The Best Social Media Marketing Channels for Your Jewelry Business

The Best Social Media Marketing Channels for Your Jewelry Business

…And how to use them

Some businesses refrain from getting on social media, especially smaller businesses, because it can seem very time consuming. After all, with so many businesses prevalent on social media, how can your jewelry business stand out?

The average person has five social media accounts and spends around 1 hour and 40 minutes browsing these networks every day, accounting for 28 percent of the total time spent on the internet.

Of course there’s a way that you as a jewelry business can leverage this fact! After initial setup of your social media profiles, there are some tips and tricks we’ll share with you to stay on top of your social media accounts and gain brand recognition.

Imagery and Branding

Jewelry is one of the best suited to online marketing through social media because it is beautiful and aspirational, two qualities that followers unconsciously look for. With social media sites catering to visual brands and beautiful photographs, you will succeed if your team can create beautiful imagery.

When it comes to jewelry businesses, the social media websites that you should choose to focus on are those that emphasize imagery and visuals are going to give you the most traffic and success. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are the best channels for sharing beautiful imagery of your jewelry.

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It may seem overwhelming, but remember that you can repurpose the content that you create on all three of these channels. You can establish your social media presence, in turn expand your audience reach, and in turn increase your sales.

If you do feel overwhelmed by this, you can focus on one social media platform at a time and begin repurposing content when you feel ready.


Most users use Pinterest to keep track of the items they hope to buy, and when users “pin” your products, the image is quickly shared with all of their followers who will then pin those and the cycle begins again. Make sure that your images link back to the purchase page on your website so that followers will be able to make the purchase from Pinterest.

When pins easily link back to your main website, potential customers can see what your brand is all about and view the full range of your product lines or make a purchase.


A purely visual platform, Instagram is all about photos and video. It’s an opportunity to develop your brand’s look and feel. You can then repurpose these images for Facebook.


Boosting is when you put money behind your posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Choose the types of content that do well on your platforms organically (without boosting) so that they can have the maximum success with boosting.

Boosted posts are served to an audience beyond your audience. Especially on Facebook boosting is necessary because Facebook does not often serve posts from business pages to people timelines without boosting.

Facebook’s algorithm is such that it prefers video and boosted posts.


As a jewelry company, you already have your eye on trends. With social media, you can share your findings and create a conversation around popular trends and use this kind of content to get attention and advertise your pieces.


Running monthly contests for free jewelry or a gift certificate is a proven way to get more followers and more eyes on your store. Instagram and Facebook contests are the best kind because you can easily contact the winners.

The standard way of running a contest is to tell people the rules within your post so it is easy for them to enter.

For example: “We are giving away three free bracelets to three winners! How to enter: Like and comment on this post, tag three friends, and repost this photo to your account. We’ll choose the winners on Friday!”

The Inside Scoop

Post videos of your brand’s story: how did you get started? What was it like when you started out? Where did your love of jewelry come from? How are the jewelry pieces made? How does the design process work? How can a customer pair certain pieces with outfits and hairstyles?

Tell stories through video and in the comment area of your post. If your brand embodies a voice and personality, use it!

When you give your followers the inside scoop with your brand, they will begin to know, like and trust you.

Create Community

Encourage customers to engage with your brand by posting photos of themselves wearing your pieces or highlight your most loyal customers.

Every post doesn’t have to be about products. You can also post simple articles and share information from other sources that discuss the latest 925 silver jewelry trends and styles. These types of articles create a conversation around your brand and around jewelry in general.

Location sharing

If you have a brick and mortar jewelry business or boutique, you can leverage social media to show that your customers love coming in to visit and check out what you have to offer.

You can also use this functionality if you are a jewelry business that does shows at markets and local craft fairs so that the friends and families of your followers can see where they are hanging out.

In order to drive traffic to your brick and mortar store, you could host events, run printable coupons that are exclusive to your physical store. Invite local social media followers to come in to visit while giving them access to exclusive deals.

Offer your customers an incentive such as 10% off or a special gift to check in at your store on social media. This way their friends and family will see where they are and you will get advertising.


The easiest way to get engagement with your followers on social media is to ask them what they think. Use a call to action in all of your posts on all of the platforms. A call to action is at the end of your comment and tells the viewer what to do. For example, you can ask a question. You could write “like if you agree” or “tell us your favorite” or “tag a friend.” The point of social media is to get more traffic to your website and online store, so there should always be a link to your store in your posts.

In order to maintain relationships and encourage people to continue engaging with your brand, interact with your followers. Respond to their comments and questions within the same day. Even if your posts are scheduled, make sure that you are checking your platforms a few times daily to keep up with what people are saying and respond to any questions.


To succeed on social media, you will need to consistently show up and create valuable content for your followers. The easiest way to become consistent is to create a content calendar where you decide ahead of time what kind of content and images you are going to post. You can also schedule posts so that there are consistent posts throughout the week.

Hootsuite is a good tool for scheduling out social media posts. You can also schedule Facebook posts within Facebook or use the app Later to schedule Instagram posts. You can use Tailwind to schedule Pinterest posts.

Remember that you can repurpose the content that you post on instagram to all other channels to reach more audiences.


All of these social media sites track the data to tell you which posts are the most popular, most-clicked, and most successful in getting you more followers and traffic to your website. Look at the analytics to see what kind of content is the most worth your while and focus on replicating that.

You can even create a social media report that allows you to track your success month over month. This will be the best way for you to move forward and improve your social media presence because on a monthly basis you will be looking at what you could improve and what you did great.


Social media is one of the best ways to have a digital presence and to drive traffic to your website. If you’re not on social media yet, why not? You are most likely losing sales and audience share.

Social media is about creating conversation and community; having a brand that people want to be involved with and that is aspirational. When you engage with your customers, your brand will seem friendly and approachable and people will begin to know, like, and trust your brand. Brands that people know, like, and trust are the brands that succeed and that people like to engage with.

When you implement all of the tips in the article, you will see a big boost in your audiences and your sales over a period of only a few months. Good luck!

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