Why We Love Jewelry & Jewelry Retailers Should Too

Why We Love Jewelry & Jewelry Retailers Should Too

13 Reasons For You To Buy Jewelry.

From beautiful Cleopatra adorned in gold because of her royal status, to Marilyn Monroe singing about diamonds being a girl’s best friend, to Al Pacino’s diamond ring covered fingers, throughout history women and men have always worn and loved jewelry.

“Life, like jewelry, should have both wit + beauty”  Alison J. Stein.

A Brief History of Jewelry

Jewelry has always been a part for human history.

One million years ago, also around the time when clothes and tools first started being used, jewelry became a part of human culture.

Jewelry was made out of raw materials such as animal skin, feathers, plants, bones, and anything else that could be found in nature.

The Denisovan Stone Bracelet is one of the oldest pieces of jewelry found in all of history. According to Ancient Facts Blog, this piece was found in the Altai Region of Siberia.


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As time went on and technology progressed, people started designing and creating advanced pieces of jewelry. These jewelry pieces had a heavy influence on culture and therefore are very telling of the times that they were made.

Every man and woman in Ancient Egypt, from the richest to the poorest person, wore jewelry as a means to protect themselves from hostile forces. This reflects how superstitious the men and women of Ancient Egypt were.

In Medieval times, only the wealthiest could afford jewelry. It was therefore worn as a symbol of nobility. This reflects the hierarchical structure of medieval society.

In India, women wore jewelry for different scientific reasons. For example, earrings were worn by women because of a pressure point in the right ear that connects the brain, bladder, and kidney.

If the earring is the right amount of weight to press on the pressure point, then the organs were said to be kept healthy.

Furthermore, women who got their noses pierced were said to experience less pain during childbirth. This use of wearing jewelry reflects the scientific and spiritual connection of Indian culture.

Why Do Men and Women Wear Jewelry?

Most men and women wear jewelry every day for different reasons.

Your favorite watch, the perfect pair of diamond earrings, or your most extravagant necklace; each piece has a different meaning and purpose in a man or womans life.

John-Paul Flintoff, a writer for the Sunday Times, states that he wears jewelry for “sentimentality, familial pride, and a teeny element of vanity.”

Men and Women wear jewelry:

1. For Fashion

Jewelry can be worn as an accessory to enhance or complete an outfit. It is a way for men and women to fully express their inner fashionista and show off their style.

Jewelry can also be worn as the statement piece of an outfit.

This simple all-black outfit turns into something more fashion-forward with an intricate silver necklace as its statement piece.


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2. For Showing Off

“Peacocking” comes from the mating rituals of peacocks; where a male peacock shows off his colorful feathers to a female peacock to let her know that he is interested.

Humans do the same with jewelry. It is a way to show off and attract attention from a potential partner.

3. For Social Status

The Queen of England is adorned in all her beautiful jewels and crowns for a reason; to show her social status.

Jewelry can be a determinant of a man or woman’s social status.

In modern times for example, when you see a man or a woman wearing diamonds, gold, or precious gemstones it means that they can afford such luxuries. This is a sign of his or hers social status.

4. For Self Expression

You can wear funky jewelry when you’re feeling funky and elegant jewelry when you’re feeling elegant.

Jewelry is a great way to show the world how you are feeling and who you are on the inside.

Jewelry is also worn as a form of religious self-expression.

For example, when you see a man or a woman wearing a cross, it expresses their catholic and christian religious beliefs.

5. For Spiritual Meaning

Jewelry containing certain gemstones, crystals and metals have had significant spiritual meaning throughout the course of history.

Ancient Egyptians believed that wearing jewelry containing amulets would protect the wearer or give them power.

Furthermore, many believe that certain stones and crystals have healing powers or will bring  good luck.

According to healingcrystals.com, this purple-colored variety of Quartz contains Manganese which is said to encourage inner strength and relieve stress.


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Why We Love Jewelry

So we know that there are many reasons why men and women wear jewelry.

But why do men and women love to wear jewelry?

Well we can’t speak for everyone but here are 13 reasons why we love to wear jewelry:

1.Jewelry Is Unique

Jewelry comes in many different shapes and sizes and from places all over the world.

Therefore there are millions of unique pieces to choose from so that you can perfectly expresses your style.

2.Jewelry Is For Every Occasion

There is a piece of jewelry for every occasion.

  • A beautiful pair of silver stud earrings..perfect for prom.
  • A string of pearls…perfect for the opera.
  • A classic Ralph Lauren watch…perfect for a casual lunch.

3.Jewelry Is Versatile

The same piece of jewelry that you wear to a 5-star restaurant on a Friday night can be worn to a hangover breakfast on Sunday morning.

Jewelry is extremely versatile and can be mixed and matched to create different styles and looks.

4. Jewelry Can Make a Statement

A simple black outfit can be transformed into a work of art with a beautiful piece of jewelry.

When you’re feeling elegant you can go simple with a string of pearls. Or, if you’re feeling more ‘out there’ you can layer on the colorful pieces of jewelry.

Take Iris Apfel, a businesswoman and interior designer who is famous for her crazy, creative, and “out there” fashion statements.

Iris is not afraid to make a statement by layering bangles, necklaces, and even brooches.


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5. Jewelry Making Is A Great Business Opportunity

Homemade jewelry is growing in popularity.

With websites like Etsy making it easy to share and sell jewelry, more and more people are getting into it.

Click here to read how Stephanie Maslow made 2000 jewelry sales on Etsy.

6.Jewelry Has Sentimental Meaning

Jewelry can be a reminder of a moment in time, a memory, or a person.

For example, jewelry passed down from generation to generation has significant meaning for a family.

7.Jewelry Captures A Moment

Jewelry captures a moment in time that you can remember forever.

Jewelry you received from your significant other will always be associated with the special memories that you two had.

8.Jewelry Is An Expression Of Love

Jewelry is one of the most intimate gifts you can give someone.

Whether it’s an engagement ring from a boyfriend or a child’s first pair of earrings from their mother, jewelry is a great way to show that special someone that you love them.

9.Jewelry Can Last Forever

If you take good care of your pieces of jewelry, they can last forever.

There are countless places to get your jewelry fixed, polished, and replaced.

Janet Rothstein, a jewelry fixer, designer and ear piercer, understands how jewelry is made and the care that needs to be taken when fixing jewelry.


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10.Monetary Value

Owning quality jewelry is a great investment.

Precious gems and stones have high value that increases over time.

Click to read an article written on the blog She Knows on how to buy jewelry as an investment.

11. Jewelry Expresses Creativity

Not only is crafting jewelry an extremely creative art form, but so is wearing it.

Putting together a jewelry design or a fashion forward outfit exercises the artistic parts of our brains, making it a great outlet for creativity.

12. Jewelry Enhances Beauty

Imagine a woman wearing sparkly earrings that reflects the light of her eyes, a necklace that outlines a woman’s cleavage or and ring that accentuates a woman’s delicate fingers.

Jewelry can be worn to enhance your beauty.

13. Jewelry Is For Men Too

Although jewelry is worn by men in a different fashion than women, men still wear watches, earrings, necklaces, and even bracelets.

Actor Ryan Gosling wears a necklace to the red carpet.


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In conclusion, we love jewelry because it can be worn for many different reasons and for many different purposes. Jewelry can be both timeless and trendy, classy and edgy, in your face and subtle.

Jewelry is a great way to express one’s feelings; whether it’s by wearing jewelry to express your inner fashionista or by giving jewelry as a present to a special someone.

There are many reasons we love jewelry, and now you should too!

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