’s silver flower colorful ear studs with epoxy boast a mix of yellow, green, blue, and pink for a truly cheerful look. Measuring 8 x 8 mm, these kids' silver ear studs weigh 0.55 grams and can be easily paired with a multitude of summer outfits. The butterfly style clasp is easy to operate, so you can put the earrings on and take them off with ease.
270 item(s) in stock
A fairy tale design, these children's ear studs have white unicorns with light pink hair and yellow horns.
1298 item(s) in stock
Bring a touch of feminine style to your wardrobe with this stunning 925 sterling silver piece of jewelry. These silver round earrings are crafted from fine 925 sterling silver with a high-polished finish for added beauty that draws attention to your style. Show off your trendy side when you wear this lovely piece of sterling silver jewelry. Lightweight at just 2.7 grams, this piece of sterling silver jewelry has a part size of 14 x 14 mm. Have this beautiful sterling silver item in your store at all times by ordering in bulk.
46 item(s) in stock
The watermelon details on these kids’ watermelon colorful ear studs make them look so yummy your little one’s friends will wish they were real to taste them. These earrings with butterfly style clasp are adorned with red, dark green, and black epoxy, and they weigh 0.55 grams. Add these colorful ear studs to your basket for the next order to make sure you’re never out of stock, especially when summer is near.
26 item(s) in stock
Simple and fun silver ear studs with a playful baby elephant with a raised trunk design.
1015 item(s) in stock
update your favourite outfits with color and texture wearing these charming ear studs, made of 925 sterling silver and brown, red and dark brown epoxy colors.
1729 item(s) in stock
Wear these earrings comfortably all day long as they only have a silver weight of 0.4 grams. If you are looking for a special piece of sterling silver jewelry for someone you care about, these earrings will fit the bill. Made from sterling silver, this jewelry is a suitable choice for allergy sufferers. This sterling silver jewelry is available for bulk orders so you can easily stock up and keep your customers happy.
68 item(s) in stock
Chrysolite Opal Crystal Fuchsia Golden Shadow ...
Chrysolite Opal
Golden Shadow
Light Rose
Light Turquoise
(no items selected)
Complement your look with the fashion forward style of these crystal ball shaped, 925 sterling silver made and crystal colored ear studs
152 item(s) in stock
Black Diamond Hematite Jet Light Peach Light Rose
Black Diamond
Light Peach
Light Rose
(no items selected)
Ward off bad luck with these simple silver ear studs for children featuring a black cat design.
1023 item(s) in stock
Black White
(no items selected)
Show your little one that unicorns truly exist in the shape of these adorable pink and white kids’ sterling silver unicorn earrings with epoxy. The total silver weight of the jewelry is 1 gram and the part size is 14 x 10 mm. The earrings close securely with a hoop that has a size of 1.2 x 12 mm. Available at wholesale prices, this jewelry is truly a beautiful piece, so be sure you always make it available to your customers.
201 item(s) in stock
Whether it's a playdate or a birthday party you child's best friend would be always this 925 sterling silver made, white and pink epoxy colored cat shaped ear studs
169 item(s) in stock
Cute little cats have found shelter on these lovely plain silver cat ear studs that go well with any kind of outfit. Your little girl will definitely fall in love with these attractive silver cat ear studs, so be prepared to put them on every morning, which is thankfully easy thanks to the butterfly clasps. Order these plain silver cat ear studs in bulk so you can have them at hand when customers come back for more.
93 item(s) in stock
lavishing santa claus shaped ear studs, made out of 925 sterling silver and white,pink and red epoxy colors definitely brings the christmas mood into the room.
3185 item(s) in stock
Express your individuality with this pair of silver butterfly earrings made from 925 sterling silver. This subtle, yet sophisticated pair of earrings can be worn alone or in combination with other pieces of sterling silver jewelry in your collection. The silver weight of this jewelry is 0.6 grams and the part size is 1.2 x 12mm. This popular item is available in bulk, so you should always have it on offer in your store.
477 item(s) in stock
Bringing a touch of spring happiness into a little girl’s wardrobe is easy with these children’s silver butterfly earrings with crystal. Complete with two lovely butterflies in pink crystal these earrings include 24 stones and measure 7 x 5 mm, with a hoop size of 1.2 x 10 mm. These charming silver butterfly earrings are an excellent accessory for a light summer dress, and they are bound to catch the attention of a child’s friends.
806 item(s) in stock
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