Sterling Silver Necklaces Range with Swarovski® Crystals

925 Silver Necklaces with Swarovski Crystals, Timeless Elegance Clients Will Love

La Crystale by ELF925

At Elf925, we are always looking for something new to offer our fashion and jewelry clients, this is specifically why we created the La Crystale range of sterling silver necklaces. We know how vital it is for them to stay ahead of fashion and jewelry trends.

Sterling Silver Necklaces Range with Swarovski® Crystals

Only by anticipating what consumers want, and by providing silver jewelry a great price, can you grow a loyal customer base. This is the best way to build a successful, and profitable jewelry business. At Elf925 we work hard to stay ahead of the trends, so we can provide our clients with products that are easy to sell and profitable.

Our recent research shows that, currently, there is growing demand for delicate jewelry – in particular sterling silver necklaces. The underlying fashion trend in many parts of the world is for more feminine and delicate clothing. As a result, most consumers want finer pieces in their jewelry boxes.

This is despite the fact that, over the past few months, statement jewelry has been an important feature on catwalks, across the world. Large bold necklaces, bracelets and watches, that draw the eye, have become the norm at fashion shows. However, this trend that has not taken hold on Main Street.

This is largely because the majority of ordinary women simply do not feel comfortable wearing such bold pieces. They really want accessories that they can wear anywhere. Statement jewelry is fun, but it really does not work for everyday life.

In reality, most women want necklaces, rings and bracelets that can be worn with a range outfits and in many different situations. Brassy, bold jewelry just does not look right in most everyday settings, so relatively few consumers want to buy statement pieces.

New and innovative silver jewelry at a great price is what the market demands. Therefore, our designers have focused instead of more understated styles. The designs they have created are low key, but are by no means boring.

sterling silver necklace with pink Swarovski crystal®

The design team have come up with an innovative new range of sterling silver necklaces that are unique, but not so different that they will not tempt and appeal to your customers. The designs are delicate enough to wear with practically any outfit, and in more or less every setting. To achieve this we teamed up with Swarovski which means we can supply you with stylish necklaces that are unlike anything that is currently available, and do so for a great price. Your customers are going to love our new range of silver jewelry with Swarovski crystals. Once they see some of the beautiful designs, it will be difficult for them to resist the temptation to buy multiple pieces from you.

silver necklace with clear Swarovski® crystal

Using Swarovski crystals has enabled us to create a huge range of different wholesale jewelry pieces, each with a unique look. This stunning silver jewelry collection is available in many different shapes and sizes, including traditional favorites like hearts and teardrops.

Crystals are beautiful to look at and swarovski crystals come in a huge array of different colors. This means this range of 925 silver jewelry offers a lot of choice, which is another reason we know that they will appeal to all kinds of women.

The light blue, amber, turquoise and pink crystals work particularly well with this year’s light spring and summer color palette. However, there are also darker tones available, such as sapphire, slate grey and dark blue crystals. These are great for wearing to the club, and are formal enough to wear in the office.

sterlin silver necklace with turquoise Swarovski® crystal

Sterling Silver Necklaces for Every Age Group

This range of sterling silver necklaces with crystal is designed to appeal to all age groups. The styles and shapes that appeal to each generation are included in this range. We have included traditional cuts that will appeal to older buyers as well as radical geometric shapes that will appeal more to younger consumers.

We are aware that teenagers buy a lot of fashion jewelry. This is something that many design houses seem to have missed, which has prompted us to develop more pieces to appeal to this age group. Our research shows that if a consumer finds something they like they will return to that retailer repeatedly, and do so for many years.

silver necklace with heart shaped Swarovski crystal®

If you can get a consumer when they are young, it is easy to turn them into lifetime customers. Therefore, selling items that appeal to young consumers is a great way to build a strong, and loyal, customer base. We want to help you to do this, which is why our designers think outside the box and push the boundaries to make sure that the range of jewelry you sell is interesting and will appeal to all kinds of buyers.

Unique Sterling Silver Necklaces with Swarovski Crystals

Silver necklace with unique Swarovski® crystal

Why Buy From ELF925 Now?

Now is a great time to buy new stock for your jewelry or fashion brand. In most parts of the world, the seasons change around this time of the year. Most women are out buying new clothes in preparation for the change in the weather and the new season. When they buy new clothes, they usually buy new accessories and jewelry at the same time. Therefore, season changes are vital times for jewelers and others who work in fashion and related industries.

That is why we decided to launch our new sterling silver necklaces with crystals range to coincide with this time of the year. Now is the perfect time for you to buy new stock and sell it on quickly.

Take action now and get ahead of your competition

If you are looking for something different and exciting our new Swarovski® La Crystale based silver necklace range is definitely for you. These fantastic necklaces will make a great addition to any silver jewelry retailer’s inventory.

So, please, click the link and review our new range. Then choose something that will appeal to your customer base, and get started making a profit from sterling silver crystal necklaces.

Taking action right now will ensure that you are one of the first retailers to sell these beautiful pieces of jewelry. Being one of the first companies to offer these beautiful silver necklaces, will help you to corner the market and keep your customers coming back to buy from you year after year.

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