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Aside from the fact that they look utterly fabulous, there are also several other benefits to owning a beautifully crafted piece of jewelry that involves the use of natural gemstones in its design. Made to appeal to the aesthetic sensibilities of the most discerning buyers, natural gemstone bracelets have the glamorous appeal that makes them ideal for evening wear as well as the classy elegance that allows them to go well with formal attire.

The best piece of jewelry for any ensemble!

It is options galore when picking the hue of the natural gemstone which means that you could buy a bracelet that exactly matches the shade of your dress or even go for a contrasting hue to create a striking look. Although not as expensive as diamonds, natural gemstones such as amethyst, turquoise, rose quartz and others have the same gorgeous and regal look.

Buy gemstone bracelets!

A forever trendy piece for an unbelievably low price!

The use of these natural stones that come in an astonishing array of colors elevates the status of a bracelet from just regular fashion jewelry which would be tossed aside after a few uses to that of an heirloom piece that can be worn for years to come. These natural crystals and stones never lose their appeal or colors. Made through the use of natural gemstone beads, these bracelets look flirty and classy all at once.

You could also reap the astrological benefits of wearing these stones!

Some people believe that gemstones emit positive rays that can help those who are seeking astrological reprieve. For instance, amethyst is believed to have calming and soothing powers. So, it’s often worn when a person seeks to attract peace and prosperity. Similarly, agate is assumed to enhance positive energy, offer reprieve from anger and augment creativity and rose quartz is to be worn for stress relief and success in love.

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There are also health benefits to be had!

Naturopaths also suggest the use of natural gemstones to ward off mental and physical ailments. For example, amethyst is supposed to fight of insomnia and stress while agate is known to help with arthritis pain. Does science subscribe to these beliefs? Not exactly, but users vouch by the almost miraculous effects of wearing these stones, and what better way to wear a natural gemstone than in a beautiful bracelet?

The perfect design for comfortable wear

The natural gemstone bracelets on the site involve the use of beads shaped from naturally found crystals and stones. The smooth finish of these beads makes them comfortable to wear even if you spend the day hammering away at the keyboard or long hours mingling and working with clients and traveling.

You will enjoy the smooth, high finish surface of the beads and their cool feel against your skin. Natural gemstones will quickly imbibe the heat from your skin and feel warm to touch just a few minutes after you first wear the bracelet, so if you hate the freezing cool touch of metal against your skin in winter, these bracelets will be perfect for you, not to mention that the bright hues of these gemstones will be ideal for the drab weather.

The best way to use these natural gemstone bracelets

There are myriad ways in which you could wear these natural gemstone bracelets. While office wear would call for the choice of a single piece, if you are on personal time, try coupling two bracelets together. The varying size of the beads and the contrasting shades will create an eye catching impact. Of course, you could also combine the beaded bracelets with regular metal bangles.

You could also use the colors of these natural gemstones to your advantage. For instance, the regular option would be to match and contrast the bracelet with the shade of your dress. However, you could also combine the color of the stone with that of your accessories. For example, a purple purse or shoes would look dandy with the amethyst bracelet.

Of course, you could also match the color of the stone with your cosmetic choices. For instance, go for the gorgeous yet subtle pink of the rose quartz bracelet when you are sporting pink nail varnish. Since the stones are natural, they never look gaudy. The best part is that you get a whole palette of hues to play with when using natural stones because they aren’t of a uniform block color.

Suppose if you choose the amethyst bracelet in gorgeous lilac, you will find all possible shades of the color in the beads. While some are a dark purple others are the palest of lilac and still others have the perfect balance of the light and the dark hues. Also, with the agate bracelet, you will find some of the natural gemstone beads in stunning ruby red while others are a delicate pink and third variety have bands of light pink on a darker background. So, all in all there is no overload of a single color but the perfect mingling of all shades of a particular hue.

Some of the most in demand and stunning pieces in our collection!

Rose Agate Bracelet:

A gorgeous creation in pink agate, this bracelet goes astonishingly well with formal and informal sartorial choices. Generally, you would keep pink out of your professional wardrobe but this natural gemstone bracelet can provide just the right amount of charm and elegance to an otherwise ho-hum outfit without looking over the top. Its slip on design is simple and convenient, which means you won’t have to fiddle with the clasp when trying to rush out of your home.

Natural Hematite Bracelet

These high polish, metallic colored beads look perfect when coupled with a pastel attire. The gray looks elegant yet formal when combined with any shade. In fact, if you want to add a touch of class to a regular outfit, include this Hematite bracelet in your ensemble to create the desired effect. The silver grey beads go exceptionally well with black. So, you could also use the natural gemstone bracelet with a stern looking black pant suit to add a touch of feminine regality to it.

Lilac Amethyst Bracelets

Lilac Amethyst Gemstone Bracelets Wholesale

Lilac Amethyst Gemstone Bracelets Wholesale

Few natural gemstones convey glamour in a subdued way quite like amethyst. This bracelet with beads that come in an array of lilac and purple shades will look perfect when matched with a similar color outfit or even when used in contrast. In fact, the purple of the amethyst is so elegant and stunning that you could slip this bracelet on without worrying too much about matching it with your outfit and it would still look just as nice, blending in perfectly with the overall look.

Natural Turquoise Gemstone Bracelet

Natural turquoise gemstone bracelets wholesale

Natural turquoise gemstone bracelets wholesale

Nothing goes better with white than turquoise! You get your essential dash of color without attracting attention from the outfit. Of course, you could just as well combine this natural turquoise bead bracelet with any outfit in block color, whether in a dark or light shade. Because the beads have specks of yellow/brown, the bracelet can also be matched with a sun colored dress.

Malachite Natural Gemstone Bracelet

Malachite natural gemstone bracelet by ELF925

Malachite natural gemstone bracelet by ELF925

This malachite bracelet is a dream in green! The perfectly round globes of green malachite have bands in lighter shades of the color that make them utterly striking and a perfect match for any outfit that has even the hint of green in any odd shade. You could couple it with a green purse or a silk scarf and it would blend right in. The medium sized beads beautifully compliment the strikingly dark color of this natural gemstone and make it ideal for both office and evening wear.

Natural Rose Quartz Gemstone Bracelet

Natural Rose Quartz Gemstone Bracelet

Natural Rose Quartz Gemstone Bracelet

Almost transparent, the rose quartz crystals have a gorgeous baby pink color that adds a subtle touch of elegance and oomph to any outfit. In fact, so versatile is this bracelet that it will make heads turn when worn with a simple pair of jeans and T as well as when you couple it with a stunning evening gown. The slightly faceted beads will offer just the right amount of dazzle when worn in bright sunlight but indoors it is all about delicate charm.

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