Where to buy Wholesale Silver Jewelry

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For jewelry aficionados, Bangkok will prove to be a paradise with its innumerable shops and markets. The city is exceptionally popular for silver jewelry which is offered in an astounding range of motifs, styles and designs. There are quite a few places in Bangkok where you could strike up a good deal on a stunning piece. The best part is that given the sheer array of products available, you are bound to find something that catches your fancy.

Want to see fair prices? Look here!

However, while a stroll through the Chatuchak Market or one of the other famed jewelry stores of Bangkok is an adventurous experience for the retail buyer who is keen on purchasing one or two pieces of jewelry, this is simply not the way to go about your shopping if you are looking to buy in bulk.

Hunting for bargains at Chatuchak market:

The experience of shopping in Bangkok is undoubtedly superlative but unless you take a trip to the famed weekend or Chatuchak Market also called JJ Market, you simply have not seen the best of what the city has to offer. From eye catching silver jewelry to lip smacking savories and from clothes to handicrafts, just about everything is available in the market.

Open only on Saturday and Sunday between 9 am and 6 pm, you can reach the market by taking the Skytrain or the MRT Subway to Chatachak Park Station. As soon as you step outside, you will be greeted by a slew of 8000 shops spread across 35 acres. Every weekend, a staggering 200,000 people shop at the Chatuchak market and with good reason.

Not only do you get the most astounding variety of goods at the street market but also the vendors are very helpful and friendly. Add to this the fact that you could always haggle over the prices to get the best deal and it is understandable why locals and tourists alike prefer to go to the Chatuchak Market. While the sheer variety of goods is enough to enthrall even the most discerning visitors, have enough time on your hands to bargain with the vendors if you are looking for cheap deals.

Silver Jewelry Plaza at Pratunam Center

The Pratunam Center in Bangkok is one of the most frequently visited destinations for jewelry shopping. With its hordes of shops dedicated to selling jewelry made from precious metals and semi precious stones, it is no wonder that locals and foreigners can be found scouring through the array of products on offer.

The shopping complex also houses stores that sell a range of diverse products. However, Bangkok being the Mecca of Silver Jewelry, shops that stock silver items dominate the center. Different from the bustling environment of the street markets, Pratunam Center offers a high end retail shopping experience.

Silom Jewelry Trade Center

The one of its kind jewelry trade center at Silom Road in Bangkok is a tourist hotspot with its upscale mall like setting that is exclusively dedicated to jewelry selling. On any given day, the center is teeming with tourists and locals who are looking for bargain deals on silver jewelry and pieces made from other precious metals and stones.

You can find more than just silver trinkets at this establishment as many shops sell stunning artifacts made from silver and other precious metals along with the regular rings and pendants. The Silom Jewelry Trade Center offers a superlative shopping experience for anybody who intends to splurge on silver jewelry and ware that have the potential to be heirloom pieces.

Why retail prices don’t work for all?

For tourists and retail buyers who are in the market for just one or two items, prices which are marked up by several dollars will seldom make a difference. In fact, after a round of negotiating which will still leave the seller with a hefty profit of $3 to $5 on each piece, the shopper may walk out with a satisfied grin on his/her face under the assumption that he just got himself a fabulous bargain.

Yet, when it comes to wholesale purchases even cents can make a huge difference not only to the profits earned but also to the chances of enticing buyers. After all, as a retailer, you simply will not be able to offer discount prices if you have paid a premium on the product. Also, it can be incredibly time consuming to negotiate over the price of every piece when you intend to buy dozens, let alone hundreds.

Another factor to consider is that silver jewelry retailers all across Bangkok will typically multiply the cost of manufacturing, sales and marketing expenses and other overheads by a factor of 2.5 to 3 to come at the marked up price for each item. This means that you are essentially getting every piece at a premium of $1 to $5. This may not seem like much if the purchase quantity is limited.

However, imagine the money lost if you intend to buy 100 or more pieces. That is a potential loss of $100 to $500! If you could have availed the product at fair fixed prices, the savings could have been transferred to your buyers, which would give you an edge over your competitors. So, the only feasible option for people interested in buying several pieces of silver jewelry is to purchase directly from a manufacturer such as Elf925.

Thailand jewelry manufacturers: ELF925 one of the best

The “per gram” method may not be your best option!

It is the norm for retailers to sell silver jewelry on a per gram basis and buyers lap up the purchase under the assumption that they are getting the lowest possible rate for any given piece, considering the weight of the precious metal used.

In reality, several other factors also come into play which impact the price of silver jewelry such as the purity of the metal, the technique used in crafting the piece, the shape and style of jewelry and its popularity, manufacturing method, labor time and machinery used to design the items. So, while a retailer will sell almost every ring in his shop for a “per gram” rate, it is actually impossible to only consider the weight as the determinant when it comes to jewelry pricing.

All things considered, the prime rate of each piece could be anywhere between $3 to $5, but the retailer will calculate the price according to the weight of the silver used and add standard making charges to this. In other words, as the buyer, you will be asked to cough up between $7 and $9 for every piece which must have actually cost $3 to $4.

So, to say that “per gram” pricing is complicated would be an understatement. The question is why would you want to hassle with per gram rates when fair prices will work to your advantage? With fair pricing, you get the actual rate of each piece with all considerations explained above factored into the price.

For example, if you were to buy two rings both of the same weight, the pricing will be different for each piece based on the manufacturing time and resources employed in crafting the piece. This alone could save you a significant amount of money on bulk purchases.

Pay less when you buy more!

If haggling over a few cents or dollars is simply not your cup of tea and you would rather go for the convenience of working with a reliable wholesale vendor that offers quality products at fair prices, then it would certainly make sense to work directly with a manufacturer of silver jewelry like ELF925.

Unlike retail establishments that count profits on every piece, with a wholesale establishment, you will get greater transparency and will know about the real price of the jewelry. Also, factory outlets will consider every cent of profit made because for them rolling is the most important consideration given the large quantity of products purchased by their buyers.

So, when you buy from a manufacturer, not only will you get the lowest rates but also you will not have to negotiate over every piece because for them every cent of profit matters and they do not mind transferring the cost advantage to their clients.

What are the benefits of shopping at ELF925?

A leading provider of silver jewelry from Thailand, ELF925 offers the best of both worlds in terms of trendy designs and the most affordable pricing. Whether you are looking to buy several pieces of silver jewelry as gifts for a special occasion or are a retailer who is looking to source silver jewelry from a reliable wholesale outlet, ELF925 is the place to come to for the best prices and the best designs. Some of the benefits of shopping with ELF925 include:

  • Lower profit margin, usually in cents, means clients get truly cheap rates
  • Fair prices for all pieces
  • Jewelry prices are not based on per gram rate
  • Quality products
  • Wide range of designs and jewelry types
  • A range of silver jewelry available for men, women and even children
  • Silver jewelry to suit every occasion
  • The most in trend designs
  • Ability to undertake bulk orders
  • Volume discounts that further lower your final purchasing price
  • Easy online buying
  • Reliable vendor with years of experience in silver jewelry manufacturing

In this day and age of cutthroat competition, lower prices can put you steps ahead of other jewelry stores and when you come to ELF925, you get the price advantage along with superior quality products. This is a winning combination that you simply cannot go wrong with!

Retail Silver Jewelry Prices are not always the Best! See Thailand jewelry manufacturers.
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Retail Silver Jewelry Prices are not always the Best! See Thailand jewelry manufacturers.
For tourists and retail buyers who are in the market for just one or two items, prices which are marked up by several dollars will seldom make a difference. Thailand jewelry manufacturers - who is the best?